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Level2 2015-12-23
For the full review and more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.com/2015/12/food-review-tobys-estate.htmlBesides coffee, Toby's Estate serves up delicious brunch food too. I really appreciate their all-day breakfast because this means you can have it on weekday lunches too! (They're closed at night.)Eggs Benedict ($19): One of their most common orders, this Eggs Benedict came with smoked salmon and a side of mixed greens. It was executed perfectly, with the egg yolks runny and flowy with a small slit from the knife. The two eggs were sitting atop a thick slice of brioche. I would have preferred if there was a bit more smoked salmon though.Toby's French Toast ($14): This French Toast is made up of a slice of eggy bread topped with green apple slices, berries, and espresso bacon. The bread was soft and indeed the eggy-custardy taste was there. The bacon sounded interesting with the word 'espresso' there, but I felt it tasted like ordinary bacon...? Nevertheless it was a good combination of sweet and savoury. The berry compote was tangy too, which I like to eat with the bread.Overall, I love this cafe the most for its ambience! It's really very relaxing, regardless of whether you're sitting indoors or outdoors. There's free Wifi here so it's also conducive to do work (during off-peak hours). Their food is delicious too, though a bit pricey given the atas location. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-11
For more food reviews, check out http://rachelays.blogspot.com I finally got to try out Toby's Estate after our first attempt failed. The BF and I had made plans to go to Toby's Estate for dinner but we were told that their kitchen closes at 6pm on weekends even though they close at 10pm. What a waste! So we were back here for their brunch menu. The indoor seatings are mostly furnished with long communal tables and the afternoon heat made it unbearable to sit outdoors. We were lucky to secure seats at an individual table for 4 at the corner so I managed to take this shot. I love the ambience of this cafe. It has really high ceilings, is bright, spacious, and airy. Our table was just beside this charming bricked wall and it does make a good backdrop for artistic shots! There is also a really huge coffee machine behind our table which makes the place looks even more attractive.Cafe Mocha $6The cafe mocha had a good chocolatey taste and was pretty smooth. I also liked that they serve their beverages hot (instead of warm like most cafes) so it was really enjoyable to drink them even after some time. Gibraltar Latte $4.50The BF wanted something strong so he was recommended the gibraltar latte which consisted of 2 espresso shots. We were told that Stranger's Reunion version of the gibraltar latte was Magic but after trying Magic, I find that they don't really taste similar. Toby's Estate's version was way more bitter and intense. It was too much for me to bear because it was too bitter.Eggs Royale $16.50I really like that extremely soft and fluffy brioche toast which was so enjoyable to have. The smoked salmon was not salty too and their classic hollandaise sauce tasted like a combination of egg yolk and butter.Only one of the poached egg managed to flow perfectly while the other was slightly overcooked. Thank goodness we have a habit of sharing food because our next main only came after we finished the Eggs Royale.Toby's Breakfast $18.50The brioche toast was perfectly soft and fluffy as usual. What's unique about this was the espresso maple bacon which had a delightfully distinct taste of maple syrup although there was a strong lack of espresso flavour. I felt that the bacon was quite salty too. The scrambled eggs were very moist and slightly runny while the sauteed mushrooms were juicy and had a woody and earthy taste. The lightly sauteed(?) tomatoes were also bursting with juices, with delicately soft insides due to it being cooked. Overall, Toby's Estate is worth the visit. They serve good coffee too, which I feel is an essential in a cafe. Before the price turns you off, know that prices are nett! continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-08
Please refer to http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2014/02/sg-tobys-estate-charmed-by-true-cafe.html for review complete with more pictures.It is no trade secret that the cafe scene is extremely vibrant in Singapore but quite frankly, after trying quite a handful of popular places, we have yet to discover 'THE' cafe that is able to deliver a relaxing experience complete with calories-worthy coffee and food. What exactly does one look for when it comes to seeking a cafe experience?Personally, we feel that the slightly better cafes in Singapore tend to be overcrowded and that kinda defeats the purpose of unwinding down after a hard week at work. Why would I want to face further pressure from waiting diners to free up my table when it was supposedly the place to go to chill? Apart from the crowd, I have always been sceptical about paying some good S$20 for a plate of all-day breakfast which you could pretty much cook it yourself at less than half the price. Does it really make sense?Toby's Estate was named after the owner, Toby Smith. Driven by passion, Toby accumulated his knowledge and skills from his coffee trail around the world including working on farms in Brazil learning to nurture the coffee plant from seed to harvest, as well as the varying processing methods. Toby also worked with a coffee trading company which enabled him to hone his cupping and grading skills, not forgetting his work as a roaster and barista. Flat White | S$5/nettWith a classic latte art, this flat white was a stellar when it comes to taste. Developed by the Australians and New Zealanders in the 80s, flat white is prepared by pouring microfoam (steamed milk with small, fine bubbles) over a single/double shot espresso. It generally has a higher proportion of coffee to milk and typically offered in a smaller serving as compared to cappuccino or latte for instance.This was perfectly done and easily one of the best we have tried among the various cafes tried! The foam had a consistent velvety texture which overlaid a balanced shot of espresso that had the right levels of acidity and roast. Iced Mocha Chai | S$7/nettThe lady was in an adventurous mood and went for the iced mocha chai. The scent of the cardamom certainly titillated our senses and upon the first sip, the flavours beautifully imploded within. It was quite a bold drink and despite the various elements introduced to the drink, it was well-balanced. The flavours of the coffee and chai came across stronger than the chocolate though but overall, it was an enjoyable drink!V60 coffee | S$6/nettElegantly served in a wine glass, this was one of the five special coffee on the 'Slowbar' section of the menu whereby each drink is manually prepared rather than via the espresso machine. Different brewing methods would bring out varying levels of intensity for the light roast coffee beans and being a caffeine addict, I naturally went for the highest intensity, which involved the V60 brew.How does this ceramic dripper with a gaping hole in the bottom make good coffee? It is all about the right pouring technique which involves coaxing the extraction of solids from the grounds and this calls for a good steady pace of pouring and pattern. I generally prefer a dark roast as I enjoy my coffee bold but the flavours of this light roast were intricately extracted in that glass. Depending on individual, this rendition would suit the palate of those who crave for a higher level of acidity. It was sharp but not excessive which made it enjoyable.Toby's Breakfast | S$18.50/nettThe barn-laid eggs were offered in either scrambled or poached form and we went for the former. Served with espresso maple bacon, cherry tomatoes, sautéed mixed mushrooms and brioche toast, there was no denial that this brought a smile to everyone's faces!The scrambled eggs were velvety and carried a subtle scent of buttery fragrance though we would have preferred a slightly more intense flavour of the eggs itself. The brioche was perfectly toasted with beautiful grill-lines that imprinted the soft and fluffy bread. The diced mushrooms had a slight truffle scent which was a pleasant surprise. While we appreciated the generous portion of crisp bacon slices, we struggled to find resemblance in flavours to its espresso maple label. There was an interesting twist of sweetness to the savoury bacon with the maple syrup after taste but the punch of espresso was barely evident.Eggs Royale | S$16.50/nettThe eggs royale was a recommended dish and while we enjoyed the thick slabs of beautiful smoked salmon atop freshly toasted thick brioche, the poached eggs failed to impress. It was not a far cry from perfection but one of the two eggs served was slightly overcooked on the inside. With a wedge of lemon on the side, it allows diners to adjust the desired level of acidity and tang in that classic Hollandaise sauce. Topping off the dish was that aromatic fresh dill which enhanced the flavours of the smoked salmon.Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, Toby's Estate also provide complimentary Wi-Fi access to customers. It was common sight to spot expats working on their laptops and sipping their cup of fresh brew. All prices quoted on the menu were nett, inclusive of GST and no additional 10% service charge was levied either though tipping is encouraged! Upon settling at our table, we were immediately served two bottles of water which were complimentary as well and we weren't at any point in time pressured to place our orders.There was even a section on the side of the cafe that retails various merchandise such as brew apparatus and even a classic book written by the owner himself, complete with pictures and narration about his exploration journey in the name of coffee.I am by no means a fan of cafes for I find that in most cases, the prices are not appropriately matched by the quality of food, coffee and ambience. A visit to Toby's Estate surely changed my opinion as it was a relaxing experience where I basked in the glory of the Sun through the windows, sipped my coffee and browsed through lifestyle magazines (provided at the counter) catching up to the nearest trend in town.Our first visit no doubt but surely not our last. Looking forward to my next visit already! continue reading
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My friends and I decided to pay a visit to this cafe along robertson quay on christmas eve for a hearty brunch. We were very glad that it wasn't crowded in the early noon but not long after we've finished our meals, there were numerous people waiting for tables. This cafe was actually in my list of to-visit cafes for quite sometime but due to its venue, I didn't have a chance to visit until this very day.Eight of us ordered so much of their food, from eggs benedicts to french toast to toast and scrambled to additional bacon, honey chicken ham to their specialized coffee and etc! I'd say the prices of their food are really worth it for the big portions of every single dishes! And they serve one of the best coffee in singapore. You can miss the food here but NOT the coffee (:And not to forget, they don't charge service charge and GST is already included! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-28
Home for Toby's Estate Singapore is a large, airy, and bright converted warehouse in Robertson Quay. I think it's probably the largest coffee-centric cafe in Singapore. Having a high ceiling and so much space in a great location (it faces the river!) has many perks. Not only can you stuff a grand old coffee roaster on your grounds, you can go all industrial-chic on the decor and still leave lots of air space between each customer. It helps that the coffees are one of the best along these parts of the river, and that the brunch options are at par, in that respect. Toby’s Breakfast ($16) is a worthy platter of barn-laid eggs, bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms and thickly-sliced brioche toast, while the paninis aren’t actually overpriced at $12. continue reading
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