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Stellar at 1-Altitude takes it’s ‘sky-high’ dining to a new level with our new rooftop Al Fresco dining space. Enjoy an unadulterated 360- degree view of Singapore together with our quintessential contemporary Australian cuisine. Stellar’s home on level 62 remains, so now you can enjoy the best of both worlds. continue reading
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See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/11/16/good-but-expensive-dinner-stellar-at-1-altitude-on-9nov2015/celebrating an occasion & went with wife for dinner at stellar at 1-altitude on 9.11.2015. ^^there was a roof top bar like at me @ oue & also at zafferano (1-altitude is much higher floor).marina skyline, the panoramic view were of course fabulous.we were deciding between the regular S$95++ 3-course menu (full portion) or the 6,7,8-course autumn gastronomic (1/2 portions). wife decided to have the 3-course & i was advised that if i took the S$120++ 6-course menu alone i would have 2 desserts.so we both took the 3-course. wife had 2 appetizers & i ordered a dessert.we were served only 1 amuse bouche. so we missed the mushroom tea which other reviewers raved about.this amuse bouche was ok but forgettable.how i missed the incredible mushroom tea amuse bouche we enjoyed at jaan previously.wife ordered the oysters. there were 4 in 1 order.again it was ok but not those very creamy ones. we had better S$3 oysters at tess bar & of course the superb ones at prime society (only S$2.50ea after palate 50% discounts).i ordered the diver scallops carbonara style.the scallops were wonderful, large, plump, tasty, & still have the slightly gummy sashimi bite. i loved the scallops.but as an entire dish with the carbonara sauce, it was simply outclassed by the excellent scallops at the disgruntled chef 100gourmet dinner we had recently (above photo).i decided to create a dish myself with my usual pan-seared scallops using a prawn vegetable veloute. my scallops were very good but not really comparable, however my veloute was excellent & the overall experience was much better, though just as outclassed by the scallop dish at the disgruntled chef 100gourmet.wife ordered the gazpacho in 2 styles.the cold soup was light, refreshing, tasty.this was such a wonderful soup, i went home & recreate one myself, and a pretty good one at that. not quite stellar’s top standard, but pretty good la.we ordered the king crab, uni, sakura ebi pasta & the rack of lamb.the pasta was tasty & i liked it.wife though was not impressed. somehow the uni sauce tasted cheesy (same saltiness?). it was good but not great.i went back & recreated a very tasty prawn capellini myself in the same style.the lamb rack was i guess above average.there was a nice array of sauces & dips, mustard, bearnaise etc& a butter which was very nice with the lamb.the sides were good.but actually for the lamb, though it was ok, it was also quite mediocre. there are countless restaurants here that does this better, and much better!i would prefer my own pistachi crusted lamb to this.overall, food was good, ambience was fabulous.the dinner though was quite underwhelming for the price, quite below our expectations. purely on the matter of food enjoyment, we had much better at cheaper places like foc & tess bar.wife was saying basically we were paying for the view. i guess we were. continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-06
Having heard of this charismatic dining place with its spectacular views, the Beau and I decided to celebrate our 9th year anniversary at Stellar @ One Altitude this year.We were given a window seat so that we could take in the panoramic views while we enjoyed the meal.For the first course of the set meal, we had the Scallops 'Carbonara' (SGD$28.00) - parmesan cheese, bacon ash, egg yolk, milk skin. The bouncy fresh scallosp was seared to a smokey sumptuousness, going very well with the creamy cheese broth surrounding it.The next course was the Caramelized Foie Gras (SGD$28.00) served with fragrant chicken broth, cepes, garlic cream and toast. The foie gras was lightly paired with the aromatic sweetness of caramel, penetrating well into the rich buttery texture of the slab of foie gras. The chicken broth was delicate but flavourful; giving a lovely bite with each mouthful of cepes.The fourth course was Yellow Fin Tuna (SGD$44.00), a generous chunk of wood fired yellow fin tuna with rissoni, broad beans, petit pois and mint, fromage blanc and picked cucumber. I loved the texture of this block of tuna, fired to an excellent texture between sashimi and smoked tuna. I also enjoyed the taste of this sweet fish, surrounded by saccharine vegetables.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/06/dinner-at-stellar-one-altitude.html continue reading
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Award-winning Stellar (Helmed by Group Executive Chef - Christopher Millar) serves modern cuisine. This is one of the highest restaurants that stands at a peak of 282 meters up high in Singapore, boasting a spectacular panoramic view of the City and MBS! An ideal place for special occasions, a romantic date or marriage proposals!I was there on 30th Oct 2014 during the Restaurant Week. Service was good except the initial long wait for the bread & appetizer. The staff will give a brief introduction of the dish when served to you. The dessert bar items were very high quality that did not disappoint me except 1 to 2 items. Both dessert bar items & fruits were replenished fast.Most fine dining food are costly & not filling. So I really like their concept of making the last course dessert to be a dessert bar. We get to try different variety of dessert & will not leave the restaurant still hungry. I hope more fine dining restaurants will have a mini dessert bar selection like Stellar too! It would be perfect if coffee or tea were included in the course as well. We were pretty satisfied with everything here that day! Will definitely visit Stellar again, if only for their dessert bar which is truly to die for! :-)Appetiser: Crab & avocado tian, cucumber jelly & grape fruit salsaMy appetizer was really good with generous portions of crab meat that tasted a tad salty-sour, very stimulating on the palate! I didn't know that avocado complemented the crab meat so well! A very delightful starter for me!Main Course:Crispy Skinned Barramundi Crunchy Cauliflower, Artichokes, Beetroot PolentaI was really captivated by the pink colour cream, it tasted like raspberry cream with some sweet fragrance, loved it! Probably I'm a gal that naturally loves anything in sweet pink! I was quite impressed by the presentation of this simple barramundi. The super crispy skinned barramundi with very tender meat was done really well and was surrounded by the yummy crunchy cauliflowers! The chef was very innovative to use cauliflowers which were deep-fried till golden brown with a touch of crunchiness. How I wish there were more fried cauliflowers - they're super addictive! Thumbs up for this beautiful dish!High Quality Chocolate Indulgence Dessert Bar!For full review: http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/11/restaurant-week-lunch-at-stellar-one.html continue reading
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Typical Singaporeans (including me) would love the concept behind the restaurant. Stellar @ 1-Altitude, though a posh establishment, offers tasting portions so that diners can share and enjoy the vast menu, created with the best seasonal produce and presented with utmost plating skills.Perched on level 62 of the former OUB Building at Raffles Place, the restaurant is commonly considered as a spot for dating, occasions and to impress in general. Make your reservations in advance so as to secure a window seat. It bears spectacular panoramic view of the City and Marina Bay area.The Private Dining Room is a cut-off from the vibrant main dining area. It can sit about 10 persons. The minimum spending for this room is $1,000 and $2,000 for lunch and dinner respectively. If you are thinking of holding a business dinner that involves wine, it is most apt; it’s also easier to converse and interact in this relatively quieter environment.This Summer, Stellar offers a spanking new experience. Now, you can create your own 4 / 5 / 6-course Gastronomic Tasting Menu at $95++, $120++ and $140++ respectively from the long list of items on the menu including Lobster, Kobe C Prime Rib, and Victorian Lamb. You would be spoiled for choices. Prices stated below are for a la carte portions.Scallop ($28++): Chef Millar was daring in pairing the scallop with parmesan. You wouldn’t think, and it usually doesn’t go well, but this went perfectly smooth. The saltiness of the accompanying custard and sweetness of the pear and zucchini paper made the entire dish a very wholesome one. You would almost forget that the star of the dish was supposed to be the scallop. A hot favorite amongst the few of us.Bone Marrow ($24++): You’re either a Bone Marrow person or you’re not. I belong to the second group. Bone Marrow Fritters, with crispy porky bits, and parsley salad with red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil as dressing on it. It’s fortunate though, that the parsley salad isn’t as pungent as I thought it’d be.Aglio Uni ($44++): While the capellini wasn’t done to perfection, the king prawn was. It was well wood-fired, and I could smell and taste the hint of burns that greatly enhanced the experience. The capellini comes with leek, ebi sakura and smoked sea urchin butter.Yellow Tuna Fin ($44++): Seated on the bed of rissoni is the wood-fired yellow tuna fin. You’d love this if you’re a fan of tuna – very simple, where you can taste it in its nude form. I wasn’t a fan of the rissoni though (rice-shaped pasta), it had a rougher and tougher texture than the usual pasta, and tasted too much a cross breed of rice and pasta for my preference.This new menu is also dubbed the ‘Stellar Experience’ for a reason. Save for their intention to impress you with its food, they also have all the designs to give you a jaw-dropping interactive dessert, sweet experience. Starting from an empty plate to the fully adorned dessert platter, you have the opportunity to witness it with your naked eyes (with a minimum of a 2-pax order).You can choose up to 2 desserts per 2 persons, 3 per 3 persons, and 4 per 4 persons.Desserts offered are Valrhona Chocolate Bomb, Flaming Baked Alaska, Caramel Creme Brulee, Ginger Raspberry Tart, French Strawberries Rhubarb Glacee, and White Chocolate Basil Mille Feuille with Pineapple Sorbet.I would highly recommend the Valrhona Chocolate Bomb, Flaming Baked Alaska, and White Chocolate Basil Mille Feuille with Pineapple Sorbet. The former is especially interesting. As can be seen on the foreground of the first photo, it was a perfectly round chocolate ball, until some berry compote was poured onto it and it ‘corrodes’ in your face. The dessert platter is well worth your every penny I promise.Outside of the Gastronomic Menu, you have the choice to opt for the ala-carte menu. For big, meaty appetites, the Meat Platter is to die for. It’s $120++ for 3 meat selections (550g) and $140++ for 4 meat selections (720g).You can choose amongst these good cuts: Australian Angus Rib Eye, Australian Wagyu Rib Eye Marbling Score, Australian Grass-fed Tenderloin, US Wagyu Sirloin Marbling Score, Australian 150day Dry-Aged Sirloin, US Yorkshire Pork Rack, Victorian Lamb Rack and Olive Crusted Lamb Shank.These meats are from wood fire, skillfully and impeccably done. Not only are you spoiled for choices on the selection of meats, look at the condiments.I admire E. Chef Millar’s creativity and attention to details. He has been around with the 1 Rochester Group for years now, and he has been a gem.Even though a meal here means that you will go hungry for the rest of the week, it is worthy if your purpose is to dine to impress. The ambience and the experience can not be found elsewhere, though if I were to compare food and its value alone, I think 1-Twenty Six does a better job.And yes, you can head up to 1-Altitude for a pre-cocktail or post-dinner party if you were to dine here. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-06
I am a fan of steak, especially when cooked medium-rare. Stellar at One-Altitude serves up a pretty good steak but it is very expensive. The steak here was served up in a hot plate, with some weird tasting side which I've yet to figure out. The other sides like grilled potatoes were good. As for the steak itself, it is pretty divine if you like medium-rare. The juices were oozing out and the steak was not over-cooked and grilled just right. continue reading
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