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tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto is the leading chain of art boutique caffès boasting a comprehensive selection of gourmet food and creative beverages. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-30
Went to tcc with friends to have dinner the other day. It have been a long time since I last ate tcc and they used to be only known for their desserts a long time ago. I really liked the current menu with a wide selection of western food. I ordered their wasabi baby crayfish pasta. They were really generous with the baby crayfish and the whole combination was yummy. Will recommend to people who love wasabi and crayfish to try this dish out! continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-06
There are plenty of TCC branches around island-wide indeed. Easily accessible and I would say their food has never failed to fulfill my expectations so far. Perhaps the only limiting factor could be their slightly steep pricing Starting off with my starter firstly, I like their Kabocha Harvest Salad though I don't really take fried food often. But I like how the sweet breaded pumpkin patties are mixed in the tangy kumquat dressing. The breaded part was not too thick like some other croquettes with overwhelmingly thick breaded crumbs externally with little filling. I like pumpkin so this was simply appetizing already as my starter! ^^ Now, to my mains Had the Mentaiko Spaghetti w/ Salmon Tataki and Golden Enchilada Enchantment. The pasta was one of the chef's recommendations and it was a great choice indeed. The mentaiko gravy was not too creamy and the tender slices of salmon were not overly cooked and was just splendid to be accompanied with a perfect sunny side up on top ^^ For vegetarians, the latter could be quite a good choice but not really healthy haha.. But the golden-fried tortilla was quite crunchy, stuffed with wild mushrooms, spicy spinach and tofu and cheese. A good combination overall and it was not too oily. But of course the pasta beats it all for a meat-lover.Now desserts haha, quite a complete meal huh? I simply love Affogato so I tried the two different renditions. The chocolate Affogato was perfect with its combination of espresso and chocolate ice cream but sadly being immersed with the espresso, my ice cream melted away fast enough>< As for the Bailey's Alluregatto, it would be perfect if you are finding for liquer and coffee at the same time Coffee jelly, ice cream and biscotti, heightened with Bailey’s Irish Cream; what's more you can ask haha? But sadly, again it melted too fast too.No idea why I would still have some room for more desserts. Haha as if not sinful enough, I had the Pinana Landing, which was a pineapple tart with oozing vanilla custard topped with fresh banana. But the ice cream was forgettable, after being overdosed from the Affogato LOL. Perfect hang out place, good food and great ambience facing the Sentosa! Just the place for a wholesome dinner! ^^ continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-02
When I think of what to eat for lunch/dinner, TCC is a place that'll never pop into my mind. I'm not sure why but perhaps because they'rd a huge chain that I thought their food wouldn't be that impressive.However, my colleague is a member and had a birthday discount (50% off 1st visit & 30% off 2nd visit, such an awesome deal!) so we decided to pop by for lunch. I ordered the Tobiko Scallop Pasta, which was something diff from the usual pastas and this was served in Japanese soy dressing. Even though there were only 3 scallops, they were HUGE and very satisfying, they were also topped with a lot of roe. The dressing was also very very yummy with just a tinge of creaminess. I never expect that TCC serves such delicious food so I'm really wowed and impressed! Will definitely return even without any discounts! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-14
I popped into TCC for some lunch. I ordered the white fish with yuzu sauce. I love this dish because the fish was tender and nice. The sauce was a little sweet and sour, very unique and went very well with the fish. It's slightly tangy too perhaps because it's yuzu. It makes me feel healthy too. We also tried their ribeye steak. The presentation was impression. They drew lines around the plate with truffle sauce. Looked nice but the taste of the beef steak was a bit disappointing. Ours was made medium but it felt a bit tough. The meat was too chewy for my liking. The sauce was pretty normal. continue reading
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For detail review please check out - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2013/03/tcc-connoisseur-concerto-vivo-city.htmlImpromptu meet up with some girlfriends for a belated birthday dinner celebration. We had a great time at the TCC branch at Central Clarke Quay several days ago and wanna try their new dinner menu at this newly opened outlet at Vivo. The decor of this outlet is of a contemporary chic style with plush cushion seats and carved antique picture frames on the wall..We took quite a while to look thru the menus and finally decided on our orders...staffs were quick to attend to us, and was able to explain ingredients used for certain dishes...I ordered the cute looking Easter Bunny Surprise almond white coffee and the new Tobiko Scallop pasta with jap soy sauce dressing.The Bunny drink is pretty lackluster...the almond white coffee is very bland, the coffee pops has some coffee flavor but did not wow my taste buds...better stick to my usual drinks next time.The pasta was delicious, I liked the jap inspired sauce and bits of tobiko roes (flying fish roe) bursting with flavors every bite. Scallops were huge and fresh and cooked just right. The shimeji mushrooms adds texture to the pasta dish...thumbs up!My friend ordered the Seafood Aglio Olio, she said it was done al dente and the chili padi added a spicy kick to the pasta. Prawns & Scallops were huge and fresh and cooked just right...kudos to the chef.We also ordered some appetizers to share...the Mentaiko Shrimp Martini was yummy! The Calamari rings were fine, my friends loved the tangy dip that comes with the dish. The Spicy hot wings were not too bad either..Overall dining experience was very good....good food and great service made our day We will be back soon!! continue reading
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