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Collin's Grille at Shaw Plaza Smile Jan 01, 2016   
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Categories : Japanese | Steaks and Grills | BBQ

Recently opened at Shaw Plaza is the "atas" Collin's Grille, the latest and largest outlet to date. The "die die must try" item is their exclusive handmade pizzas, cooked in wood stove oven, which can only be found in this outlet. 

The Collin's Special Handmade Pizza (S$16.80) and the Frutti Di Mare Handmade Pizza (S$16.80) have excellent thin crust topped with deliciously cheesy toppings. The Collin's Special would suit meat lovers with their variety of sausages, ham, bacon and salami, and the Frutti Di Mare is highly recommended for seafood lovers like me. The cheesy creamy sauce goes so well with the seafood that I just can't get enough of it. Also included in the picture below is the US Crisp Cut Fries (S$3.90) and the classic Appetizer Platter (S$18.90) which has a selection of favourite finger foods like deep fried squid, assorted sausages, buffalo drumlets and potato noodle prawn roll. 


Collin's introduced a few new items for the Christmas Menu. First up is the Winter Potato Salad with Ham and Chestnuts (S$5.90). The sweet and tangy honey mustard sauce is an excellent complement to the salad and as an appetizer. However, the potatoes were of varying degree of softness, some were crunchy and some were mushy. 

Next on the Christmas Menu is the Santa's Baked Seafood Parcel (S$11.90). The salmon tastes a little fishy by itself but with the lemon and the tomato sauce that fishy taste is removed accentuates the seafood flavor perfectly. Definitely a must-try for seafood lovers. 


Let's not forget the Signature Duck Confit (S$13.50). I might not be a connoisseur on duck confit but never have I tasted a duck this soft. The duck leg is crispy on the skin and with a slight push of the fork the meat seperates from the bone. The texture of the meat is a little too soft and mushy for my liking but it was truly an enjoyable experience. 

Eating the desserts was a unique and sinful experience as it was my first time eating a Baked Caramel Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream (S$6.90) and a Grand Marnier Orange Souffle (S$7.90). The baked banana was surprisingly good. The sweet, warm and squishy taste and texture was something I have never experienced before. The souffle was certainly an interesting first experience. It felt like I was eating foam, except the foam was sweet and smooth, with the fragrance of orange. Definitely worth trying. 


Chocolate Avocado Milkshake (S$3.90) - A must try if you're a fan of thick and sweet avocado milkshakes!

Recommended Dish(es):  Frutti Di Mare,Appetizer Platter
Date of Visit: Dec 16, 2015 

Dining Offers: 試食活動

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