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Categories : Japanese | Sushi/Sashimi | Omakase

I visited this restaurant for dinner with my boyfriend and we placed our order for 4 sets of sushi and 2 bowls of fried rice at 19.53. The waiting time for sushi given to us by the waitress was a maximum of 20 minutes so we waited patiently while 3 sushi chefs were working on the orders.  After a little more than 10minutes we were served our fried rice and thereafter,  we were left dangling there waiting for our sushi.  At 20.20,  after waiting for more than 20 minutes for our sushi,  I asked the waitress where was our sushi and she said that we needed to wait about 20 minutes after we have ordered and I said we have been waiting for more than 20 minutes and she said that she will have it checked out.  She came back to me telling me that it will arrive to me in less than 5 minutes.  The sushi then did arrive however,  the quality has dropped, the sushi did not stick together properly and my boyfriend and I weren't pleased but there was nothing we could have done about it.  Also, a teapot ( used to serve all the customers) was left unattended on the table beside ours due to the nonchalant attitude of the waitress.  My boyfriend then had to use the teapot himself to refill our tea.  My experience with the service at this restaurant was bad,  perhaps it's because my boyfriend and I are young ( 17 years old)  they assume that we can be prioritized last and their attention is only on us when we get upset and demand for our food. What's worse is that the restaurant was not completely full,  so they do not have the excuse that they are too busy due to the overwhelming number of orders.  We were finally able to leave the restaurant at 20.30 and we were charged $29.80 for our food and $2.98 and $2.29 for service charge and gst respectively. A total of $35.05
Date of Visit: Jun 09, 2014 

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