8 CNY Goodies To Buy This Year
CNY goodies 2016
Most of us look forward to the snacking involved during Chinese New Year (not to mention angbaos). But for those who have grown sick of the repetitive cycle of goodies every year, reinvigorate your palate with this list of atypical goodies! From Salted Egg Yolk Cookies to Honey Peach Pastries, these are bound to give your visitations an interesting twist. Or they could well serve as a conversation starter too!

1. Laksa Cookies

Beckon the New Year wih a jar of indulgent and savoury Laksa Cookies from Prima Deli! These cookies give the traditional almond cookies a local twist as they contain an aromatic hint of the signature Prima Taste Laksa Sauce Mix. The refreshing taste of the iconic local dish, laksa, combined with the softness of the cookie mix definitely leaves one coveting for more! Prima Deli’s Laksa Cookies are available at $18.80 per tin. Cookies are available to purchase at any Prima Deli outlet islandwide. For enquiries, you may contact specific stores.

2. Sweet Potato Chips

Goodwood Park Hotel's Sweet Potato Chips
A festive twist on the traditional arrowhead chips, Goodwood Park Hotel’s Sweet Potato Chips are pleasantly sweet and freshly handmade by the hotel’s chefs. They are thinly sliced and flavourful enough so it's practically impossible to stop at just one piece. Savour them on their own or share the love and present them as a gift to your loved ones. Chips are available for $24.80 per jar. Available for purchase at Goodwood Park hotel’s Deli.To order, call 6730 1786 or email deli@goodwoodparkhotel.com. An advance order of three working days is required.

3. Caramel Walnuts with Sesame Seeds

Pan Pacific Singapore's Caramel Walnuts with Sesame Seeds
Ditch the customary Chinese walnut biscuit for the novel Caramel Walnuts with Sesame Seeds! Created by Pan Pacific Singapore, the caramel provides a sweet tinge that is balanced out by the delicate crunch of the sesame seeds. Goodies are available for $30 per jar. Item is available for purchase at Pan Pacific Singapore. To place an order, you can call 6826 8240, email celebrate.sin@panpacific.com, or visit pacificmarketplace.sg.

4. Salted Egg Yolk Cookies

Pies & Coffee's Salted Egg Yolk Cookies
A combination of butter pastry, flour and bits of fresh salted eggs, Pies & Coffee’s Salted Egg Yolk Cookies are addictive and will leave you hankering for more! The savoury salted eggs perfectly balance out the sweetness of the cookies and crumbles with every bite you take. Cookies are available at $22 for approx. 42 pieces or 420g. You can purchase them at any Pies & Coffee outlet. For Pies & Coffee’s Privilege Card Members, you get to enjoy 10% discount off on the cookies.

5. Honey Peach Pastry

Fullerton's Honey Peach Pastry
Instead of the usual Pineapple Tarts, Fullerton Jade has come up with the Honey Peach Pastry as an alternative. These peach shaped pastries are not just aesthetically pleasing but they are also highly delectable! Stuffed with homemade peach jam, they are then baked into a golden crust. Pastries are available at Fullerton Jade for $26+ per box of 8 pieces. For enquiries or orders, please call The Fullerton Cake Boutique at 6877 8943 or email fullertonshop@fullertonhotel.com

6. Kumquat-Shaped Mochi

Peony Jade's Kumquat-Shaped Mochi
The fusion of Japanese and Singapore cultures is represented by the intricately handcrafted Kumquat-Shaped Mochi by Peony Jade. The mochi is packed with white lotus paste and it is not just pleasant looking; it is also delicious and chewy! These bite sized delicacies are available in the Peony Jade’s Double Blessings Gift Set together with peach-shaped pastries that contain low sugar white lotus paste and Macadamia nuts. Each gift set is priced at $68.88. They are available for takeaways at all Peony Jade Restaurants and Takashimaya B2’s festive market.

7. Mahjong Pralines

Grand Hyatt’s Mahjong Pralines
It is a well-known fact among most Chinese that engaging in a game of mah-jong during Chinese New Year is a way to welcome the auspicious occasion. But, have you ever seen or heard of Chinese New Year goodies in the shape of mah-jong pieces? This year, Grand Hyatt has decided to give Chinese New Year an experimental twist by launching exquisitely handcrafted white chocolate flavored Mah-jong Pralines. This sophisticated food-art is presented in a box of 78 pieces, much like the full set of mah-jong, and would certainly make a great gift idea. A set of 78 pieces of Mah-jong Pralines is priced at $168. Orders must be made three days in advance. Orders can be made by calling 68875492 or emailing theshop.sg@hyatt.com.

8. Mixed Crisps & Macadamia Squares

Thye Moh Chan's Mixed Crisps and Macadamia Squares
Usher in the New Year with Thye Moh Chan’s Mixed Crisps and Macadamia Squares! Moulded into a perfect square, the Mixed Crisps is a novel fusion of rice crisps, cranberries, macadamia nuts and pumpkin seeds that will certainly gratify many. Coming close on its heels is another Thye Moh Chan’s creation, the Macadamia Squares. These bite-sized delights are specially handmade and packed with crunchy macadamia nuts. Both Mixed Crisps and Macadamia Squares come at $8.80 per bottle. Goodies can be purchased at any Thye Moh Chan’s outlets.
Written by Tan Siew Bee Images: Prima Deli (top image), Goodwood Park Hotel, Pan Pacific Singapore, Pies & Coffee, Fullerton Jade, Peony Jade, Grand Hyatt, Thye Moh Chan
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