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In 2012, two blur guys with a passion for good burgers and pastries wanted to share their same passion with others. Upon finding a hole in the wall, they secretly worked on a menu of gourmet burgers and accidentally stumbled upon a taste that blew them away!! This was the start of a clumsy journey to bring you this awesome burgers that they happened to fall in love with. Just like you. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2015-01-29
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The CBD and Tanjong Pagar district offers a wide range of food which attracts both the weekday and weekend crowds. One of them is the Two Blur Guys which is located at a walking distance from Tanjong Pagar Mrt. It is a burger joint which is popular among the young office crowds as they offer a fuse free meal with coffee or beer, good for both quick lunch and dinner chill.Pulled Pork Burger ($13.85) - shredded slow cooked pork sandwiched in between lightly buttered and toasted wholemeal soft bun, together with melted cheese and tomato. All the ingredients fused together perfectly with every bite. Meat was moist and tender, not too salty or dry. Serving portion of burger was decent enough for a normal meal, but not for a hungry stomach. For the price paid for, serving quality and quantity certainly worth it.Pulled Chicken Burger ($12.85) - Same appearance as the pulled pork. Taste was quite similar as well except that texture of shredded chicken was dryer as compare to the earlier one. Not too bad though.Each set comes with a serving of large chunk potato salad and fresh vegetables.Small capacity of interior seats. Consider outdoor seats if you do not want to infuse your hair with smell due to its open concept kitchen.Alfresco seatsVariety of burgers on the menu. Most of it looks appealing to me. Drinks and dessert menuVerdict: 4/5This burger joint definitely stands out from the others for its satisfying and well priced burger set. Service was very good and prompt, and staff was attentive as well.There are other burgers on the menu that are worth trying, I will certainly visit this place again to try them out.Address: 1 Tras Link, #01-13, Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867 (Walk 5 mins from Exit A of Tanjong Pagar Mrt) 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-11-17
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Two Blur Guys, an inquisitive name given for a burger joint located in Orchid Hotel. The story behind such naming is about 2 guys who had shown their passion for burgers and pastries in a New York Concept Cafe. Knowing nuts after the food industries, they discovered a new way of serving burgers which blew them away.Seats are pretty limited but still it serves as a cosy eating joint for burgers. Environment was compact for dining and the smells of burger patties lingers amongst the air. Even though they were known for their blurness, a slight humour they have made was to assure customers with such sentence on their menu "Do excuse us because we're blur about everything. Except our burgers...Maybe". Ha!Burgers meals were served with a solid wooden board with chilled homemade potato salad and balsamic vinegar sprinkled on the crunchy greens. Their sandwiched was specially designed with wholemeal bread.An option for dinners to have pulled pork or the chicken burger. Burger was packed warmth with marinated pulled pork encased by the layer of gruyere cheese with honey mustard spreaded on them, the harmony of sauce with its tender and succulent pork Juicy and thick Prime beef patty stuffed in between the wholemeal flavour with big-sized streaky bacon and Gruyere CheeseAfter so much rave on Two Blur Guys, I can finally strike them off my "to eat" list. Burgers maybe a tad expensive due to its location and premium ingredients used. I would say burger are good but not to die for and dont worry, those guys aren't that blur after all. On a side note, service is friendly and there is no GST charge for now.For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-08-24
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Decided to try out Two Blur Guys for our interns dinner after work since it’s near our workplace too. It is quite a small area and they mainly focus on burgers, snacks and drinks for after work purposes. Quite reasonable priced and top up to a set consisting of a drink and dessert for $5.50. And a side joke from us is that, the name really fit its shop. One of the incident was like, we asked for ice water, but the waiter replied us “we’re not sure if we have sufficient of ice water” so we are wondering, do they not have enough ice or cups or water? they seems to be short of manpower too, their service is a lil slow. But i guess due to its name and everything, we thought that whatever we encountered are rather cute and funny actually and its so apt to their brand name.enough of all the funny encounters. even though food is served rather slow, but for the burger is really not too bad. The portion may not be big but decent and sufficient for me. I ordered the Smoke Salmon ($11.95) and completed my meal with the set. My choice of dessert was Apple Crumble.Smoke Salmon: Served with potato salad and veggie salad. The burger bread is soft, salmon not overly seasoned and so the combination of soft plain bread with salmon, avocado salsa and tomatoes is really good and tasty. The veggie salad with vinaigrette and potatoes salad tossed with some tar tar mayo sauce is good too.Apple crumble: Abit tastless other than just plain sweetness there’s no other punch or flavour to look forward to. Not a recommended dish 繼續閱讀
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They may call themselves blur, but the founders behind Two Blur Guys certainly aren't blur when it comes to their fantastic gourmet burgers. Founded in 2012 by Max Tung and Anthony Koh, Two Blur Guys serves mouthwatering, classic burgers with a specially designed wholemeal bun, all created by chef Jimmy Chok.Ambience at Two Blur Guys is inspired by New York / American style casual diners. The small, cramped floor space of the original Tanjong Pagar outlet is in stark contrast to the large floor space of the Boat Quay outlet. Decked in black tones with low interior lighting, Two Blur Guys makes good use of natural lighting to brighten the place. I didn't like the fact that it's so open though, as the ambient temperature affects the experience greatly.Service at Two Blur Guys is fantastic. Staff greet you upon entry, are friendly and polite, and actually remember you when you return! In particular, there is a Filipino staff at the Tanjong Pagar outlet who also doubles as the chef, and I must commend his skill with both grilling burgers, and service that is friendly and upbeat. Excellent!Two Blur Guys specialises in gourmet American style burgers. In particular, they don't mess too much with the star, the meat patties, allowing the natural juicy tastes to shine. Also worth mentioning is their small selection of craft beers and pastries, which pair well with the burgers. Generally, I find portions at Two Blur Guys to be large for one person, and prices are upper mid-range for a casual cafe, budget about SGD $30 per person. All burgers are served in a set with potato salad and fresh garden salad.The Pulled Pork Burger (SGD $12.85) features strips of tender pulled pork, extremely soft, so tender, and very juicy! Paried with the wholemeal burger buns, tomato slice, gruyere cheese, and a tangy sweet honey mustard sauce, each mouthful is a juicy, delightful burst of flavour. I've had people tell me they dream about this burger, and I daresay this is easily the best American style Pulled Pork Burger I've had in Singapore! Highly recommended!The stalwart and hearty Prime Beef With Streaky Bacon Burger (SGD $17.95) features a thick, meaty, juicy, beef patty that is grilled to perfection. Cut or bite into it and watch the savoury juices trickle clear! This mountain of a burger is served with wholemeal burger buns, tomato slice, gruyere cheese, and savoury and smoky rashers of bacon, garnished with tangy gherkins. And though it's not stated on the menu, the sauce used is a home made truffle infused mayonnaise, which lends a fragrant, earthy taste to the overall dish. Messy, but highly recommended!The Prime Beef With Portobello Burger (SGD $17.95) features the same high quality beef patty that is also grilled perfectly, alongside wholemeal burger buns, tomato slice, gruyere cheese, gherkins, truffle mayonnaise, and a thick, meaty portobello mushroom. While the mushroom was meaty and moist, pairing well with the earthy truffle mayonnaise, it wasn't as juicy as it could have been, and in comparision with the other burgers offered here, this was only decent at best. Good effort, but get something else instead. Full Two Blur Guys review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/07/two-blur-guys.html 繼續閱讀
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A burger & bar joint concept with tantalising burgers that are in the perfect serving size!Some of you might have heard of the first outlet at Orchid Hotel, now there's a 2nd outlet which is located conveniently near Raffles Place MRT station at 64 Boat Quay! Able to cater for bigger group gatherings We had Truffle fries, Pulled Pork burger, Prime Beef with Portobello, Prime Beef with streaky bacon, the Lamb burger, and some of the special mocktails The Prime Beef with Portobello: The huge portobello definitely helps to make the burger really juicy! Most importantly, the beef was tender and nicely done, not tough at all! YUMS!!Pulled Pork Burger: The combination of Marinated pork, Gruyere Cheese & Honey Mustard was simply superb~ Every mouthful was filled with so much goodness *slurps*Prime Beef with Streaky Bacon: The sinful combination; Prime Beef, Streaky bacon & Truffle mayonnaise! Yes, it's not just normal mayonnaise~ It's infused with truffle too! Just check out the generous filling in the burger when we sliced it into half Our votes goes to the Pulled Pork Burger and Prime Beef with streaky bacon! Absolutely satisfying and worth the calories hehe.. Happiness with cheese oozing in your mouth with every mouthful Very generous helping of the meat patty too! Definitely worth a try!! In addition, the serving size was just right! Everyone managed to finish every single bit of their burger~ YUMS!Check out my blog at chloewl.blogspot.com for more pictures and food reviews <3 繼續閱讀
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