Look Here! The Leong awaited Uncle of Crabs are better than ever!

Uncle Leong Signatures

Hola!!!! Today we are here at Uncle Leong Signature at Punggol Waterway point to have a taste on their new and signature dishes. I believe most do not need any introduction about Uncle Leong Signatures but just in case you need, here it is!

The first dish we tried was XO Lala Vermicelli. It’s their new dish!!! I am not lying when I say it is by far the best noodles that I have ever eaten. There is a slight spiciness in it but it’s just nice and just right for everyone there. By everyone I mean those who don’t usually take spiciness could take it and those who love spicy food loves it too. Literally the entire table of people loves this dish and it was gone within minutes. They were very generous with their shrimp, lala and eggs especially. Just by thinking about it, makes me drool. Hahaha.


Rating: 5 Stars

Price: $9.90

Next up is their Signature Beancurd. The beancurd was so soft that it felt like you can just swallow it or as though it melts in your mouth. Together with the minced meat and caipo, it makes it a perfect dish. For people who don’t like salty food then you should order a bowl of rice to eat along with it. Trust me, it will be the best match. For people who are fine with salty food, go ahead and try it! It’s not overly salty and you will definitely fall in love with it after the first bite.


Rating: 4 Stars

Price: $13.90


Next up is their ultimate mouth watering SunKist Pork Ribs, which are also new on the menu! I have never ate any pork rib like this before. The meat is more than the bones or fats. So that makes it very worth it yet not too sinful I guess? I ate 3-4 pieces myself. Hahahah. The sauce was thick and just right as i can taste, smell the Orange in it and it isn’t the kind of over powering taste. The meat was soft, tender and juicy. As you bite it, the sauce will flow into your mouth and that is when you feel like heaven. Hahahha every bite makes you want to take another bite and that is how I ended up eating 3-4 pieces of it. I lost control. Hahaha, but worth it so thumbs up for that. This is a MUST TRY!!!


Rating: 5 Stars

Price: $14.90


Next up is their XO Asparagus with scallops. I love how they mix the asparagus, special sauce and scallop together. I am not a fan of vegetables but this made me eat quite a bit and I may even order it the next time I go there because the mixture is that good! If you don’t like vegetable, you may give this a try and you might just start eating vegetables. hahaha. If you love asparagus or scallop then there is no reason for you to not give this a try!


Rating: 3 Stars

Price: $19.90

We were super full by then but how can we resist crab, the main star/dish here right. Oh my god, this is the BEST dish. That is if you eat crab/seafood. The crab we ate was the Hong Kong Style Typhoon Shelter Crab, which is also their popular crab. It is a fried thus there isn’t any sauce to it. It was fried with garlic, and onion till crisp. I have never tasted this kind of combination before and to my surprise, it is damn shiok (Singlish). You won’t regret trying this! People who love garlic and onion, trust me that you won’t regret ordering this!



Rating: 5 Stars

Price: $65/900g

Thank you for the good food Uncle Leong Signature!


These are some of the awards and celebrities who ate at their restaurant! I told you, they are good!


Do remember to come earlier to avoid the queue!!!



Uncle Leong Signature is a perfect place for friends gathering or family dinner.

I honestly think that everyone should give this affordable yet delicious place a visit! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and i would totally bring my family here on any other day for some good food!

You can locate them at:


+65 6385 9989


11:00AM - 11:00PM

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Till then!

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