Café Week 2015: 6 Afternoon Tea Indulgences
Fancy a cup of tea to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Make an appointment with a friend and indulge in a relaxing afternoon tea session at one of the six cafes below!

What is Café Week?

cafe week 2015
Organised by NOM’s, Café Week 2015 is all about celebrating our local café culture. Featuring some of the top 13 cafés in Singapore, each participating café is given a challenge – to delight you with new creations over two weekends: 10 to 13 Dec and 17 to 20 Dec. Brunch, Tea and Dinner menus are available at $25, $15 and $35 respectively. Reservations for Café Week now open!

1. L’éclair

 L’éclair Café Week Tea Set
Started by two friends who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, L’éclair, is Singapore’s first éclair specialty store and café. Made with premium ingredients, the taste and texture of the 10 éclairs certainly live up to its hefty price tag ($7.50-$8.50/eclair). For Café Week, L’éclair is offering a choice of Regular Sized Éclair, paired with a Mini Signature Bacon Pie and a beverage of your choice. For a unique flavor that’s Instagram-worthy, get the Ispahan, which is a combination of rose, raspberry and lychee, topped with an edible rose petal! For citrus lovers, try out the Lemon Meringue. Served with a refreshing side salad, their Mini Signature Bacon Pie has a special sweet crust that complements the meat well. L’éclair, 190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Centre, #01-28, Singapore 239924

2. OMB

 OMB Café Week Tea Set
OMB, short for Oh My Bacon, was founded on the belief that bacon makes everything better. Expect an abundance of bacon from their Tea Set - Bacon Maple Cupcake, Bacon Brownie and Bacon Chocolate Truffle. We particularly enjoyed the Bacon Maple Cupcake (far left), a delicious soft sponge cake topped with a maple flavoured icing and candied bacon. Order a cup of coffee or tea to complete the set. OMB, 7 Dunlop St, 209337

3. Old Boys Gallery

 Old Boys Gallery Café Week Tea Set
At Old Boys Gallery, you definitely get your money’s worth for the variety and amount of food they offer. Be sure to go there with extremely empty stomachs – a platter for one was just nice for the two of us to share. Other than a choice of organic French Rose or Snow Chrysanthemum Tea, their tea platter has a great mix of sweet and savoury items: Trio of Cherry Tomatoes, Beef Slider, Scotch Egg, Blueberry Tart, Earl Grey Cake and Coconut Cake. The star of the platter was definitely the Scotch Egg, where the crunchiness and flavour of the deep-fried pork layer complemented the hard-boiled egg perfectly. Old Boys Gallery, 67 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore169371

4. Stranger’s Reunion

 Stranger’s Reunion Café Week Tea Set
At Stranger’s Reunion, you get Instagram-worthy shots, delicious food and great coffee made by good-looking baristas. Their Café Week Waffle comprises of their signature Buttermilk Waffle with glazed peaches, homemade raisins, mixed nuts, cream cheese and raspberry gel. For drinks, skip the tea and go for their specialty coffee, which is made with their custom blend of coffee beans. Nutty, aromatic and with a tinge of acidity that hits you only at the end, there is no wonder why their coffee has won awards. Stranger’s Reunion, 37 Kampong Bahru Road Singapore 169356

5. Curious Palette

Curious Palette Café Week Tea Set
Opened by the people behind Stranger’s Reunion, Curious Palette is serving their Signature Berry Ricotta Hotcake with homemade vanilla butter and fruits melange for Café Week. Order a cup of artisan tea or award-winning coffee to go with the fluffy waffles! Curious Palette, 64 Prinsep Street Singapore 188667 (Image: OpenRice user zeec)

6. Froth

Froth White Chocolate Taro Lava Cake
For Café Week, Froth is aiming to challenge themselves with their White Chocolate Taro Lava Cake. Served with a Classic Hot Coffee, the molten part of their lava cake is made of white chocolate ganache and taro paste. Garnished with rose meringue bits, mixed berry jelly and a dusting of icing sugar, the cake is served alongside a scoop of homemade taro ice cream. Lava cake requires precise execution to get it right. If it doesn’t cook long enough, the cake is raw and inedible. Cook it for too long and your molten lava turns solid. Curious to find out if Froth aced their lava cake? Sign up for Café Week to find out! Froth, 200 Middle Road B1-02 Big Hotel, Singapore 188980 See also: Afternoon Tea in Singapore 20 Best Waffles and Ice-Cream Dessert
Written by Rachel Wong
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Rachel Wong
Rachel Wong loves desserts. When she’s not busy hunting down the next food trend in Singapore, she can be found baking up a storm in her kitchen.
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