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Categories : Vegetarian

In Chinatown Food Street there is never a lack of food choices...except vegetarian. 

So Ci Yan Vegetarian is to my rescue!


Pretty easy to find as it is on Smith Street near the South Bridge Road end, and got a little monk figure at the door.

Needless to say the place is of Buddhist background as evidenced by the decor, but is open to all walks and religions. 


The menu is written on the blackboard but apparently there are more to that as I saw people ordering Gado Gado and noodles in soup etc.

Anyway their signature is this Brown Rice Set Meal ($6.5) and the Brewed Cordyceps Flower with Mushrooms Tonic ($7). So I got them both.

You order and pay at the counter, get your own cutlery, wait at your table for the food, eat and then clean up and return the plates to the designated area.

Okie back to the food.
Simple yet colorful and filling

Simple yet colorful and filling


The brown rice set is nicely plated with 4 kinds of different veggies surrounding the heap of brown rice in the centre. They use organic ingredients here (I hope) and you get to taste the sweetness of the vegetables, which I was pretty impressed after many heavily seasoned meals here in SG.


The soup, frankly, is not on the cheap but is worth every penny. Cordyceps flower is not really related to cordyceps but is a crunchy kind of mushroom you can say (I often eat them like noodles!), and the result after hours of braising and many nourishing ingredients like burdock, cashew nuts and goji berries is a delicious soup.
Surprised to find some western vegetarian pastries here

Surprised to find some western vegetarian pastries here


Vegetarians coming to Singapore should definitely check this place out if you're in Chinatown! 

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