At Table Manners, it’s about loving thy diner as much as we love our food, putting our hearts and thoughts into serving you honestly good food and drinks. We offer you the freedom to build your very own lunch platter from our selection of favourites, as well as a myriad of delicious options for dinner to end the day well. Perk yourself up with specialty coffee beans by Olivia & Co., and wash it all down with various craft beers and cocktails. continue reading
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Cajun Style Marinated Whole Chicken Leg Baked Salmon with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce
Review (22)
Level1 2014-08-26
What caught my attention was their alfresco dining environment because it was surrounded by lush greenery.I made reservations because I didn't want to wait and the thought of loverboy's incessant nagging if he gets hungry while queueing was not very appealing. When we were there, there was not much of a crowd and it was very relaxing to be able to dine in the midst of the trees and even catch some live singing from the live band performing in the pub next door.I find the ambience perfect.Music was soothing to the ears, wind was blowing in our faces and the crowd wasn't catastrophic.And, most of all, food was so so good.Spicy Wings - S$8.50 for 5 wingsThis lived up to its name of being really spicy but had a tangy taste to it so we won't get sick of the taste. Will order again!King's Burger - S$20Loverboy had this and according to him, the beef patty was really well marinated and cooked. I don't take beef but I love the truffle fries! The truffle was so strong.Norwegian Baked Salmon - S$22This was so so so good. I love everything about this dish;The salmon which was cooked to perfection on the outside but soft inside,the mashed potato which didn't had a very strong milk taste,the sautéed mushrooms which had a fragrant taste,and the sauce which accompanied it.Read more about this at: http://shejiak.blogspot.sg/2014/08/anniversary-celebration-at-table-manners.html continue reading
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Level2 2014-07-28
Decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and decided to try Table Manners.The restaurant is a chic design and makes one feels like you're dining in a place that's a cross between a designer furniture store, a library and a cafe. We were seated in the corner of the place beside the bookshelf that was frightfully filled with huge cobwebs (which also explains the lack of a photo here). Nevertheless, we decided to plough on.We ordered two mains: King's Burger and Mary's Lamb.Mary's Lamb, as its name says, is braised lamb shank with mash potatoes. The dish itself is average and does not impress. The lamb itself is easily removed from the bone but texture is oddly bouncy and does not have much taste save for the gravy it came with. The mash potato fared better than the lamb, unfortunately. My guess is that the dish could do with a longer braising time and more gravy.The saving grace of the dinner is probably its King's Burger. We requested for medium doneness for the patty but it came out well done instead. The sunny side up was gorgeous, running over the burger when cut. I can't find fault with this main, save for the cold fries it came with.For dessert, we decided to share a Lemon & Lime Tart with Strawberry. The dessert is average though, with a dull crust and creamy filling that lacks that delectable tanginess associated with good lemon tarts. Edible though not entirely enjoyable.For drinks, we order a Chamomile Citron Tea and Brothers Toffee Apple Cider. You can probably never go wrong with Brothers Cider but I cannot understand why the tea is served with warm water instead of boiling water. Needless to say, the tea wasn't really well received.The restaurant was not crowded for a Saturday at 8pm but the waiter and waitresses seemed more interested to huddle in the corner talking amongst themselves then to serve, than collect my bill.Overall, I think the place scores for its gorgeous deco (minus the dust and cobwebs) but doesn't impress me with its food offerings and service quality. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-13
Wow!!! First off, the mushroom soup is awesome!! Very flavourful and totally not out from a can! I can drink a gallon of this!!!Salmon was an ok size and nicely grilled. Can taste the crispy-ness to it! Nice!Mushroom Ragout is also well cooked. Savory and mushroom had that right bite to it!Mash is tasty but a little fluffy I guess. I supposed I like my mash heavy with butter and everything unhealthy. This mash is light but still tasty!Hubby's steak is also ok in size and in taste. Not bad but not OMG. May order something else the next time. Scrambled Eggs are ok, a little too runny and bland according to hubby. He claims he makes better ones. Heh...Lunch was rounded up with a Coffee Hazelnut Cake. It's very light! Can taste the coffee and hazelnut. Not bad at all. I'm not into coffee hazelnut dessert but it's decent. We'll definitely be back! continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-02
For a city rat like myself, Expo is really one heck of a journey away. One that I would hardly consider if not for the quarterly IT shows that are being hosted at the exhibition halls.Be that as it may, I count it a happy coincidence this time round that my visit for Sitex 2013 allowed me to try out Table Manners at Changi City Point.The restaurant is a splendid affair - an indoor dining area which looked a cross between a retail outlet selling novelty home accessories and a restaurant/cafe, plus a charming gazebo where diners can choose to eat, drink and be merry to their hearts' content. I preferred the quiet of the indoor dining, with the wooden furnishings crossed with low hanging black lamps and black leather seats. Especially when I get fancy collateral before my meal as well!Imagine having a designated spot on the table for any and everything u own, and humourous jabs at stereotypes of poor table manners."Thicker tissue packs reserve your seat for a longer period of time." -- Table MannersService was slightly on the tardy side; I'd be understanding due to the dinner-time crowds and maybe the staff having to grapple with mobile ordering CMS, but surely it shouldn't take me 3-5 minutes of waving to get some attention should it?The menu is predominantly Western, with a touch here and there of Asian influences. I had the one of the restaurant signatures - Norwegian Baked Salmon - which was really on the money.A generous slab of salmon baked with garlic miso mayo for flavour and served on top of mash potato and a creamy mushroom ragout.The cook on the salmon was perfect, beautifully pink throughout and the flavour went magnificently with the mushrooms and mash below. Norwegian Baked Salmon - $22Rating: **** I also got to try the Beer Batter Fish n Chips. 2 fillets fried a crispy golden brown in a beer batter, served with truffle fries and house salad on the side.In terms of Fish n Chips, I would definitely have tasted better. Though the fish tasted fresh, no other flavours leapt at me, not the goodness of quality seafood nor scented beer batter. Likewise, the truffle fries though smelling faintly of truffle when served, didnt really impress.Fish n Chips -- $18Ratings: ** Summing up, I really liked the look and feel of Table Manners. Thoughtfulness really went beyond the menu to fill out a concept restaurant/cafe that all might relate to and enjoy. The prices are acceptable as well and I'm definitely not gonna pass up a 2nd visit to try desserts like their Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Tart and Chocolate Mousse Dome Cake! continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-02
We stayed in the east area and went to Singapore Expo to take a look at the travel event. After that, we decided to walk over to Changi City Point which is a new shopping mall opened next to Expo MRT station. Walking through some of the restaurants, we decided to settle for “Table Manners” for our dinner as their simple yet unique decoration kind of attract us to dine here.The seating of the restaurant are very special as they do not really have separate tables but more on those long type of tables for all different customer to seat. Read somewhere said that this restaurant idea is to let customer mingle with each other and make friends with strangers eating there too.In terms of space wise, they have indoors and outdoors dining area and I like the one below a tent type but too bad during that time when we are there, some other customer are already there having their meals.The staff are quite knowledgeable of their own dishes and is able to tell us some details of the dishes when we enquire about it. One thing great about them is that they are able to re-fill our drinks without us keep asking for it. (Unlike a few restaurants that I had eaten so far.)There is a strong smell coming out from the soup though I am not very sure if it is really cappuccino (I love cappuccino drinks). Maybe it is being mixed with mushroom so the smell is different from the normal drinks but for this soup, it does taste unique and if you never tried before, you should try it to have your own opinion.This is one of the more popular dish based on what Hazel said and it is true that I think this is one of the more value dish to have for a meal as it comes with truffle fries and house salad. The chicken meat is very tender and nicely fried with crispy on the outside, locked the juicy meat on the inside.Breaded Chicken leg are being deep fried before putting some tomato sauce mixed with melted mozzarella cheese. Very nice to be able to eat the melted cheese as though you are eating pizza but with a better bite with crispy chicken meat. The dish is served with mash potato and a bit of house salad using none fat salad sauce.Breaded pork cutlet are being deep fried before serving it with mash potato and house salad (Same as the Chicken Parmigiana) before sprinkle with some garlic aioli (Green bits). Not as good as the chicken but normal because meat of the pork is always harder than chicken.These mussels are big and sweet. Some fish roe mixed with mayonnaise sauce are being place on top of the mussels before placing in oven or something to make those sauce smelted. Resulted taste. Great and must try when you are there. (I know other places also have these type of dishes too so do try theirs too). There are some rice below those mussels so this should be able to be eaten as snack or main dish if you are a small eater.Chicken bites (No bones) are being deep fried before sprinkle with truffle power which gives a strong truffle smell and taste. There are truffle fries (Same as skinny pizza type if not wrong) if you wish to have. For me, the taste is nice but truffle stuff always gives my stomach a problem so I kind of eat less of it.A big piece of Salmon meat is being baked before serving it with mash potato, mushroom ragout below and some garlic miso mayo sauce on top of the meat. I feels that the salmon is a bit too dry and the mushroom is very juicy. Not a bad dish.This is a combination of both seafood and meat together cooked like pasta style with Mussels and Chicken wings with spicy tomato sauce. Served with pilaf rice (Not very sure what is this rice anyway). continue reading
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