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This is living in Chinatown. I am a Engineer, work in Mohammed Sultan. I like to hang out in Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Little India Tekka Serangoon Road. Korean, Peranakan / Nonya are my favorite cuisines. I also love Bars/Lounges and Curries, Ramen, Bak Kut Teh.
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Jac Oh
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A LovEly AfTernOon @ PaRis...... Smile Sep 02, 2010   
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Categories : French | Bakery | Café | Desserts and Cakes

Anticipation boomed to the fullest when me and my gF realised that we will be making a second visit back to Hiediard....not before recalling the very "FIRST" on the mind bustling experience by the Cream of Mushroom soup served by them...with compliments of a teaspoon of truffle oil to finish on top. This just simply complete the equation of the formula to the "best soup" that i had after landing myself on Earth....27 years back and counting!

Nestled in a row of cottage like old school shopping unit....Hiedard tucks itself nicely within one end of the building with the touch of lush decor that greets everyone that came into its path. First impression was the overall European theme and the antique door bell that rang in sync, orchestrated faithfully with the faint but soothing, jazzy music tone within bringing your mind to full relaxation upon entry.

We were then being ushered to the corner seat that came with a nice bay window that overlook the main road and with curious on-lookers looking at us within. At that point of time,the only scene that was missing are the snowflakes flowing down from the sky. I believe there's nothing closer with us being @ Paris. Feeling famished and totally relaxed, I decided to go for their The "Savoury" set going @ $25 per set that includes the following as of my choice :
Hot soup of the day or chilled soup gazpacho + Salad of the day or Tartine of the day or Croque-Ferdinand + Glass of wine (Bordeaux red or white) or Madeleine blend coffee or Hediard blend tea or soft drink
and with gF ordering Moelleux chocolate cake with vanilla crème Anglaise ($8).

Staff were all attentive and after our orders being taken into account, we were promptly served with our dining utensils and ice water. There's no doubt on the efficiency of the serving staff with good knowledge of their in house menu and their values of work ethics! Within 15 minutes, my first course came in with the soup of the day and it did not disappoint me in any bits. The mushroom soup again came in with the great texture of minced mushroom and with the heavenly touch of the truffle oil...disappointment was never in my dictionary that day. The tartine of the day was a house special highly recommended by the serving staff which is roasted lamb. The roasted lamb came in light with no source of the "unpleasant taste" that the lamb would usually involved. It was nicely sliced in thin pieces and totally tantalising once its was channeled into my mouth. Tenderness is the word that fully describe on the texture of the lamb.

Immediately, gF's serving of her dessert came in. The chocolate cake was fluffy and with its central part totally spongy and moist. With a mouthful within, the chocolate cake just practically "melts" and engulfed us within. Cloud nine is the emotion that best translate our feelings at that point. Last but not the least, the meal was completed with the Madeleine blend coffee. The aroma set itself distinctively from the usual coffee that i am so used to and the body of it commands so strongly on my taste bud that i can feel the influx of caffeine trespassing me!

In conclusion, Hiedard is the place to be should you wish to spend your it a lazy day or a special night with your loved ones as your imagination will surprise you as you will be walking on the streets of Paris!
The Tartine - Roasted Lamb

The Tartine - Roasted Lamb

The Sweety

The Sweety

The icing on my food - Salt & Pepper Platter!

The icing on my food - Salt & Pepper Platter!

Recommended Dish(es):  Breakfast Set, Scrambled Eggs, Savoury Set
Date of Visit: Aug 25, 2010 

Spending per head: Approximately $20(Lunch)

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