Salt Grill & Sky Bar位於ION Sky 觀景台,讓食客在享用休閒的精緻美食的同時俯瞰令人驚嘆不已的城市景觀。 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2016-07-31
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At the top of ION Orchard, fantastic high floor view with an elegance feel. Beautiful restaurant with an atmosphere that you couldn't resist to take pictures at every angles. An absolutely romantic place for dinner and the food was excellent. Back for High tea today was a little disappointed by the afternoon platter, the spread and food quality was just average. Scones and macarons was pretty disappointing. However the overall experience is still great, definitely worth the visit. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2016-01-07
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I had been to this restaurant a number of times, but this was the first I was coming for afternoon tea. The Afternoon Tea Platter costs $38++ per person, inclusive of a tea or coffee, or $53++ per person including a glass of G.H Mumm Champagne. It is available from 2.30pm to 4:45pm. The coffee is non refillable, while as for tea one could ask for refillable of hot water.The afternoon tea platter consisted ofCrostini, avocado, cherry tomato, olive,Ham & turkey, beetroot, manchego, tortilla,Smoked salmon, cucumber, chive, crème cheese on rye,Chocolate & jam lamington,Coffee macaroon,Tim tam chocolate tart,Red velvet cup cake,Anzac biscuit,Citrus marshmallow, andScones.The tea set was nicely plated but I felt that it was a bit too overpriced for such little food. May I was expecting much more from this price. The Citrus marshmallow is my favourite as it had a rather zesty taste which peaked one up. The rest were not bad too.I had requested for a table by the window through online reservation, but was showed to a table by the frosted window with no view of the outside. Not sure if it was due to the fact that I was having a 3 years old boy with me at the time. We were seated far away from other customers and had difficulties getting the attention of the staff. As it was between lunch and dinner meal times, there was limited choices for a 3 years old. No children menu, so ended up ordering French fries ($11++) for him. Total bill for the fries was $12.95. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-03-15
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For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/03/12/salt-grill-and-sky-bar/Located on the 55th and 56th levels of the iconic Ion Orchard, Salt Grill and Sky Bar offers an unrivalled bird’s eye view of Singapore famed shopping belt. We visited during the evening and witnessed the skies turned from blue to dark. Dusk was a magical, post-card worthy sight!Opened by Australian Chef, restaurateur and television presenter Luke Mangan, Salt Grill serves Mod Oz cuisine, where chefs embrace different cuisines which successively lead to fusion of new ingredients an and traditional techniques. Emphasis is placed on the produce, using only the best ingredients available, prepared in an un-fussed approach.Upon seating, the friendly staff promptly brought as basket of bread, accompanied with olive oil and an appetizing dip of herbs, nuts and spices (I believe its dukkah).Having read many positive comments on the “Glass” Sydney Crab Omelette, we were understandable eager to sample it. Don’t be fooled by its simple demeanour, this entree is pure awesomeness. The miso mustard broth beautifully complements succulent strips of crab, enveloped in fluffy omelette. The elegant starter was completed with enoki mushrooms and herb salad. Well played in the both the taste and texture departments!Sitting on a bed of smooth Israeli cous cous, cucumber , tomato and drill broth, the fresh Grilled Snapper was skilfully executed, maintaining fork-tender, moist flesh.W’s Cape Grim Striplion was the more outstanding main course ,bursting with juiciness and flavour. However, we had to minus points for the uneven cooking -some parts were too raw. The steak was paired with caramelized endive, eggplant, salsa verde and a selection of 4 different mustards, namely, wasabi, whole grain, peppercorn and Dijon.We also ordered Truffle Oil and Parmesan Fries ($14) and Roast Garlic Mushroom ($15). The shoestring fries were mostly crispy, with some soggy pieces at the bottom; however the prominent truffle flavour made up for this flaw. The latter was acceptable, nothing to shout about.The Raspberry Cheese Cake was definitely one of the better cheesecakes I’ve had in a while-rich, soft and luscious. The berries and raspberry offers a tongue-tingling contrast to the mildly sweet cake.You can’t go wrong with the Banana Parfait, a delightfully creamy cold dessert with peanut brittle, chocolate mousse, nuts and salted caramel sauce.Apart from the “Glass” Sydney Omelette, none of the other dishes made deep impression. I’d recommend this venue for its stunning views rather than the food. Since we dined during Restaurant Week, this dinner was a steal at $55++ per pax for 3 courses. With the 10th edition of Restaurant Week approaching, there is no better time to check out this fine-dining establishment at a bargain. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-03
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For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comOne of the hot spot to romance your date.Salt Grill & Sky Bar by Luke Mangan (One of Australia Leading Chefs) located at 55th and 56th floors of ION Orchard, serving contemporary Australian cuisine in a spacious environment with magnificent view of the bustling Orchard Road.Accessing to the restaurant was make easier with the helpful staff, just proceed to the concierge desk at level 4 and they will direct you to a exclusive elevator that will take you up to level 55 directly in a short moment.Sitting by the side windows with an overall breath taking view was really an indulgence. I didn't expect that the windows seats was all taken up on a Monday night. However, if you want to secure a seat by the windows and surprise your loves one, just fork out another $95++ for their WOW Package. The tall ceiling and its glass panels looking out into the wide dark sky added sensational mood to the elegant dining environment. On top of that, service was polite and friendly with attentive waitresses / waiters who attended to our request without further ado.With the panoramic view and the impeccable service from the staff, our mood was eventually tuned to the right frequency, throwing away what we had for that moment. Ambiance was definitely a perfect spot if you want to impress your date. Upon ushered to our seats, we were greeted by a plate of warm bread with extra virgin olive oil and a plate of mix spices.Special thanks to the chef for preparing 2 spoonfuls of surprise for us, so sweet of them.A signature dish across Luke Mangan's restaurant. The 'glass' Sydney crab omelette was impressive with the smooth yellow omelette cradling fresh succulent crab bits. And Miso mustard broth was poured into the plate upon serving. Simply love this dish with enoki mushroom & herb salad as its garnishing. Yummy!Tasting of pork is another interesting dish that comes with 4 items on plate. I was advised to dine from the left to right with the first item starring confit belly where its top layer was crispy while the subsequent layer was soft and chewy, not too oily. Next was its caramelized apple which reminds me of apple pie. A not too sweet version with an apple crunch. Following the 3rd item from the left, the braised cheek did whet my appetite for more, it seems like the small piece of it was just never enough. Braised and infused to its meat yet retaining itsnatural sweetness and juiciness. Meat was soft and I wish I could have more on the plate. With the bacon wrapped loin as the last item, it perfect the dish to the so called named "Tasting of Pork".All items were complimented by sweet red wine sauce and spring cabbages as its base.While off the grill, we had Sirloin weighing 250g on the plate, medium-well doneness. The chef did do a great job to have it done at our request. What a tantalizing treat I had with the steak added with moroccan spice, sauteed spinach, eggplant puree and red wine sauce. Awesome! On a side note, the Sirloin comes from Rangers valley, New South Wales and is 300 days grain fed.We had chosen the dessert with Chocolate delice, salted caramel, honey comb, praline ice cream. I did a last minute birthday request and the quick witted lady took me to one side as I revealed that I need to have some birthday wordings on the dessert. She was very professional in handling the request and it took me last than a minute without my partner noticing.Birthday greetings were written on the plate with romantic candle pierce through the creamy ice cream.It started with a warm welcome and ended well with a good bye from the team. Dining experience was great however one challenging task throughout was that I find it difficult to capture the items under a low light condition thus pictures taken were not too favourable but still, having dine in Salt Grill & Sky Bar was enjoyable. I will be back for their set lunch. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-06-23
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Salt Grill & Sky Bar by Luke Mangan is no strangers to most of us. Located at level 55 and 56 of ION Orchard provides an awesome panoramic view of the bustling city. All-day dining restaurant that is accessible from Sky Concierge Desk on level 4 followed by exclusive lifts that bring you up to the sky top.Three-tier set of Afternoon Tea Platter S$30++ per person inclusive of a tea or coffee was served. The platter comes with assortment of pastries in beautiful setting.Here are the lists according to the tier breakdown.1st Tier : Raspberry macaron , Pate de fruits, Mini Orange Tarts.The macaron sweetness isn’t overwhelmed and has a strong taste of blueberries and jam. The tarts are quite decent and the proportion was just fine for taste bud.2nd Tier : Smoked Salmon, cucumber, chive, crème cheese on rye , Coronation chicken sandwich and Ham & turkey Croque Madame.I enjoyed this tier of savoury delicacies as the filling was generous and filling. It’s quite an idea to compliment in between desserts serving.3rd Tier: Chocolate delice, Almond & Cranberry Florentines and Chocolate & Jam Lamington.I couldn’t miss the last tier as chocolate is my all time favourite. Loving the rich and sweetness taste of chocolate that flows into my mouth.Scones are served as well and it is best to go with vanilla cream and jam.The mini delicacies spread on the platter with a spectacular view and an affordable pricing would be ideal for an afternoon tea session with your loved ones or friends. 繼續閱讀
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