Sakae Sushi is a trendy, quick-service kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi concept that has become synonymous with a fun-filled, value-for-money and healthy dining experience. Other than using top quality ingredients, they enrich their sushi rice with Vitamin E for added health benefits to their customers. They also make frequent farm visits to ensure the safety of their food sources. Food served at Sakae Sushi does not contain MSG and is sent for laboratory tests regularly to ensure food freshness and quality. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-25
So just the other day I happened to be at Northpoint and was craving kind of badly for Japanese cuisine. Decided to have an awesome dinner at Sakae Sushi. The queue was long as usual and my buddy and I had to wait a good 10 minutes for the table with the ordering screen, but you don't have to wait that long for the other tables. So I've gotten Sakae Ju ($13.99) which is basically rice topped with lightly grilled savoury salmon mayo, salmon sashimi and spicy salmon. I'm not a fan for salmon but I ordered it just to try it out, really awesome. But this dish is definitely great for salmon lovers. My buddy ordered his Saba Nitsuke & Tebasaki ($18.99), which comes with a nice little bowl of rice that shouts "Itakakimasu!" along with a really good simmered mackerel that gives great omega as well as good old honey chicken wings. Simply delectable. Both rice sets come with a bowl of miso soup that has the right consistency of dashi and miso paste. Unlike other restaurants, Sakae Sushi's miso soup gives you the a reasonable generous amount of kept and tofu. Since we sit right next to the sushi conveyor belt, we got ourselves a Pink Plate ($4.29), I am not too sure what's this called but I mean it tasted amazing and is kind of photogenic. So it's awesome! For desserts! Like seriously they changed their menu so much for the better, they now offer really good stuff. Above is the Kyoto Matcha Azuki Monaka ($4.99) which is a half green tea and half red bean waffle icecream. The icecream could stay inside for awhile without melting & it's kind of fuss-free too. It's like one of the best I've tried. Along with it is some Mochi Ice Cream -2pc ($4.99), I don't prefer mochi alone but mochi with ice cream filling? That's the best. We got the green tea ones but they are also available in red bean, strawberry and mango flavours. But one feedback? Overall, my experience at Sakae Sushi (Northpoint) was really good compared to my previous experience of bad service and mediocre food. This time round was superb with great service, great food, great ambience and new awesome menu that leaves people with never ending choices! Maybe they should change their dessert plate because the design is kind of not matching to everything else. Still, thumbs up to the new management system for it's overall improvements. I'll definitely return for other items on that menu. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-18
It has been ages since I stepped into Sakae Sushi as there are many other better sushi restaurants around. The prices had increased quite a lot since I last stepped into the restaurant. I didn't want to think about what to order, so my wife and I just took the plates off the conveyor belt. Whatever suits our fancy, we will take it and we ended up polishing 10 plates in total which is quite a lot. I guess most of the sushi are just standard fare, nothing particularly outstanding and nothing that is subpar. However, we did notice that the salmon sushi seemed to have shrunk. The slice of salmon on top of the rice is sliced very thinly and it is not the thick slab of salmon that we are getting from other sushi restaurants. The fish roe is something which I would normally not order, but since my wife took it, I decided to try it as well and it is quite nice as it is savoury. The total bill came up to around 32 odd dollars after GST and service charge. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-06
It has been awhile since I visited Sakae Sushi. The menu has changed alot from the old version. There is alot of new items, with a whole page on wagu beef. Plain water used to be free, now it is chargeable at $0.50++ a cup. Even the wet tissue is chargeable too at $0.30++ each.Unagi Bibinba ($15.99++)Tantalising eel slices with egg and vegetables, served with hot and subtly charred rice.Remember to mixing the rice and the sauce quickly when served as the rice tends to stick easily onto the bowl. Feel not flavourful enough. Served with a bowl of miso soup which tastes quite salty.Chicken Kaminabe ($15.99++)Chicken hot pot with assorted vegetables.Looks quite pretty decorated but the soup is not much flavourful too. Sakae Salad ($10.99++)A special Sakae creation served with special house dressing.An old favourite but the dressing seems to have changed. It has since tasted more tangy and watery. Prefer the old version better.Kakiage ($2.29++)Shredded vegetable tempura. This is an old favourite of mine. I like the crunchiness of the vegetables which goes with sweet brown sauce.Honey Bird's Nest Drink (Hot) ($3.99++)Feel that the bird's nest jelly has been overcooked as the texture is too soft and sticky. There is not firmess and cruchiness. There is also a cold version which costs a dollar more.Overall feel that the new menu still has alot to improve on. continue reading
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Meeting up my friends at Northpoint, we decided to eat Japanese food as our dinner. So, we finally picked Sakae Sushi which the price was affordable also the food was considered simple and nice.Our seat just in front of the cashier, we can place our orders through computer by ourselves instead of by waitress. Sound cool right? It was very common actually.This was what I ordered, the chicken was crispy and flavourful. I like the Miso soup too, it was savoury. It costed $11.90 per set.You may also choose your favourite Sushi on the Sushi belt. The environment was comfortable with reasonable price of food. continue reading
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Level4 2012-09-28
Sakae sushi is always my favourite place to dine for sushis although i heard many reviews that sushi tei and itacho sushi is better. Anyways, I went to sakae sushi for their sushi buffet (around $25 nett) for more than 5 times already and i think it is affordable for students like me. We get to choose 1 red plate, 1 pink plate and unlimited colour plate that has the equivalent price in the menu. This pink plate is the inari sushi with mayo salmon which is very nice. continue reading
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