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Thyme Moh Chan is famous for its hand-crafted pastries and it has been around for 70 years. The pastries are baked using traditional methods, preserving the original taste of the pastries. continue reading
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Level2 2014-03-02
Thye Moh Chan is a very old brand, it is also under the Breadtalk Group. Thye Moh Chan only has one flagship outlet, at New Bridge Road and it specialises in making pastries like Sweet & Salty Tau Sar Piah and also, cookies and tarts like Pineapple Tarts. The Tau Sar Piah comes in two different sizes, the mini ones ($0.90ea) and the big ones. The Big one costs $22.80 each and it can be served for 8-10 person. Both the big and mini ones have the same filling. As for the current Pineapple Tarts, it comes in different flavours like Longan Pineapple Tart and Prunes Pineapple Tart. For a box of 8 individually packed tarts, it costs $22.80. The pineapple tarts were rather normal and its very dry, but the ingredients inside is very generous and pineapple taste can definitely be felt. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-10
Reputed for its famous traditional tau sar piah (bean paste pastry), Thye Moh Chan almost made its exit from history in 2011 by closing its doors. However the Breadtalk Group decided to preserve the legacy of this 70-year old Teochew bakery with three brand new outlets at Chinatown Point, Parkway Parade and VivoCity.I wasn’t very interested in Chinese pastries before but perhaps due to my Teochew roots, I’m rather inclined to fancy anything Teochew over time. Like I always say, age seems to change me constantly.I watched 财经追击 (Money Week) on Channel U quite sometime ago. The host 董素华 was interviewing Dr George Quek, Chairman of the BreadTalk Group, during one of the segments which I found it extremely inspiring. I could then better understand and appreciate the reasons why Dr George Quek felt it was important to revive Thye Moh Chan. It wasn’t just a bakery. It wasn’t just for the pastries too. It was a story worth keeping alive for the people behind Thye Moh Chan who had painstakingly made tau sar piah by hand and the generations of customers who had grown old with the bakery.These eight treasures consist of the following flavours:1. Traditional Salty Tau Sar Piah2. Traditional Sweet Tau Sar Piah3. Yuan Yang (Salty)4. Cranberry Tau Sar Piah5. Assorted Nuts Lotus6. Melon Seed Red Bean7. Teochew Yam8. Teochew Double DelightAfter trying all of them with my family, we unanimously agreed that the Yuan Yang was the best of the lot. It was an innovative combination of savoury bean paste, spicy pork floss and salted egg yolk. The different flavours somehow just blended together seamlessly. Very aromatic and delicious.Even though their signature tau sar piahs are the traditional sweet and salty ones, I found them a little lacklustre because I couldn’t taste much shallots or lard in them. I’d still prefer the ones at Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah 龍發豆沙饼 at Balestier Road that have more ‘ooomph’.What really fascinated me were the new flavours of Yuan Yang, Cranberry and Assorted Nuts Lotus that really brought dull, boring tau sar piah to another level. I’m sure these new flavours will be a hit with the younger generation.For full review and pictures, please visit http://springtomorrow.com/2013/10/20/thye-moh-chan/ continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-03
Thye Moh Chan is one of the brands under Breadtalk. It is specialized for biscuits, pineapple cakes and tau sar piah. Bought some of its tau sar piah to try, including its sweet tau sar piah and its salty tau sar piah. Ther were really tasty, the fillings inside are also very up to standard. One of its special tau sar piah is its cranberry tau sar piah which is rather sweet, but its quite special and and its a change from its traditional tau sar piahs.These tau sar piahs are available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. The one shown in the picture is the large size, which cost $24.80. This can be easily share amongst 6-8 people, the filling inside the large size and the small size is actually the same, just that the big one looks rather more presentable if you're intending to get it as a gift for someone. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-25
A yearly affair with the mooncakes, we were pretty sick of the usuals we got at the annual Taka fair. A trip to Toast Box got us in touch with BreadTalk Group’s latest addition – Thye Moh Chan. Tapping on the strategic locations of Toast Box, where they were promoting Thye Moh Chan’s mooncake vouchers for sale, we decided to give it a shot since my parents had enjoyed the tau sah piah we bought back earlier.A familiar name with the older generation especially the tau sah piah lovers, it prides itself upon handmade pastries even till today. We got ourselves a box of 4 different flavours for $24.80/box, packed on the spot for us.Teochew Double Delight 潮州双拼饼As Teochews, this traditional pastry we’ve had from young was a hit with us! A layer of red bean paste and another layer of winter melon mixed with melon seeds, white sesame, glutinous rice flour, and bits of dried orange peel to give a refreshing taste to the sweetness. Well complemented with buttery fluffy pastry flakes, we loved how it wasn’t too sweet nor too oily, yet bringing out the fragrance of the butter pastry.Sweet Tau Sah Piah (Single Yolk) 甜豆沙 (单黄)This is a classic for me, always preferring the sweet to the salty when it comes to tau sah piah, the opposite from my family. Simple yet done well, the lotus paste was smooth yet not leaving traces of excessive oil used in the mixing. I typically pick out the salted egg yolk but this was lain at the bottom forming a layer of it, making it impossible to remove. Eating it together with the sweet paste, it was a pleasant combination with a slight salted twist to the otherwise jelat sweetness. Paired with the light buttery flakes, this left me contented with my simple piece.Salty Tau Sah Piah (Single Yolk) 咸豆沙 (单黄)I’m never a fan of this as I’ve always found it too salty and grainy for my liking. This, however, managed to pacify me with its moderate taste. Salted and well complemented with the fluffy skin, eating this can be quite a mess with the green bean bits falling apart anytime. Best way to eat it? Pop the whole thing into your mouth and slowly savour the saltiness coming through with the fragrance of the skin. Delish in a mouthful!Yuan Yang 鸳鸯This was the highlight for all of us, with fried shallots, white sesame, spicy pork floss, savoury mung bean paste and salted egg yolk. Incorporating the signature floss that we’re all so familiar with from BreadTalk, it sounded kinda odd initially but it went down surprisingly well! Interesting combination, I loved how the sweetness of the floss complemented the salted egg yolk and mung bean paste well, so that it wasn’t overpowering and added a slight spicy touch to it. The varying textures also went very well, exciting your tastebuds with different touch every mouthful! This was so good we couldn’t get enough of it!A different take on mooncakes, some might argue that it’s just a bigger version of tau sah piah, and a lot more pricey. There’s no denial on that, we thought it was quite a smart move to ride on the wave and package it as ‘mooncakes’. Unconventional yet satisfied our palates well enough! continue reading
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Bored of the usual baked variety of mooncakes or regular snowskin mooncakes? Then try something interestingly different this year! Iconic Teochew confectionery shop Thye Moh Chan rolls out an exquisite Mid-Autumn collection of traditional Teochew mooncakes for the first time and it has been a huge hit among their long-time customers.I personally witnessed a bustling crowd at the store in Chinatown Point when I went down to collect my box. And as the mouthwatering pastries on display seem to be disappearing at top speed, I decided on the spot to buy an additional box. But not just because I was being kiasu, but also because the aroma of those freshly baked pastries coming out of the oven hits you as you are waiting in line and was simply irresistible.Somewhat like your Tau Sar Piah, these mooncakes from Thye Moh Chan had a crisp buttery texture with a light flakiness that was truly unrivaled. The makers have after all, been conjuring handcrafted pastries for the past 3 decades since 1943 and judging from how popular they still are after all these years, is testament to how they have been delivering the 'goods'.There are 4 main fillings available to choose from: Sweet or Salty Tau Sar (single yolk), Yuan Yang and Double Delight. You can mix and match your selections and each box of 4 sells for $24.80. Incredibly affordable!! It is no wonder the boxes were flying off the racks like hot cakes! No pun intended of course.My personal favorite was the Yuan Yang made up of savory mung bean paste, fried shallots, white sesame, spicy pork floss and salted egg yolks all handsomely packed layer by layer into the crumbly pastry. Every appetizing Chinese ingredient thrown into the mix, the result was simply piquant and scrumptious.The Double Delight features a distinct split layer of red bean paste and a unique ‘crystal’ filling made with winter melon, melon seeds, dried orange peel, white sesame, spring onions, and glutinous rice flour- hence the gorgeous contrast of color. Together, they formed an extremely smooth paste that is actually laboriously handmade by the workers themselves.So did I regret getting another box without even trying it first? Definitely not! I did however regret not buying a few more to share among my relatives and friends because they were really very good. I am so glad I got to know about Thye Moh Chan because from next year on, I know where I will be getting my mooncakes. continue reading
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