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Bedrock's menu exploits techniques such as wood grilling and smoking, as well as the use of spices and chillies. Bedrock works directly with farms in the USA, Japan and Australia to source for meats and seafood. They have a selection of rare and special spirits made by small families and distillers in remote places like the Scottish island and rural Japan. They also provide lockers for patrons to keep their whisky in, should they purchase any from the bar. 繼續閱讀
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Applewood Grilled Chicken Crème Brulee Crispy Skin Seabass French Onion Soup Parmesan Salad Ribeye Steak
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等級4 2015-12-28
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We were craving steak but didn't fancy splurging at Morton's (http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/04/mortons-part-xi-revisiting-old-friend.html) so dropped by Bedrock Bar & Grill for their steak set lunch since we happened to be in town during the weekend.The interior isn't anything too fancy and sports wooden furniture, halogen lamps and a partially open concept kitchen with an island top and lots of overhanging pots and pans where you can view your bread being kneaded and baked. Window blinds provide cover from the adjacent pedestrian walkway. Overall a pretty cosy place if you happen to secure one of the booth seats.Complimentary Flat Bread - Served with a clove of roasted garlic and butter, the piping hot flat bread came fresh out of the oven; warm, chewy and reminiscent of naan.Classic Lobster Bisque - Relatively rich but salty even with the rather amount of chive cream, the lobster bisque boasted no lobster meat and the dubious honour of pairing best with a glass of water.Confit Corned Chicken - This tasted like the chicken version of duck confit (duh!), just a touch more moist and a little less salty and flavourful. Accompanied by a sunny side up and crunchy, mildly salty sausages. Overall a very palatable dish but nothing to go wow over.Woodfire Grilled Sirloin - At $58++ for the steak set lunch, this was pretty good. Relatively flavourful with a touch of salt and done medium as per my request. Meat was tender but not as juicy as I would have liked it to be. Topped with a creamy Bearnaise sauce and a side of slick and buttery mashed potato. Bread Street Kitchen (http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/06/bread-street-kitchen-gordon-ramsays.html), Morton's and Ruth Chris (http://www.timelessfacade.com/2013/01/ruths-chris-steak-house.html) still does a meaner piece of steak but for the price, I really can't compare or complain.Sticky Stout & Toffee Pudding - This dessert was pretty interesting - A scoop of gingernut ice cream (not a fan of ginger but this was pretty mild) plopped atop a rather sweet toffee pudding with a significant stout aftertaste. To counter the sweetness, tart red berries were placed alongside. Decent finish to our meal.HGW happened to be running a promotion during that period so we got $10 off each set lunch ($28++ for non steak and $48++ for the steak variant). Food quality came across as decent (steak was a notch above that) and so did service. I'm honestly not inclined to return, given that Bistro Du Vin does a reasonably good steak for lunch as well and offers a more compelling value proposition in my humble opinion.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/12/bedrock-bar-grill-decent-value-steak.html 繼續閱讀
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For more food reviews, check out my blog: http://hazeldiary.comI finally got the chance to try Bedrock Bar & Grill last weekend.We were rushing down before the last order at 2.30pm. The restaurant is located next to 313 Somerset and to be exact, next to Marche with a door away.We settled down and browse through the menu and discover that there are lunch deals and SG50 express lunch set available. Thus, we decided to order the lunch menu instead of using the app. Complimentary flat breads were served after our orders are placed. I love the texture of the freshly breads from oven and best spread with garlic infused oil and butter.Seafood & Poultry 3- Course Set Lunch S$38As for the starter, we decided to go with Classic Lobster Bisque with chive cream. I can taste the strong seafood flavour in it and chive cream perfects the soup with its touch of creamy taste.There are few choices for the mains and I decided to try Baked Barramundi Fillet served with asparagus, sundried tomato and olive tapenade. Chef did a good job on the fish with crusty skin and soft meat that absorbs the olive tapenade that gives a fragrance in it. Although the plating looks slightly oily but taste wise isn’t as it looks.As for dessert, we decided to go with sticky stout and toffee pudding served with gingernut ice-cream. Absolutely one of the best I tried so far. Well-balance fine tuning that delights us for the sweet ending. There are zesty pomegranates served together as well.SG50 Express Lunch S$50We decided to try this limited offer deal of the month since steaks are available in the menu. Instead of ordering the usual mains, this deal seems affordable for our first try here. There are only two choices available for this SG50 menu and we opt for Slow-Cooked Oyster Blade Steak with fries and salad. Perhaps we are expecting more on the steak standard here as I find the taste wise is lack of the sparks on the expectation in me. The taste wise is reasonably good and the meat is soft and juicy with the slow cooked method. It’s my first time trying slow cooked steak and I think I will stick to grilled steak though.This set comes with a glass of Terrazas Altos Del Plata Malbec but unfortunately it was not served. Thus, I didn’t get to enjoy it with the steak. We only realized when we left the restaurant. We emailed the restaurant and they replied on the issue. We were told that a complimentary of a glass of red wine for 2 pax and a snack bar when we dine in with them again.Overall, the dining experience is still pleasant. The service staff was well-trained on the serving although they forget the glass of wine totally. Total amount bill inclusive of 10% service charges and 7% GST was S$103.58.  繼續閱讀
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A quick google search for a top 10 steakhouse in Singapore, 99% chance Bedrock Bar & Grill ('Bedrock') will be listed as one of them. Bedrock pride itself to serve the finest cuts of steak and whisky, so you are not wrong to expect impeccable service here.During the weekend dinner service, they have two seat-timing; 6 pm and 8.45 pm. Due to last minute reservation, we only manage to get 8.45pm seating. Knowing our friends' (HK&SH) rubber timing, I told them the reservation at 8.30 pm. Alas, the hunger pangs got to them first and they arrived on the dot and our seat was not ready.In any higher establishments, it is the normal practice that when your table is not ready, the host will referred you to the bar for drinks first. However, this was not the case here. In an impolite manner and with a straight-face, we were told by the host to take a seat at the outdoor tables and wait like a mannequin or decoration without any offer of serving drinks. We waited for more than 20 minutes before our table was ready (which is after our reservation time). We were then seated on the first table after the wine chiller. From here, we can get a clear view of the food bar where the cold dish are prepared, jamon iberico de bellota on the bench, the pass on window where the food come out from the main kitchen and even the door leading to the kitchen. There is a rustic feel to this set up, however the concept of fining dining being portrayed to us via the media/social network seems to be missing. For starter we had Bedrock Smoked Tomato Soup ($16), and the complimentary flat bread. True to its name, the tomato soup has a pleasant smokey flavour, with a smooth and creamy taste to it. SH and LD enjoyed it. The flat bread was served warm and it goes down well with the rich butter. I am not a roasted garlic person, but HK approved of it. We shared the mains of U.S.D.A Prime Dry Aged Ribeye – 300g ($96), U.S.D.A Prime tenderloin - 240g ($89) and Mangalica Pork Collar – 300g ($59). All cooked to Medium. The Rib Eye was thick and with good marbling. Cooked to medium as per order. It is lightly seasoned, tender but slightly chewy considering it was dry aged. My appetite for good porkie seems to have grown. Mangalica Pork Collar here represent a good cut. Although some might say it is a little fat, similar to the marbling in the beef, the pork just melts in your mouth. Unlike the ribeye, tenderloin has less fat / marble. We find it is tough and slightly chewy. The seasoning are sparse in between. So this protein does not get our nod. For sides, we ordered duck fat potatoes ($16), sautéed mushrooms ($18), creamed spinach ($18) and French fries ($12). Fried in the duck fat, the potatoes are crispy on the outside and moist inside. It has a nice golden brown colour which looks very appetizing. Seasoning was just right. The same can be said about the fries. Sautéed mushrooms and creamed spinach did not leave a lasting impression. The mushroom tasted dry and bland. It can be better with a dollop or two of butter to polish up the dish. Meanwhile the creamed spinach, they did not use baby spinach thus it tasted a bit bitter. Dessert was Apple Crumble for 2 ($26). Nice presentation with a giant ball of vanilla ice cream. While this dish might look easy and can be commonly found, it is difficult to execute it perfectly. The crumble was hard and the baked apple are just to sweet for our liking. More over, the ice cream was on the heavy side, so double dose of unwanted sweetness. Not a very pleasant ending to our meal. The décor of Bedrock are predominately wood base with classic touch. Lighting is minimum so quite challenging to capture a good shot here. I personally find it lacks the classy finishing touch in the furnishing department. Also the distance between the tables are just to close, we actually struggling to hear ourself chatting because the next table was too rowdy. Service really need to be improved. Based on the price charged, we expect a fine dining standard of service. However, we found the basic service etiquette was missing. Friendly smile, attentiveness and providing good recommendations seems have been booted out the door. There are times when we feel that the service staff are looking down at you instead. I sincerely hope the management can look into this. Overall, I respect the passion that Bedrock has to allow the ingredients to speak for itself. However, when it comes to fine dining, the taste and overall experience are still the most important factors. Comparing to other steakhouses in Singapore that I visited before, a lot of work need to be done to improve the standard here. Will I be back? Unlikely. Cheers!!For the complete Chubby Botak Koala dining experince at Bedrock, click / copy the link below:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2015/02/bedrock-bar-grill.html 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2014-05-02
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It was our first time to bedrock and I must agree with the many reviews we have read, the beef is superbly grilled, especially the bedrock pepper steak.To top it, make a 630pm reservation and be early for the one for one drink at the alfresco.they served nice red and white house wine that is worth the money and bring out the taste of the grilled beef well, making the dinner an excellent one. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-09-07
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Probably one of the best steaks in Singapore, better than Wolfgang Puck's Cut, which prices are about 20% more (really cut you like a chai tao). Excellent Rib eye cap steak cut, although the black pepper sauce tasted like supermarket bought bottled sauce. Signature Whisky Sour is also a must try.With modern American wood fixtures of the classic steakhouse, Bedrock has a very comforting ambience and excellent staff. Prices are high, but not as high as celebrity restaurants and certainly worth the value. For full review and more photos, please visit http://sethlui.com/food-review-bedrock-bar-and-grill/ 繼續閱讀
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