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The Sushi Bar is a small cosy restaurant where they aim to let customers enjoy good Japanese food over a couple of drinks at an affordable price. The restaurant is aimed towards customers who appreciate premium quality food but only to find these foods overpriced at other sushi bars. continue reading
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Contrary to the image, when the clock strikes 7pm, the snaking queue takes over to welcome you into their humble sushi bar! You will only get to see this side of The Sushi Bar before 7pm. If you do not wish to queue, it is highly advisable for you not to just make 1 week of reservation in advance but at least 2 weeks in advance because they kind of kept a fixed number of tables available for reservations which is pretty small.Similar to what an authentic Japanese restaurant does, apart from the fixed menu, it usually comes with another Daily/Catch of the Day Menu stating what are the fresh catches from the sea they have on that day itself. These Sashimi usually come at a much higher price due to its freshness and some being seasonal too.First appetizer to kick start the dinner is none other than the traditional Chawanmushi ($2.80). I guess it’s kind of hard to come across awful tasting Chawanmushi since it’s such an easy to make dish, and nothing too fanciful is needed to give it the finishing touch. But what makes this dish stands out the most it’s the smooth and silky egg with a touch of light seafood flavor to it.Next up was the Scallop Mentaiyaki ($13.90). Thinly sliced fresh scallop which are light in taste paired with the creamy mentaiyaki sauce and tiny fish roes under the quick glaze of fire brings the flavor to another height. It was simple yet an impressive dish.First gem of the restaurant is their Chirashidon. We went for their Normal chirashi-don ($24.90) which consists of 3 thick slices of each sashimi that were full of lustre – Salmon, Aburi Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, Yellowtail and Scallop topped with Ikura (salmon roe). The cut of fish falls between common and something more premium. They are selfless in their ingredients, each slice of fish is that thick, fresh and succulent with the Swordfish having the extra bite in particular. Their generosity of sashimi has definitely surpass the proportion with the rice and way exceed my expectations for the price i’m paying for.Second gem of the night that we couldn’t miss was this Salmon Aburi Roll ($14.90). I love how the taste and texture of each ingredient has complement one another. The crunchy crispy battered prawn with buttery avocado wrapped around with sweet japanese sushi rice and half grilled salmon aburi goodness that literally melts in your mouth. It’s such a delicate delicacy.The Sushi Bar definitely makes a good place to satisfy your japanese cravings at pocket friendly price yet not comprising on the quality in the food served. Despite the crowd, attentive and prompt service was rendered to us while we were there too. Highly recommended place!https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/07/11/the-sushi-bar/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-30
This was my first time dining at the sushi bar! I had seen many reviews that the steak is a must order item in the menu, therefore i ordered a 100g sirloin steak fo $14.90. The steak was medium done. It was grilled to perfection and the meat was really tender and flavourful. Love how the steak was marinated and the marbling of the steak, gave a hint of sweetness when eaten. It was sliced thinly and overall grest presentation for this dish! I would recommend this dish to steak lovers as it is a different experience from the typcial steak you will have in a restaurant   continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-25
I have heard of this restaurant from various people over the past months and decided to try them when I was in the neighbourhood last week.We were out shopping and when we finally were looking for a place for lunch, it was 4.30pm. We went to the outlet at #04-28, but they were closed, as it was their break time, between lunch and dinner time.The lady working there suggested I visit their other outlet at #03-89 instead, which is open throughout, as the third floor outlet do not have the afternoon break time, and open throughout.So my ‘lunch’ partner and I went to the third floor outlet. It was located at the back corridor, away from the building atrium.There’s bar counter seating for 4 pax and several tables in a row, seating up to 10 pax.I spoke to the chef and he said the menu at this outlet is smaller than the one on the fourth floor, as they can only use induction cooker and the small gas burners. They have a limited menu, and we ordered the following items:- Salmon Sashimi: $2.90, This was a special priced item, as the restaurant is celebrating their 2nd anniversary! Incidentally, the day we dined was the last day of the promotion. We spotted quite a few tables ordering this dish several times.- Wafu Spaghetti: $10.90, The spaghetti was served in a shape of a squid, with the mentaiko cream sauce on the plate and topped with sakura ebi roe. It was good! Highly recommended, especially for those who love mentaiko.- Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi Roll: $16.90, A whole deep fried prawn rolled with avocado, cucumber and rice into a rice roll, then topped with salmon and mentaiko cream and flame broiled. We got two rolls for this order. It was good.- Okura Ponzu: $4.90, Sliced cooked lady’s finger in a ponzu sauce. I couldn’t get enough of this dish and ordering another would be too much. Recommended.- Yamaimo Teppan: $8.90, Chinese yam that has been grated and placed on a small hot plate that has been heated and served to our table. On the top, the grated yam is partially cooked, while theThey are generous with their wasabi.We enjoyed our meal here and would definitely be back again. Try it!  continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-19
I came to know of The Sushi Bar from my friend and had wanted to try it when it was still located at Level 3, FEP. Back then , there was no GST but the queue was crazy. We decided that we didnt like chirashi so much to queue too long and so I had never tried it until recently and now they charge GST. This means the business has hit the $1millon revenue target, congratulations!Still needs to queue but the new place at Level 4 is much bigger, so hopefully you dont have to wait that long. Anyway, it was also by chance that I ended up first in queue when I dropped by on a weekday. My friend and I wanted to have early lunch and so we reached there at about 1130am. Only then I knew that the place open at 12pm. Called it blessing in disguise, the queue built up not long after I stood outside the shop. They do allow reservation but you must make the reservation 1 week in advance. Alternatively, 'tabao' is another option to skip the queue, just order and pack away. Most people will order the chirashi don which seems to be their signature dish? It comes in 3 type:Basic Chirashi Don - Salmon/Tuna/Hamachi/Tobiko - $19.90Normal Chirashi Don - Salmon/Tuna/Hamachi/Scallop/Ikura/Mekaigiki - $24.90Premium Chirashi Don - Mixed Shashimi -$62.90We ordered the Normal Chirashi Don which in my opinion, most worthwhile. The premium one is definitely out of my reach, I cant imagine spending over $60+ for a lunch and only one item lor. Anyway, the normal chirashi is good enough for me. The fish slices were super thick & fresh, so quite shiok to eat. There was quite a variety of fish types, but seriously, I didnt know what I was eating except for salmon and tuna. LolClick on http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2014/10/sushi-bar.html to read more! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-03
It used to be located one floor below and is quite well known for its long queue and small dine in area. It has since expanded to a bigger place, and GST and service charge are now included in the prices. The queue has also become longer too. To avoid the queue, I would advise dining in before 7pm during weekday, or make a weekday reservation through SMS one week in advance.The dine in area is divided into 2 sections : one with bench by the wall, and another with sushi counter where one can see the cooks at work. The menu is a thin brown booklet. There is also a list of specials.For drinks, the 3 of us has hot green tea ($1.50++) each. It is served in a cup with teabag. Hot water refillable. It tastes quite light.Anago Sushi ($7.00++/ piece)The eel meat is quite soft, tender and well marinated.Ikura Chawanmushi ($5.90++)The chawanmushi is decorated with Ikura (also known as salmon roe) on top. Tastes quite average.Wafu Spaghetti ($10.90++)It is actually angel hair pasta in creamy fish roe sauce. Simple and flavourful.Scallop Mentaiyaki ($13.90++)Thin slices of scallop, topped with strips of creamy mixture of marinated roe of pollock and cod, and touched. It is a unique combination.Soft Shell Crab Salmon Aburi Sushi Roll ($17.90++)One of the commonly ordered dish in the restauant. It tastes melt in the mouth with the crunchiness of the soft shell crab. It is also quite a filling dish too.Kaki Mentaiyaki ($5.50/ piece)Grilled oyster with fish roe sauce. Very nice presentation of the dish.Kaki Ponzu ($5.50++/ piece)Raw fresh oyster in citrus sauce, topped with chopped spring onion. It tastes light and fresh.Ankimo (promotion price : $9.90++/ 3 pieces, usual $15.90)It is steamed Monkfish liver. It is served on ice chips with seaweed. It kind of reminding me of chicken liver with its strong taste.Pitan Tofu ($5.90)Silky tofu topped with creamy century egg's yolk, chopped century egg's white, shredded crab stick, fish roe and chopped spring onions. It is a unique and tasty combination.Sashimi Salad ($16.90++)Mom likes this the best out of all the dishes. It has huge chunks of sliced raw fishes in 4 types, crunchy jelly fish, eibko (prawn roe), fish floss, crackers, shredded egg, marinated seaweed, chopped cucumber, crab stick and shredded vegetables in salad cream. One thing which I do not like about this dish is that the shredded vegetable is too long. Overall it is a very delicious dish.Salmon Kabuto Miso Soup (promotion price : $12.90++, usual : $15.90++)It is salmon fish head miso soup, served in a iron pot. There is also spring onion, white radish, mushrooms and tofu in the soup. It is also Dad's favourite dish out of all the dishes, because the fish head is quite meaty and fatty too.Total the meal costs $137.35. The food is served quite fast and orderly despite having a long order. The food is great and filling. Tea is refilled often, maybe because I am sitting next to the airpot counter. continue reading
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