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Categories : American | Steaks and Grills

Hi guys!This is my virgin post and i shall dedicate it to The King Louis Grill & Bar located at Vivocity!

Be prepared to be welcomed by a group of friendly and helpful staff the moment you step into their restaurant. I was served with my drinks pretty quickly the moment i settled down. 

Ok, shall proceed to the main point!

First up, the Highlander Pumpkin Soup! This dish was specially tailored for the Halloween Season! It features a thick and creamy pumpkin soup topped with a garlic bread. Well, i tried to finish to soup but i quickly decided that i should save my stomach for more awesome food. Hence, i used the pumpkin soup as a sauce to my garlic bread instead. Be sure you catch this dish before its gone!

Next up, English-Style Chicken Caesar Salad. Im a huge fan of Caesar Salad, and im really glad to say that this is one of the best Caesar Salad i ever had. If the word "salad" reminds you of nothing but veggie, you really got to try this. Many of times when i order salad, i will end up munching on the veggie like a cow. But, the Caesar Salad from this restaurant added generous amount of crispy croutons,tasty bacons and also a freshly boiled egg! 

And here comes the highlight....Queen Isabelle Platter!! Well just as what i captioned in my open snap: All the best things in one plate. This platter contains steak, pork, chicken and lamb!ok, they have really fanciful names so here goes: 

(1) Roasted Beef with Black Pepper Sauce
(2) Premium BBQ Baby Back Ribs
(3) Roasted English-Style Queen Pullet
(4) Lamb Steak With Rosemary Herbs

The roasted beef was really supple and well marinated in the black pepper sauce and you can taste that the sauce had already been infused into the beef. 

The baby back rib separates from its bone easily. It is really soft and easy to chew.On the down side, i think that it is a little dry. But, dont worry, you can request for the gravy from the friendly staff and it will taste awesome again!

I think that the texture and taste of the Queen Pullet pale out as compared to the others in the platter. It was dry. I tried dipping into the sauce provided but the chicken couldnt absorb the sauce. Fyi, i took the breast meat. Maybe thats the reason why it is dry. The thigh meat looks fine though!

Finally, the lamb steak. The persin-in-charge mentioned that it might taste a bit "lamby" to some. But it is definitely alright for me!

And the final dish prepared for us was the Coconut Ice-cream!It features a cup of coconut ice-cream glazed with honey and topped with generous amount of almonds!Totally loving this desert after a hearty meaty meal!

If you are looking for a simple night out with your loved ones or friends gathering, The King Louis Grill & Bar should definitely be the top choice. It is strategically located at the Harbourfront Walk where you can enjoy the night scenery of Singapore while having high quality food. Personally, i really like the ambience of this restaurant. And i would recommend anyone reading this to give this restaurant a try!
Date of Visit: Oct 02, 2014 

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