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Ramen Champion is a group of 8 famed chefs from Japan, who are battling to be the most popular Ramen Chef/Ramen Champion in Singapore. The stalls are designed to be like individual standalone stalls, and every chef has one of his own. continue reading
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Level2 2016-05-15
Not the first time dining in ramen champion. Their ramen are always good. Chefs are always generous with the food portion. Waiting time won't be too long. The prices will be higher a bit of course but it's worth the money whenever you visit them. There's a lot of choices for you to choose from. From rice to ramen and also side dishes too. Definitely a Japanese cuisine lover to visit. Just to add on, they have free WiFi for customers to use too. It really is a nice place to dine in with your family, friends or partner here. Thumbs up! continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-25
So my friend and I decided to try out Mendokoro aoi after checking out the different ramen offerings at ramen champion.This is the shop front of Mendokoro aoi so look out for it! it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide what ramen to try at ramen champion.The ramen itself is very tasty, the noodles aren't very hard but yet still just a little but chewy. The soup is very tasty although it does have quite a lot of pork fat in it, nowhere as much fat as riki ramen I had in the ramen champion at changi airport. The char siew in the ramen has a lot of fat too so I went ahead and "de-fatted" the char siew. Not too bad a bowl of ramen I do like it! Although I still prefer walking across the street for my four season tonkotsu king ramen. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-21
This place has drawn my attention since some time ago. Yesterday, I got a chance to try it. Ramen Champion concept is probably best described as 'food court', with 6 choices of ramen food stall. After seeing around, I decided to order my ramen from Shodai Kuji stall, which was just in front of my table (I did exploring already ok, it's not that I was lazy).Upon arrival, we will be given an entry card. Don't lose it, as you will need it to order food, as to record your order(s) for payment later. A buzzer will also be given after ordering, signalling the time when your order is ready to collect. Self-service system is implemented here, therefore there's no service charge, only GST.Triple Chashu Ramen - $16.80Were I too greedy for ordering this? I also dunno. But for sure, no regret ordering this! Triple chashu represents three kinds of charshu used for this ramen (chicken thigh, pork belly and pork collar), all of them were outstandingly yummy. The thin noodle that I chose was springy. The egg was boiled just nicely, neither overcooked nor raw. The pork bone broth was slightly too salty for my liking though, or maybe this is one of Yokohama ramen characteristics? I'm no ramen expert.Overall, I would like to recommend Ramen Champion for all ramen lovers out there. I still have 5 more stalls to try before I can figure out who's the champion. This means I should come back 5 more times! Ahh, I will never get enough of ramen...For more reviews, kindly visit http://ariellacahya.blogspot.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-17
Ramen Champion serves a favourite spot for all Japanese Ramen lovers to enjoy high quality and delighting ramen from cities in Japan. Just recently in July, there were 2 more new Ramen restaurants from Japan arrived at Ramen Champion to participate in the next Ultimate ramen champion 2014 Singapore. They were Shodai Koji from Yokohama and Menya Ryu from Hokkaido, each occupying a stall space in Bugis+, competing with other resident ramen restaurants. While Menya Ryu will be seen competing at all 3 Ramen Champion Outlets (Bugis+, T3 Changing Airport, Great World City), Riki Power Ramen has expanded its territory into Bugis+.Tokyo Riki Ramen by Chef Tetsurou Anzai (Riki) Rating: 3.5 / 5Meaningfully name for its "energy boost" with pork bone broth (Tonkotsu soup) boiled daily for at least 8 hours.Special Power Ramen is packed with a stronger flavor, heavily accentuated with garlic in the white milky broth and topped with a handful of bean sprouts, a dish living up to its name sake. Wobbly charshu has a springy texture and every bite is full of flavours.Triple Charshu Ramen by Chef Koji Takano (Shodai Koji)Rating: 4.5 / 5Simply love its combination of the modern and traditional style from Yokohama. Likewise, in order to achieve such flavour bursting effect, the soup was brought over fire and boiled to more than 8 hours. Besides the usual Pork Charshu consisting of pork belly and collar, the chicken thigh is also part of the success of the dish. Double soup from both chicken and pork with 3 different kinds of meat, this dish is highly recommended. Oiishi!Sapporo Miso Special Ramen by Chef Wang Hu Rong (Menya Ryu) Rating: 3.5 / 5 The stark difference among the other two mentioned was the use of Miso. 3 kinds of Miso (red, white and black) are used, maintaining the authentic and traditional flavor in a bowl of Sapporo Ramen not to mentioned about its long hours of broth boiling time too. Where such special ramen is cooked to its perfection, it is no doubt that it's the MUST TRY at Menya Ryu.Besides having bowls of ramen, Customers get to enjoy a wide spread of Japanese side dishes from the menu. With squirts of lemon juice over these bite size tempura Gindara Croquette and dipping mayonnaise sauce, its easily for us to pop them non stop into our mouth. Luckily, the number of croquette are fixed on each plate.Enjoy a bowl of yummy lobster salad drench with roasted sesame sauce. Out of all ramen tried, we can feel the passion and hard work the chef had put in in order to reach such high standards. Bowls of ramen were indeed appetizing and competitive with each stall revealing the best in them. Not to mention that the timing and seizing of the right temperature whilst cooking of the ramen are critical,especially when it's noodles are of good elasticity and texture.For more food reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-13
For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/08/ramen-champion-shodai-koji-riki-menya.htmlRamen Champion has just brought in 3 new stalls to entice more Ramen-Lovers to drop by for a meal, which are Shodai Koji, Riki, and Menya Ryu.Triple Chashu Ramen ($16.80). It's called triple chashu because it uses 3 kinds of eat to create the chashu, which are chicken thigh, pork belly and pork collar.Tebasaki with Spicy Sauce ($6.90). Needless to say, crispy skin, juicy and tender meat!Special Power Ramen ($16.50). Tonkotsu soup is creamy and milky, and have garlic and bean sprouts splashed along with it.Sapporo Miso Special Ramen ($15.80) uses red, white and black miso, and mixed with soup base made of tonkotsu and chicken.Mentaiko Gyoza ($7.00). Gyoza skin is soft and thin, thus not covering the highlight of the contents itself. Worth a shot for this!Lobster Salad ($9.80). It is good enough to eat it without the salad sauce, but mixing it makes it an absolute choice with a tad of sour taste! Their lobster mixture is delicious and fresh too.Ramen Champion is pretty much making a smooth progress in Singapore, having 3 of such concept, separately in Great World City, Changi Airport Terminal 3, as well as Bugis+.The ramens are generally thick in their broth and definitely worth a smile after a meal, but taste can be slightly salty for those who can't take saltiness. All their chashu(s) is unquestionably tender to mouth and has absorbed the essence of the broth!For more giveaway details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/08/ramen-champion-shodai-koji-riki-menya.html continue reading
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