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In 2002, Peach Garden established their flagship Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant at Novena Gardens, where they enchanted their patrons with delectable spreads of their exquisite signature dishes, served in intricate individual fine dining portions. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Braised Chinese Cabbage with Ham in Casserole Chilled Osmanthus Jelly Garlic Beef Tenderloin with Maggi Seasoning Roasted Spare Ribs with Honey Steamed Lobster with White Wine and Wheat Vermicelli
Review (15)
Level3 2014-07-06
Our dinner group decided to have get-together at peach garden miramar on 30.6.2014. food was ala carte buffet at S$30.80++ and 3 paying 1 free, quite good deal really. :-)the food was generally good, better than our last group dinner at ban heng orchard central on 25.4.2014. the service was very good too, friendly & jovial, and we all decided to give a substantial tip afterwards. it was also 1/2 the price & better quality than the one i had recently at restaurant home on 25.6.2014.#1 char siew (a charcoaled grilled pork neck) was good as usual.#2 roast pork was good this evening, crispy & tasty, with the mustard dip.#3 pork floss egg plant was good here. the egg plant batter was very light & the texture & taste combination was excellent.#4 drunken chicken looked processed in appearance. taste was ok with wine infused flavour.#5 yuzu prawns was very good, crispy, prawns were fresh & the slight citric yuzu flavour was great.#6 likewise the wasabi mayo prawns.#7 fish fritters was average. fish was so so, the crispy batter was quite well done.there was a limit of 1 order of soup per person.#8 the sharks bone soup was ok. i had it the last time. i thought the lie tongs (例汤), soup of the day, at tunglok & imperial treasure were better.#9 i tried the crab meat/roe sharkskin this time, it was quite ok.#10 the deep-fried soon hock was good, better than when i had it last time. meat was fresh, moist & tasty. we had 2 orders.#11 kurobuta pork was ok.#12 the sautéed beef was overly sweet & artificially tender, edible but not much in demand by the diners.#13 the braised beef briskets & tendon was quite good. we had 2 orders.#14 pan-fried venison. this not really a favourite for me, no different from any coffershop zichar stalls.#15 pating fish was a favourite for me. this time it was quite well done, very fresh & tasty. i suggested to the manager that for a live fish, it would be better presentation to serve a fish head portion or 1/2 a fish rather than in cut pieces. he said the fish might be too big so they had it served in cut portions. hmm..actually most pating served here in singapore were 1kg or 700g fish.we had 3 different vege. they were all good.$16 cauliflower & brocoli was simple & tasty & great colour combination.#17 string beans were good too, though the thinnest of sliced scallops didn’t contribute anything to the dish.#18 spinach with 3 eggs was quite standard, mediocre actually & a very large portion.most of us ordered 2 or 3 dessert each.#19 i did not try the 杨支甘露. it should be quite standard.#20 the bubur hitam with ice cream was a crowd favourite.#21 the ice jelly was kind of plain.another joyous dinner with good food, company, fellowship & memories.See my full review & photos at =http://chefquak.com/2014/07/06/13pax-dinner-peach-garden-miramar-on-30jun2014/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-04
Had a ex-class mates gathering in this famous Chinese restaurant. Restaurant is spacious and cooling. Waitress here are friendly and prompt in service as well. Have ordered Fried prawns in two styles (wasabi and the salted egg yolk) and also the steamed soon hock in traditional style. We also tried their Aloe Vera dessert. Both the wasabi prawns and salted egg yolk prawns are fresh and crunchy, which both flavour are very distinctive and delicious. Sock hock fish is soft and fresh, and the fish soup sauce is sweet and fragrant. dessert is also not too sweet and very refreshing. Spent about $30 per person. continue reading
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Level2 2014-02-13
Had CNY Set meal. (Lunar New Year Set Menu @ $ 1188++ Per Table (For 10 Persons)Yu Sheng had a generous serving of salmon. Suckling pig skin was crispy. It was a pity that they did not serve all of the skin to us, they stir-fried the remaining suckling pig + meat for us. You could taste distinctly the suckling pig even though the meat was cooked with other sauces.Shark's fin was nice and tender. Big whole piece of shark's fin was served Enjoyed the abalone dish, but my abalone was tough to cut with the knife provided. Abalone for each person was bigFish was soft and tender rice, rice ball and nian gao were ok. the nian gao was not sticky and not overly sweet, so it was pleasant to eat. Service was good, staff attentive, always helping us to change our plates and scooping individual dishes for us. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-19
The lunch buffet offered by Hotel Miramar Peach Garden, is pretty good for its cost. It costs just over $30/person for the a la carte buffet. Dishes are plentiful including many meat and seafood dishes. One dish that was pretty unique was the coffee pork ribs. The coffee taste was quite strong and the ribs were quite flavourful. Also good are the fresh prawn dishes. The dim sum offerings such as the siew mai are also competent with fresh prawns and meat though not outstanding. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-11
Being a dim sum lover, I had to try out peach garden's dim sum! The dim sum here is pretty standard in terms of variety, but this chain really does the classics well. I really liked the glutinous meat dumpling, which is touted to be very hard to make. However the one here is just perfect. It is crispy on the outside and gooey and chewy on the inside. Encased in the crisp and chewy shell is the most delectable meat filling savory and saucy. The buffet cost about 30 dollars a person. continue reading
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