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At Paradise Pavilion, immerse in the elegance and finesse of Chinese cuisine. The restaurant’s French inspired neo classical decor provides a refreshing ambience for a fine dining experience. Helmed by Executive Chef Fung Chi Keung, Paradise Pavilion’s elaborate menu features a wide selection of classic Chinese dishes and the restaurant’s own concocted signature dishes. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Authentic Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck Doubled Boiled Sea Whelk Soup with Fish Maw
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Paradise Pavilion is the flagship restaurant of the Paradise group. It's said to have among the best Peking Duck in Singapore; sadly in our visit there was only two of us and they don't serve ¼ or ½ portions.Anyway we ordered off the ala-carte menu: entry level soup, some BBQ meats, appetizers, cod fish and noodles, and came away with a bill for almost $200 (for two pax).The food was very pretty (presentation-wise) and above average for chinese restaurant standards, but that price tag really makes the meal not worth it.For full review please visit http://bit.ly/1x3tueI continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-04
As a huge fan of paradise group, was curious to try their fine dining menu..FOODSlice of Cod Fish with fruits in sour sauce (Appetizer) I was awed by their appetizer. A slice of Cod Fish! We know that Cod Fish are generally more valuable than the rest of the fish, but they are generous enough to serve it as their appetizer. Great taste. Unique appetizer indeed.Herbal Chicken SoupThick herbal soup with strong fragrance of all the herbal ingredients. Nourishing! Beijing Roasted DuckThe duck's skin is cripsy and fragrant, and blends in well with the dark sauce, onions, and sugar. Bravo!Braised TouFu with CrabmeatThe TouFu is crispy on the outside but soft and smooth inside. With the sweet-salty gravy, it makes the dish even more appealing.Prawn with Salted Egg YorkI came to realize that all salted egg york of paradise group taste the same. Crispy and full of egg!Deep-fried Durian Ice-cream with mango pureeThis is one of the rare desserts I've seen so far. Fried Durian Ice-cream! It's quite crispy, and tastes extremely good when eaten together with the mango puree.Steamed Mashed Taro with Almond Cream in Young CoconutA mixture of yam paste and almond cream. Taste good. But the almond cream is too thick such that it covered the fragrance of the yam. Chilled Mango Puree with Sago and Pomelo topped with Coconut Ice-creamA normal mango puree with Sago and Pomelo desert, but the added coconut ice-cream definitely enhances its taste!AMBIENCEThe ambience is awesome. Our seat was just next to the window seat where we can catch a glimpse of the Marina Bay. It's an ideal dining place during National Day or New Year's Day where one can see the fireworks! Their internal furnishings is also quite impressive. Soft and comfortable seat. SERVICETheir service is also quite good. They will recommend you their signature dishes according to your budget. Fast and efficient in clearing dishes away. continue reading
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High class fine dining restaurant located at Marina Bay Financial Centre.for more detailed and food pictures, please go to http://princessmic80.blogspot.sg/2013/05/of-taste-of-paradise-paradise-pavilion.htmli have given a fair rating for customer service mainly because we are being placed at a table that has shakey table legs (something is wrong with the table). When we provided our feedback, the waitress just simply brush our feedback aside and we got very angry so we demand a change of table. we did not ordered their set menu for the day and instead we try their ala cart menu.their famous Authentic Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duckunlike other restaurant who will skin the duck and then cook the meat in a seperate dish, Paradise Pavilion skin the duck and debone the duck for u. they do not cook the duck meat in a seperate dish.this , u can enjoy the apple wood roasted taste of the duck! and u need to wrap your own peking duck wraps lol. i prefer it this way cos i can choose how much sauce to put ( some restaurant 's sauce is too sweet and too much).their peking duck is really nice. i love the skin although first look, i thought it "couldnt make it" as it doesnt look very crispy. but i change my mind after i put one slice of the skin into my mouth! omg! it is super crispy lo!their specialty tofu. not bad. something new. the toufu is really softmei cai with kailan. something new. the semi sweet and salty mei cai forms a new taste with stirred fried kailan! fried rice- very generous with ingredient especially crab meat! i wonder what they add to the rice that makes it so golden yellow!kurubuta pork! not bad. but a little too salty for my likingsome fish toufu dish that we ordered. this is one that i m saying that it doesnt suit my liking lol. probably is the way they prepare the fish that makes the fish very soft ( like not fresh?) but of cos m sure that they use the freshest fish la. mmm. overall, dishes are quite nice at Paradise Pavilion with very nice scenery of Marina Bay Sands! would definitely go back for more of their peking duck! continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-28
This restaurant has really nice layout and the environment is really cooling too. The restaurant manager is very polite and advise us on which dishes here are their popular items. We have ordered their brocolli with scallops to go along with the fragrant plain rice. The brocolli is very crunchy and fresh, especially enjoy the big and chewy scallops. The egg white sauce is soft and light. Will come back again to order this dish in future. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-01
My cousin decided to hold his twenty-one birthday celebration in this posh chinese restaurant here since he is always fancy and craving for Chinese fine crusines. Fortunately he has made a correct decision on choosing here as the food here is indeed fine and tasty. Especially like to eat their fried rice, which looks simple and yet delcious. The chinese sausage has really enhance this dish and the dark fried rice is so good that you would not mind to have a second or even third servings. continue reading
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