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Disappointing Cry May 06, 2018   
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Categories : Korean | Fast Food | Halal | Korean Fried Chicken

4 finger is usually busy when I pass by so I decide to find out what the fuss was all about. I order 6 pieces of the signature wingettes/drumettes with 2 hot and 4 soy garlic. I sat down with wireless pager device and after a few minutes my order was ready. Visually the wings looked OK. I take the hot sauce wing and take bite and find the sauce a little spicy for my palate. I then take the soy garlic flavoured and found this too salty. I will usually order fried chicken with with no sauce as I find the sauces can be overpowering which is exactly what it is at 4 fingers. The option for no sauce is not on the menu but this would not have made a difference as the I find the batter too chewy and not crispy enough. And as for the meat, it’s not that it was dry but it wasn’t juicy/moist enough. Overall this disappointing and won’t be returning.

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