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Southwest Tavern is a cowboy theme restaurant. They serve steak, beer, burger, beer butt chicken and many more! Nicely located in the west side of Singapore in Trade hub 21. continue reading
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Beer Butt Chicken! What an eye catching name for a roast chicken. If you never heard of this before, it is a roast chicken stuffed with a can of beer together with other seasoning. The idea behind this is to infused the chicken with beer flavour and maintain the juiciness of the meat. If it is done properly, you can expect to taste a super crispy paper thin chicken skin.One of the locations in Singapore where you can find this dish is Southwest Tavern ('ST'). This cowboy theme restaurant is located in business hub on the west side of Singapore. It is an open air setting and they use portable aircon and fans to cool down the place. The furniture is very rustic giving you an authentic American tavern feeling. They even have a pool table for you to pass your time there.Other than the Beer Butt Chicken, ST also served many authentic American tavern dishes such as never frozen steak, humongous burgers, baby back ribs and suicide wings (also known as buffalo wings). Not forgetting, they have extensive list of beers.We kick off the dinner with Chilli Cheese Fries ($12). One of my favourite fries dish. The fries has a crispy outer texture while soft and moist in the inside. The cheese are very subtle, more like mozzarella and well paired with the chilli. A very good finger food, but it can be quite filling for a starter.For steak, we ordered Australian Marbled Sirloin 300 grams ($30). This steak is supposed to be comparable to Wagyu grade of steak. Cooked to medium rare, the steak is very flavourful, juicy and succulent. It has a nice balance between the marbling and the meat. For the price, it is value for money. For the sides, they serve potato wedges, salad with vinaigrette dressing and brown sauce.Now for the Beer Butt Chicken ($32). Be prepare to wait for 45 minutes(that is where the pool table come in handy), as the chef only prepare it upon order and smoked it. To serve this dish perfectly, ST custom made the serving plank. It has two mini pole to hold the chicken in the upright position, sitting on a solid tin filled with beer.The skin of the chicken is paper thin and crispy. The meat is tender, succulent and well seasoned. It can be a challenge to carve the chicken yourself, but it's worth the effort. Although the flavour of the beer is very subtle in the chicken, you can use the balance of the beer in the tin and treat it as Au jus for the chicken. To accompany this dish is butter rice with raisin and grilled capsicum. The portion will be just nice for 2 person. Yum Yum!!Overall, ST served a very good tavern food or gastropub food if you want a more trendy name. It is simple, unpretentious and just delicious. Thank you very much to Southwest Tavern for the tasting invitation. There is one more reason for us to take a trip to the west of Singapore. Cheers!!!For the complete Chubby Botak Koala dining experience, click here:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/06/Southwest-Tavern.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-20
Located within Trade Hub 21, this casual American dining outlet is a perfect weekend hideout for those seeking asylum from the bustling town area. The laid back cowboy ambience provides an idyllic dining experience where one can simply chill and enjoy the afternoon with good company! Platter Set ($45+)The platter set, consisting of 300g Australian Marbled Beef Steak & Grilled US Corn-Fed Pork Chop, Mini Bloomin' Onions, Potato Gratin, Salad, 2x Mushroom Soup, and 2x lemon tea, is good to share among 2-4 pax. The portion is generous and value for money. The Marbled Beef Steak was juicy, chewy and grilled to perfection! The marbling was excellent as the fats literally melted in our mouths and was a joy to savour.The Pork Chop was a disappointment, however. Although it was pretty well marinated and glaced with a thick layer of tasty BBQ sauce, the meat was dry and tough on the palate.The sides were decent except for the Bloomin' Onion which we thought was too floury and lacked the crisp we were anticipating. The rich and creamy mushroom soup was excellent! Beer Butt Chicken ($32+)The Beer Butt Chicken was the highlight of today's meal. It was truly a feast for the eyes and a tantalising treat for the tongue! The waitress presented the picture-perfect chicken (in its original cooked form) for our photo-taking sake before cutting it up, with one portion infused in the beer broth and the other, au-natural style. Although both versions were tasty in their own way, I preferred the beer-soaked version as the essence was well absorbed into the chicken, exuding a hint of light bitter-sweet aftertaste. The chicken was exceptionally tender and smooth while the skin was sinfully delicious and crispy .BBQ Wings ($14+)The BBQ wings were well marinated and flavourful. A pity, however, was that it wasn't served hot and the meat was slightly dry. Blacken Dory (16+)The dory was well grilled, with a crispy surface and soft, moist centre. However, the taste could be further improved upon as I found it to be a little on the blend side. Perhaps adding a dash of sea salt or some rosemary herbs might do the trick? Overall, we were pleased with the quality and hearty portion of food served! Although the location might be a little inconvenient for those taking public transport, it was definitely worth the extra mile! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-21
Southwest Tavern is an American theme restaurant a stone's throw from International Business Park (IBP). Though it is near Jurong East MRT station but it is not within the walking distance. You may talk bus 52 or 105 from the Jurong East Bus Interchange to bring you right there. The restaurant is hidden from the main road but you would not missed it if you follow the direction sign. I called to make an appointment for a table for 2 for a late lunch as i thought it might be crowded. There was only another table when we were there at 2.30 pm. We were ushered to a table for 2 quickly and presented with the menu right after.This is a non-aircon cafe but with quite a few fans around to cool the place down. The heat might be unbearable during those humid days. The ambience is rather cosy with a hint of american cowboy theme decoration to give it a rustic country feel. There are a good selection of main courses range from Chicken, Fish, Beef, Lamb, Pasta to Burger. Each of the main course is served with 2 sides. The selection of sides range from mashed potato, coleslaw, baked beans, sweet corn, butter rice, potato wedges, roasted potato and salad. They serve a wide range of selection for drinks from Beer to Cocktail to Hot Drinks to Soft Drinks. I took a bit of time to go through the menu and decided to go with a set of Fried Chicken Steak and a set of Char Grilled Chicken Steak. I was a bit hesitant to order their signature Bloomin' Onion as it might be too much for 2 person to finish. I asked that friendly female assistant for advice. She said the Blooming Onion is just finger food so it should be no issue at all. I trusted her and ordered it to share. I ordered a glass of coke too. Every table has got a condiment basket consisting of Tobacco, Mustard, Chilli Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Pepper and Salt. This is made available just in case you might need the something extra to excite the taste of the food a little.They served the drink first then followed by the Bloomin' Onion and the 2 mains at the same time. A Glass of Coke ($2). Reasonably priced and served it in a nice looking glass with just enough of ice cubes to keep it chilled. A pretty good selection if you did not want to have alcoholic drinks during lunch. Bloomin' Onion ($12). I was amazed by the size of the onion when it served. It was a pretty big onion and for 2 person to finish it might be quite a challenge. It would be finger food if to be shared amongst 3 to 4 people but not quite so for only 2 people. The onion was lightly battered and fried to perfection to give it the desired crispiness. It is an exciting choice. I remember eating it the first time a few years ago in a steak house. This particular one was tasty though not quite as good as the one i eaten before. A small container of Ranch Sauce was placed in the centre of that bloomin' onion. The sauce complemented the sweetness of the onion and the slight saltiness of the seasoning quite well. It still tasted crispy even after left it for a bit. It did not taste too oily, too. And, it actually tasted just like Onion Rings. It would be perfect if to go with beer. Fried Chicken Steak with Bull's Horn Wedges and Cow Pie Mashed Potato ($16). It was quite a big and thick piece of chicken most likely from the leg part served with generous serving of mashed potato and potato wedges. The fried chicken steak came in 2 parts, a really big piece and a smaller piece hidden below. It was well-marinated to give it the desired flavor then coated with bread crumbs to fry till golden brown to give it the distinctive crispiness then served it with Ranch Sauce.The presentation is the typical American style. It is messy and in large portion. The pile of mashed potato has got the likable smoothness and evenness in texture. It was served with a certain sauce which tasted just like the Ranch Sauce for the Fried Chicken Steak. The potato wedges came in equally generous serving. It tasted rather average though delightfully crispy. Grilled chicken steak with Sloppy Slaw and Badlands Grilled Potato ($16). It came in large portion too. The chicken steak was perfectly grilled to leave its surface a beautiful color and flavor. It was slightly charred mostly on its edges. The texture of the chicken steak was awesomely succulent. I would think the taste of barbecue sauce was a little overwhelming. As expected, we did not manage to finish the Bloomin' Onion. The portion of the main is served in big portion so it might be better to share for small eaters to avoid wastage of food like we just did.There is currently a Death Wing Challenge to take up 6 pieces of extra spicy suicidal wings with 1 pint of beer in 15 minutes. Those that completed the challenge could have the 6 pieces of wings with beer for free and have their pictures put up on the Hall of Frame. Are you dare enough to take up the challenge? The total bill is $50.20 inclusive of GST. The service was pretty attentive. And, the massive amount of foods served is definitely value for money. I am keen to go back and maybe to take up the Death Wing Challenge. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
A return visit for more since its value for money! Dining was make better esepcially after a day's rain, making such a wonderful and cooling night with dim lightings as the ambience. Due to its on-going groupon promotion, majority of seatings are reserved and as we are walked-in diners, we are expected to leave before the next reservations. Shortly after we settled down, menus were given and servers took our orders via ipads.Grilled Chicken Steak was juicy and tender with criss-crossed charred grilled lines on its meat. Opted for bull horn wedges and boozer beans as the 2 sides that comes with the meal.Cost: S$16.00Seafood Aglio Olio presentation was way better than what I could think. Adorn with big scallops with shell, squid rings, prawns and mussels makes a rewarding meal of the night. Spaghetti comes with abit of spiciness mixed in the olive oil.Everything was perfect, the only let down was its spaghetti as I'm not quite used to the thickness of spaghetti served. It's somehow over cooked.Cost: S$16.00The strawberry smoothie tastes a little like strawberry float with 7-eleven's slurpee, softer than an ice cream with vanilla & Strawberry flavours.Strawberry Smoothies & SodaCost:S$5.00 & S$2.00 respectively continue reading
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Full Southwest Tavern review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2013/04/southwest-tavern.htmlLocated directly below the MRT tracks and alongside a stretch of eating places and bars, Southwest Tavern is an American themed restaurant that serves well-prepared and tasty Cowboy grub.Ambience is rather laid back and casual, with only a hint of cowboy and western themed decor in Southwest Tavern. Otherwise, furniture is comfortable and functional. Southwest Tavern has an open concept bar, and the restaurant is cooled by well placed fans, as well as natural breeze. On humid days though, the place can get quite stuffy. They also have a pool / snooker table to while away the time.The Ace High Sirloin Steak With Cow Pie Mashed Potato And Corny Corn has a perfectly grilled beef sirloin steak, with nice char markings. The meat is juicy and tender within, and the portion is thick and quite large, at 350g (before cooking). However, I felt the mashed potato could be a little smoother in texture, as it's more on the thick and slightly lumpy side. The corn on the cob was also nicely grilled and fresh.The Grilled US Corn-Fed Pork Chops With Sloppy Slaw And Bull's Horn Wedges has 2 thick slabs of pork chops, one of which is on the bone, that has been well cooked through. It was very good and still moist within, but I felt that the meat could have been rested for a few minutes more, as the juice ran out when I cut into it. The coleslaw was fresh and the sauce was light, while the potato wedges was nicely fried till crisp on the outside, and lightly seasoned with herbs. continue reading
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