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With a menu of quintessential mouth-watering Chinese cuisine, The Scholar Chinese Restaurant is furnished with distinct oriental décor and a touch of modernity. For a more intimate dining experience, the restaurant also features three private dining rooms that allows for small gatherings and celebrations. continue reading
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Review (4)
Level3 2013-10-07
The Scholar has the best Liu Sha Bao (Salted egg yolk) in town. With four baos per portion, the salted egg yolk is molten and slightly runny when you bite in into the soft and fragrant bao. It has a slightly more savory touch to it as compared to must other liu sha baos. I would rate it the best! The Bo Luo Bao there is not bad too. The crust is slightly sweet and crispy from the baking and sugar coating, and the char siew filling on the inside is savory, creating a perfect blend of sweet and salty.We also had the Sambal Four Vegetable. It was also very yummy especially for someone like me who loves spice. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-31
Scholar at NUS provides quite a range of heraty Chinese dishes, with descent presentation I reckon. This time round we had the prawn with vermicelli. This is a must try dish. Well, the prawns are fresh, cooked with lots of garlic and minimum seasoning, maintaining the natural sweetness of the prawns. What's more, the prawns are bedded on the vermicelli, which fully absorbed all the flavours of the prawns and the gravy. Awesome taste. Love this heaps! Another new dish that we tried is the fish with tofu. It's a beautiful dish, where the fish is cooked in two differenr ways. The one served in the pastry bowl is sauteed with asparagus, lots of mushroom, seasoned with rice vinegar and some ginger. Very nice. The other part of the fish is cooked in the sweet and spicy sauce, layered with tofu. Very appetizing, and delicious! continue reading
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Level4 2011-06-05
My grandfather's birthday dinner celebration was held at this restaurant that day. We had pre-ordered the dishes and our dinner menu for the night was printed on a piece of paper. There were altogether seven dishes which included- cold dish, salmon roe with sharksfin soup, mustard with duck slices, fried prawns with pumpkin batter, ee mee and yam paste for dessert. It was a private and joyous affair as we sat in the two VIP rooms of the restaurant. Th sharks fin soup with salmon roe looked a little weird with the orangey colour at first but when I tasted it, it was really awesome. There were visible pieces of sharks fin and crab meat which were fresh. The mustard with duck slices was a new dish that I had not tried before but it was not too bad. I enjoyed the small duck pieces more than the mustard vegetable because the mustard was a little bitter. The wok fried prawns were huge. You have to sink the entire prawn into your mouth together with the shell to enjoy the flavour and goodness of it. The ee mee had a variety of ingredients in it including mushrooms and bean sprouts. I enjoyed the dessert the most- my all time favourite yam paste. It was very thick and sweet and it was cooked together with good stuff- gingko nuts. I enjoyed the sumptous dinner and most importantly the company of my family. continue reading
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Level1 2011-01-25
My grandfather decided to have a change of restaurant for new year's day dinner this year. It was great since we had been patronising the other restaurant for about four consecutive years. I was excited to try out the new food at this restaurant! Since there were about 20 of us, we were offered to sit in the private room where there were 2 tables. It was very exclusive. We were served dishes from the Chinese New Year menu, which included the cold dish, sharks fin, black garoupa, coffee pork ribs , sea cucumber, work fried beehoon and dessert. The individual serving of cold dish was quite a small portion and the sharks fin soup was normal, not really fantastic. I really enjoyed the coffee and fruit sauce pork ribs. It was one of the unique dishes which was not served in the other restaurant before. The coffee flavour was very strong that I could not really taste the pork (thankfully, since i dont really like the taste of pork!).The steamed garoupa was flavourful however, the meat was a bit tough. Dessert was pumpkin and coconut cream which I felt was a weird combination but it was quite refreshing and tasted like honeydew sago. Overall, the food was pleasant but normal and I was not really full by the end of the eight course dinner. So, I guess the servings there are quite small. continue reading
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