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Be treated to a theatrical dining experience that features the authentic tastes of Singapore, the region and the Pacific Rim. Seven open kitchens create a feast for the senses, as master chefs create a range of delicious cuisines including Singaporean, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Japanese. continue reading
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With 7 food theatres, more than 10 culinary food style and special themed nights, one is definitely in for a feast! Delectable cuisine ranges from Asian, Pacific and with a cross of cuisines all over the region. Special occasion calls for a special celebration, came here with my family to celebrate our parents' birthday (a significant year).Upon arrival at Edge, we were immediately greeted by their friendly staff, whom without hesitation, showed us to our table after we identified our reservation. Impressive.Before my indulgence at any buffet, I will browse through on what's offered and oriented a little. Once that's done, my first station will be SEAFOOD!Apart from my virtual encounter of Alaskan King Crab on the TV series "Deadliest Catch" and those at Boat Quay, this is my first at a buffet priced at $68++.Compared to the Alaskan Snow Crab, the King Crab tasted a little less fibrous than the former.Range of Sushi was limited as compared to my visit at The Line, however, provision of quality Salmon Sashimi was all that mattered.After seafood, I will move on to cooked/roasted segments that are heavier on the palates.Tried out the Roast Lamb Leg (tasted flat) and Roasted Sirloin (medium doneness and tender). Despite my Dad's strong preference of doneness to be "well done", he enjoyed it thoroughly.Other "misc" items which I had were Satay, Sambal Crayfish (relatively fresh), Black Pepper Crab and Garlic Naan.Lastly, the crazy assortment of desserts! Chocolate fondue, cakes, cookies, ice cream and waffles, you name it you have it.If you are looking for an affordable International Buffet in a Hotel with quality service and food, Edge is one of the better choices.More pics and thoughts at http://lepakwithyaops.com/international-buffet-at-edge-pan-pacific-singaporeFollow us on Instagram and Facebook @lepakwithyaops continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-11
Edge offers Sunday Champagne Brunch, which is priced at $158++ per pax for 4 hours long, from 12pm-4pm. We usually make online reservation one week ahead to make sure we can get our sofa seats! We both think Edge is one of the best Champagne Brunch buffets around in Singapore with unlimited free flow of prestigious champagne brand Veuve Clicquot. Not to worry if you are not a fan of champagne because they also have unlimited serving of fruit juices (Orange juice, carrot, Sugar Cane juice), cocktails, tea & even gourmet coffee.Our favourite dish is pan seared Foie Gras. Loved the presentation style of the dish. The foie gras is soft & can be served with or without a small piece of bread together with a slice of super sweet orange. Heavenly taste though very sinful for those who are watching your weight Duck Ravioli with truffle sauce is my favourite too. The sauce was really thick & yummy with flavourful duck meat fillings. The portion was small (only 2 ravioli in a bowl), which is what we wanted so that we had capacity to try more of others!The Live Grill station is a must try. Their Ohmi Wagyu is to die for, that almost melt in the mouth palate experience! Grilled Pork Collar was good as well as it was very tender. Oh yes, I must higlight that there was also the normal Wagyu beef cut other than the grilled version, however we found them dry & tough. So, probably give that a miss & proceed straight to the live grill station instead! Remember to try the thick, long & flavourful sausages as well!We love their dessert spread as well. Though I am not a sweet tooth person, but just by looking at the colourful spread of desserts, it really made me smile =)There were the usual chocolate fondue, mini cupcakes, tarts, icecream, truffle chocolates, waffles, macarons etc. The pretty bluish candy crush mini cakes really caught my eyes. The colours were vibrant & were very well liked by kids.We love the sticky mango glutinous rice. Chewy glutinous rice with generous mango slices drizzled with sweet, thick syrup. Oh my, I am salivating as I thought of the dessert spread again Overall, we really had a wonderful & cozy dinning experience at the Edge. We will definitely come back for their weekend brunch buffet again. Thumbs up for their spread of food & excellent staff services. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-19
I went for a buffet dinner on Vday! It was a very last minute booking and we were so glad to find a table here. I'm going to start spamming with lotza lotza photo okay? Prepare a bowl to catch your drooling saliva ya? Dont say I never give warning.....Fresh Seafood - Oysters, Prawns, Crabs, Scallops!Indonesian/Malay Cooked FoodFrog Legs!This was probably the first time that I've seen frog legs served in a buffet.Spicy Crayfish with Fried Man TouBlack Pepper CrabWe only took the pincers coz easier to eat lah. I quite like the black pepper crab as it was more flavourful as compared to the fresh crab legs. Satay AssortmentMeat Assortments - Ranging from Chicken, Duck Confit, Salmon etcWe were really spolit for choices!Quiche, Aparagus, Potato and dunno what in the last plate...Chicken CurryFried TempuraThis was pre-fried though and merely heated up, so not as crispy as freshly fried from the wok. Can probably give this a miss.Sushi AssortmentSalmon SashimiFatty and Fresh! SaladsGrill StationWe were given wooden stick with our table number, which we passed to the chef at the Grill Station. Once cooked, it would be served to us. Tried the grilled beef and pork. Cooked to perfection!Because it was Valentine's Day, the dessert station was so dainty and sweet, mostly in pastel colour in pink & purple. Everyone was trying to take pictures here, as the sweet stuff made the perfect background!The meringue here were nice too, not deadly sweet, especially those with coconut fillings. They also served traditional kuehs but was somehow "neglected" in one corner. KekePink fondue! Have you seen anything like that?I loved the pink fondue which tasted like Pocky Strawberry and it tasted perfectly with the strawberries which were all so sweet. I must had eaten at least a good 5 or 6 strawberries. The durian puree was not displayed out at the dessert station. But the staff serving at our seating area recommended it to us, saying that this is their popular dessert and he was really nice to help me to request from the chef. Thumbs up for his service. The verdict for the durian puree? Really devilicious, so wickedly good that I was trying to finish it even though my stomach was already protesting! You can really savour the mao shan wang meat yet it was creamy enough. I'm missing it while typing now... >.<Overall, I think the spread is really good and I wish I have a bigger stomach size to try everything!^_^Click on http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2014/02/2014-vday-celebration-at-edge.html to read more and see photo! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-05
Went for buffet lunch at Edge at Pan pacific hotel. The restaurant is so far I find the 2nd best buffet restaurant. My personal fav is four seasons. However, was quite surprise to find that this restaurant have a very good spread and the food quality is also fresh and good after the hotel refurbished. Like all buffet goers. I want to filled my tummy with the most expansive ingredient first. Hence I decide to star with the Japanese section and ordered a portion of sashimi. The sashimi is so fresh and it is thickly cut and very delicious. In my photo I had salmon and swordfish. Than I went on to the seafood section and ate lots of fresh oysters, crayfish and prawns. Followed by cold cut section to have some ham with their many variety of freshly baked bread with my soup. Than I went on to explore cooked food section which have Indian , Chinese, Italian and Greek cuisines. There is also a meat grill section whereby the chef will cut freshly grill mea for you. Super delicious. After the hot food I went to have desserts. I love the chocolate fondue with strawberry and mash mellow. The dessert variety is many, cakes, waffles, ice cream etc. total spending $80. continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-16
I had the opportunity to eat breakfast here during my staycation and I have to concur and say it is truly the most expansive (and expensive!) hotel buffet breakfast I have ever tried.I started eating at 830am for 2 whole hours and yet did not manage to try everything - and I doubt anyone can. The selection is huge - Chinese, western, indian, korean, Japanese, local, breads, waffles & pancakes, fresh juices, cuppucinos & lattes etc. It is mind boggling how much food is there and how must goes to waste after that. Almost everything was of above average quality.I'm just not sure if it is worth just going there to eat unless you're an in-house guest and your room includes breakfast, as it costs $46 ($56 after ) per pax on its own. Its almost too luxurious for breakfast. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)