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Awarded Michelin one-star for the third year running, savour classic Cantonese dishes and an extensive selection of dim sum delicacies at Summer Palace, lauded time and again for both its exquisite cuisine and traditional oriental interior. Inspired menus by the restaurants two Hong Kong chefs are complemented by a collection of fine Chinese art and antiques. Besides à la carte and set menu options, Chef's five-course lunch and six-course dinner menus are also available. For private business and social functions, two private dining rooms are available. A curated selection of our menu is also available for island-wide delivery and takeaway. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2019)
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Beggar's Chicken Deep-fried Frog Legs with Chinese Five-spice Crispy Roasted Pork Braised Minced Crab Meat and Green Spinach Soup Deep-fried Chicken Fillet with Almond Flakes and Lemon Sauce
Review (11)
Level4 2015-05-15
It was restaurant week again and we decided to do Chinese for once. Since neither of us had ever been to Summer Palace, we decided to give their lunch a shot.Located on the third floor of Regent Singapore, just a level above Basilico (http://www.timelessfacade.com/2008/09/basilico.html), Summer Palace houses a rather traditional Chinese interior complete with wooden chairs, golden pillars and a floor of red trim carpeting. We were lucky to be seated by the window (3 such tables available) but there was honestly no view to speak of except for the pool below and the hotel guests sunbathing by it. Still, I appreciated the serenity of the whole place.Chef's Dim Sum Selection - Deep Fried Prawn Roll with Mango - I liked the crisp, deep fried rice noodles that encapsulated bits of crunchy prawn but unfortunately, the taste of mango was almost non existent. What was interesting was that the mayonnaise that came served alongside actually had hints of mango in it. Or was I imagining things?Barbecued Pork Bun with Pine Nuts - Boasting a crusty, not too sweet top and a generous filling of sweet, mildly gooey BBQ pork, the bun was actually pretty respectable. However, unlike my personal favourite from Lung King Heen (http://www.timelessfacade.com/2014/06/lung-king-heen-part-iii-hong-kong.html), the sweetness from the BBQ pork actually overwhelmed the nutty taste of the pine nuts and the bun itself wasn't as soft or chewy.Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Bird's Nest -This was your typical 虾角 with a mere aesthetic upgrade aka tasteless shreds of birds nest. Throw in a relatively limp dumpling skin and you have an average prawn dumpling.Double Boiled Ginseng with Fish Maw, Conpoy and Bamboo Piths - Although I'm personally not a fan of ginseng, this soup was quite good in my humble opinion. Tasty yet light with the mild taste of ginseng helping to keep the nausea at bay and the spongy fish maw coming across as crunchy.Stir Fried Fish Cubes with Asparagus in Teriyaki Sauce - Flaky and smooth flesh coupled with a light sweetness from the teriyaki sauce and a mild savouriness from the stir fried garlic and ginger. Pretty good. Only issue I had was that the sweetness of the teriyaki dominated the natural sweetness of the cod fish, which I personally am quite a fan of.Fried Glass Vermicelli with Crabmeat and Black Pepper - A tad chewy with an abundance of wok hei, crab meat shreds and black pepper for that mildly peppery kick, the glass vermicelli was pretty decent. And the beansprouts added a nice crunchiness to it.Combination of Desserts - Osmanthus Jelly with Wolfberries - Nice and sweet with the wolfberries tasting very similar to raisins.Mango Sago - Chilled and a tad runny but thankfully, not too sweet. Not as refreshing as I expected and could probably do with a little tartness and a little more time in the fridge.Lemongrass Jelly - I absolutely dislike lemongrass but this turned out surprisingly acceptable. The lemongrass taste was rather faint and it tasted like your regular ice jelly dessert with crunchy bits of aloe vera. Very decent.And so concluded our lunch, with two restaurant week lunch sets and a pot of 龙井 hitting the century mark. Pretty satisfactory lunch but I personally don't deem it wow enough for a return visit, not when the normal ala carte prices seem a tad steep for the quality of food. Service was excellent though; warm yet unintrusive.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/05/summer-palace-restaurant-week-lunch.html continue reading
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Level2 2013-11-12
The Regent hotel has retained much of its original heritage styling, but has through the years done modifications and minor refurbishing to keep with the times. Simply classic.Summer palace is as old as the hotel itself, and retains much authenticity of Chinese semi-fine dining. Having only 2 of us, we sampled the 5 course Power Lunch Set Menu ($52/person, minimum 2 person).The dishes are all deeply-rooted in Chinese cuisine, with minor modifications to keep it more interesting and premium. The dumpling skin for example comes infused with Spinach in the skin.1st course: Chef's dim sum selection - excellent dim sum, but don't eat the presentation garnish vegetables, it spoils the taste.2nd course: Double Boiled Seafood Soup served in Golden Pumpkin - my favourite dish. Clear soup double boiled to really get the flavour essence concentrated, it paired lovely with the stronger sweet, soft flesh of the pumpkin bowl that could be easily scooped with a spoon. The crab meat, prawns and scallops inside were also soft and tender, meticulously cooked separately due to varying ingredient cooking times.3rd course: Pan Fried Wagyu Beef with Soya Sauce - Being a Canton restaurant though, this is a distinctively Chinese dish with a premium touch to it. The beef was definitely tender and thankfully the soya sauce was not overpowering enough to mask the beef flavour completely. 4th course: Fried rice with seafood - Topped with dehydrated deep fried rice grains, the fried rice had a crunchy bite that brings an element of surprise to this common dish. A simple dish that can't go wrong.5th course: Combination of Desserts which were Osmanthus Jelly, Mango Pudding with Pomelo, Sago Dessert. Another Chef's special, the first 2 are time-honoured Hong Kong desserts that anyone who trained in Hong Kong needs to know. Special highlight to the Chef's own creation of a Sago dessert, containing lemongrass jelly, aloe vera and lime juice with bits of fruit. A very refreshing jelly that clears your palate after the meal.Food blog at http://sethlui.com continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-06
I have attended a wedding lunch in this hotel ballroom which the food is cooked and prepared by this chinese restaurant. Total 8 courses have been served to us bit among these dishes, there are two dishes which have made an impression to me.ee fu noodles cooked with golden mushroom, which the noodles are very chewy and has stir fry till really fragrant. Generous amount of golden mushrooms and spring onions can be found in this dish which make it very fragrant. However the dessert which is the mango puree with sago and pomelo was a disaster. Very diluted and it was too sweet and not cold. Mango was sour in this dessert. Service here was slow and inefficient. Ballroom was nice and cosy. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-11
Would recommend to try once for good quality and refined taste but small portions for restaurant week and regular prices look expensive too.......... One plate of beef cubes usually is $68!!But good service and ambiance overall. Parents and grandparents will enjoy especially for special occasionssome of the dishes tried includes Braised Fish Maw Soup with Seafood and Egg White, Suckling Pig, Stuffed with Minced Shrimp and Almond Flakes, Chilled Birds’ Nest with Black Fungus and Vegetables and Steamed Scallops with Garlic and Glass VermicelliMore photos and details at http://www.eatprayflying.com/summer-palace-regent-restaurant-week/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-08
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2013/10/07/restaurant-week-6pax-lunch-summer-palace-regent-hotel-on-7oct2013/ 6 of us decided to go for the S$40++pax restaurant week lunch at summer palace at regent hotel on 7.10.2013. i don’t do restaurant week lunch these days as the offers are not great at dining city ‘star’ restaurants (often worse than credit card like UOB offers & more restrictive in menu than cheaper set lunches). also many ‘star’ restaurants do not provide menu so it is a “trust me” deal, when there are so many other good deals to pick & choose from? anyhow summer palace provided the menu which looked fine. & we checked at the restaurant the usual lunch menu started at S$68++pax & the restaurant week menu looked better by comparison. we had trio of dimsum. the mango puff was ok, har gao with birds nest was good consistent with good dimsum restaurant but bird nest was too small a helping to be relevant. the puffy char siew pao was good too sweet like a char siew soh (the reason i don’t take char siew soh) whereas HK Timhowan’s version was a crispy not puffy dough & less sweet & much better. the sliced fish century egg tan chai soup was quite strange as 1 of my friends observed. it was quite tasty (though no better than a good lie tong), a bit heavy & confusing in taste & kind of poor in presentation for fine dining. the 1/2 baby lobster in superior sauce (those small 300g ones), which ought to be the centre-piece attraction, was kind of disappointing to me taste-wise. the meat texture was also not bouncy like usual live lobsters & the superior sauce not flavourful enough. the 烧肉面线 - mian sian was ok not as tasty as chui huay lim. the roast pork however was a disaster. hard & tasteless. i thought it was a poor dish for such a classy restaurant. the trio of dessert was very average. the osmanthus jelly was ok but harder jelly not as soft & tasty as HK Timhowan’s or the ones they served at the Lantau Big Buddha vegetarian kitchen. the aloe vera & mango were just ok, average. water & cashew nuts were free. they charged S$2.50pax for chinese tea, quite fair. 4 of us took the poh lei tea. ambience was great, service professional, but the food standard was kind of below par c/w majestic or even tunglok! there was a 1/2lobster but overall taste wise this specially discounted S$40++pax menu gave less satisfaction than a similar priced 6-course lunch set at majestic. of the menu dishes, actually the dimsum were better items (except for dessert) so maybe dimsum here but it sure would be ex. one last thing, because it was restaurant week, they gave only 1 complimentary parking coupon for 6pax. there were 3 of us who parked at the hotel & my friends kindly let me have the coupon & i noticed on leaving the carpark that the charge was S$10.75 or something! goodness! continue reading
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