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Previously known as Fortunate Yum Cha Restaurant, the restaurant underwent a revamp and re-emerged with Teochew cuisine as well as Cantonese Dim Sum as their forte. Swatow Seafood Restaurant serves handmade Hong Kong dimsum in the morning and seafood delicacies in the evening and the combination makes Swatow restaurant a distinguished name known by many. continue reading
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Braised Sea Cucumbers Stuffed with Minced Pork Braised Superior Shark’s Fin in Teochew Style Dim Sum
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Level4 2015-11-26
I went with Chinese people and I was really horrified by the waitress rude and crappy service as it was our first time there. In addition, it wasn't very busy at the business opportunity weekday dinner from Purtier Placenta.Although this restaurant had it's unique food culture, this is going to be my last trip there because the supervisor/manager failed to plan and planned to fail for their staffs deployment due to food being served in rush way!Lastly, this restaurant is not really served authentic Teochew cuisine in Singapore, so I was not pretty impressed with the food at this visit. continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-17
Swatow Restaurant is quite a popular with the older generation and it is well known for its teochew cuisine. On friday night, the restaurant also offers teochew opera show, which is quite rare to see these days. The restaurant is located opposite the library, on top of the supermarket. Although the building is quite old, there is a small lift to the restaurant which can fit 2 persons in it. This is great as a lot of people coming to this restaurant are quite old.The restaurant is decorated in quite the old school and no frill way, with traditional opera clothes at the entrance. As the restaurant is quite popular, it is best to make reservation before coming.Today the family is coming here for the hi-tea buffet which costs $22.80++ for an adult and $16.80++ for a child. Although the family have made reservation for hi-tea buffet which usually occurs from 3pm to 5pm, we have a rude shock when the staff tells us the last order for the buffet is 3.30pm. It seems that there is an event tonight. The restaurant will be closing the buffet earlier in order to prepare for the event. I am annoyed that the staff should have called up to tell us about the problem so that we could come earlier. The buffet style here is quite different from outside. There is no buffet counter or menu for one to look at. One just picks whatever one likes from the various push carts going around the dining room. Within a short time, the table is easily filled up.Kueh Pie Tee, Shark's Fin Soup and Duck meat roll are part of the buffet, but is limited to one serving per customer. The kueh pie tee is not filled with the traditional vegetable filling. Instead it is filled with calamari salad. Interesting.For the steamed dim sum, there is items such as xiao long bao, siew mai, bean curd roll, steamed pork ribs, crystal bun, chive dumplings, vegetable dumpling, seafood dumplings, chee cheong fan with assorted fillings and chicken feet. The crystal bun has savoury rice filling in it. Tastes not bad.For buns, there is cha siew bun (BBQ pork bun), pan fried pork bun, black sesame bun and everyone's favourite Liu Sha Bao (流沙包). The Liu Sha Bao (流沙包) is uniquely green in color, and the filling really flowing out easily. The black sesame filling in the black sesame bun is a bit too sweet for me.For deep fried items, there is shrimp roll, shrimp dumplings, seafood balls, goyza, and fried durian shrimp roll. The fried durian shrimp roll is covered with deep fried noodle like crust, inside filled with rich and chunky filling. Although one cannot smell the durian in it, the taste is pretty strong in it and surprisely well with the juicy shrimp.Besides these, there is also fried ee fu mee, century egg porridge, lotus leaf rice, chilled pork in jelly, chilled cheek in jelly, baked pork pastry, deep fried fish skin with salted egg and black sesame paste. The deep fried fish skin with salted egg sauce is quite nice with the mayonnaise, although I wish that the salted egg sauce could be thicker. The black sesame paste is quite rich and flavourful. Too bad that is the only hot dessert available that day.For cold desserts, there is ice jelly, almond jelly, herbal jelly and mango jelly. The herbal jelly tastes quite bitter. The ice jelly is quite refreshing with a hint of tea taste.Overall the food is not bad with quite a huge range although mother feels the various is less than the usual dim sum menu. Although there is a lot of staff running around, it is quite difficult to get their attention. Besides the hot tea served on the table, one can also help oneself to the ice lemon tea and ice cubes at the counter. Yes most of the times we seem to be helping ourselves to the various things around. Even when the staff has a push cart full of desserts in front of us and we request that we would like some, the old staff answers that it is not for us, but the tables behind us. Funny especially everyone is having the buffet too. The staffs here seem to be choosy in serving customers. Although at the end of the meal, one feels like having gone through a very fierce battle. Feeling super drain out. continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-09
Searching through google to look for Dim Sum places and we found there was a Dim Sum buffet at Swatou Seafood Restaurant . The Dim Sum is only available during High Tea Time. The place is located behind the HDB and we almost lost out track.Review on my blog : http://cennds.blogspot.comThere are variety of dishes to eat and to pick but most of the food contains of PRAWN. It is advantage for prawn/shrimp lover but it will be a negative side for those have an allergic on prawn. Although i don't have allergic on it but since most of the food have prawn, we ate till quite afraid of their dishes especially if we saw a prawn. However, the food quality is not bad and flavoursomePrawn Dumpling Prawn is fresh and wrapped with a soft skin dumplingBai KhuAlthough it is a bit oily but it was delighted and well cooked with a great cooking sauce for pork.Mushroom + Prawn Siew MaiGreat to have the mushroom on its home-made siew mai which i think that it is quite special because of the Siew Mai we eat at Dim Sum places, there is no mushroom added in the Siew MaiFried Bean Curd Skin Roll with ShrimpSmall pieces of shrimp wrapped in a crispy bean curd. Thanks that it was not oily and well supported textureEgg Tart Lovely the crispy tart and well soft textured.Crispy Durian & Shrimp RollWaow ..It was my first time having dimsum contains of durian. Are you durian lover ? If yes, you should try it. Seldom there is a DimSum place, offer DimSum contains of DurianXiao Long BaoWhat a awesome dish that couldn't be missed out during Dim Sum. Apparently, it was appetizing and well servedMango Pudding and Tofu Pudding A well spended dessert of DimSum because i have been a long time i never touch on tofu pudding.  The tofu was just nice and very soft while mango pudding is a bit plain continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-27
We love the old school push-cart dim sum experience. The restaurant is very big, probably enough for 30 or more tables. However, there were only 2-3 dim sum trolleys that were going around, which means most of the time food were all gone when the trolley comes by. Thus, it is better to be seated along the sides so that chances of you getting your plate filled were higher (esp on wkends!).Liu Sha Bao is a must try =) continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-23
A dim sum buffet on a weekend, 3-5pm.This dim sum buffet has a lot of variety to choose from. The service crew will actually come up to you one by one with different types of dim sums for you to choose.What are not to be missed: Chee cheong fun, complimentary shark fin soup, hargow, siew mai, stirred fried vegetablesWhat are to be missed: Tempura prawn, xiao long baosTry to make a reservation in advance because it can get really crowded! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)