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Terrine of Foie Gras with Banyuls Jelly Herb Salad and Crisp Toasts
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I have decided to set out on a perilous journey to cover every cafes that comes across our path!This journey will have us battle with potential obesity and test our discipline to burn off extra calories.From now on, I will be logging and sharing my cafe-hopping experience at Feed Me, my newly founded food review section. Absinthe have a 6 course degustation menu that cost SGD98 per person (excluding taxes).I never really understood why "romantic" places (especially french) have to be so dimly lit. It strains my eyes when I try to ogle at my hot date above. Nothing can take away romance like eye fatigue.Not to mention that dim lights = bad lighting = have to use camera flash = flash-banging the entire restaurant = too embarrassed to continue using flash = bad photos.Or maybe I just don't know how to appreciate the lowlight ambience.Bread BasketEasily forgettable. I probably shouldn't compare but I thought Il Lido's bread basket was way better. I have no idea what Il Lido puts in their olive oil and balsamice vinegar dip but it was heavely. Absinthe's bread basket and dip pales severely in comparison. I couldn't bring myself to waste calories on it.Truite de Mer Carpaccio of Petuna Ocean Trout, Ikura, Tiger Prawn, Citrus Dressing and Baby CressThis was the first dish served from the 6-course set menu. The carpaccio was fresh and the texture was good. I could distinctly see those delicious fats marbling in these slivers of yum. The lemony dressing complemented it well too.But is it me or is it weird to see crab sticks served at a fine dining restaurant? Felt a little cheated of my money to see crab sticks.BisqueTraditional Lobster Bisque Scented with CognacThe bisque is not included in the set menu but Bunny has heard raving reviews of it so he simply had to try one. And reviews were right - it is the best lobster bisque I ever had.It was thick, creamy and fused with lobster goodness down to every particle.Bunny loved it so much he claimed that he wants to order 10 servings of it.Asperge BlancheWarm German White Asparagus with Iberico Ham, Tarragon Hollandaise, Hazelnut and Argan OilI love asparagus and having the white asparagus for the first time dumbfounded me.Common green asparagus is yummy.White asparagus is mind-blowing.It has a good crunchy texture and its taste was far more delicate than any other green asparagus I have eaten in my lifetime so far. I guess my only gripe is that I'm not a fan of Iberico Ham. I am not a professional food critic nor am I a chef, but I wonder if Jamon Serrano would be better?Foie Gras PoêléPan Fried Foie Gras, Morello Cherries and BlinisAnother plate of foodgasm. Sheer awesomeness of fats melting in your mouth.I also got frustrated with the bad lighting here so I decided to not give a fuck and use flash anyway.CabillaudRoasted Black Cod, Prawn Risotto and Kaffir Lime Leaf EmulsionCod. Oh my god. I love cod.This cod was beautifully done. Thinly crisp on the surface but velvety tender inside. The cod was so fresh that they didn't have to use any heavy seasoning for it.However, I didn't like the risotto. I thought that it was very salty though Bunny didn't think so.Still... OH MY GOD. COD.LapinOrganic Rabbit with Morrel Ravioli, Celeriac Puree, Baby Spinach and Natural JusThis is also not included in the set menu but we ordered it cause'1) We've never tried rabbit before.2) We were sharing one degustation menu.AND IT IS GOOD. Rabbit meat tasted like a hybrid of chicken and lamb to me. I'm not quite sure how to describe but yeah, it's good anyway. That celeriac thing? Never heard of it but it is also good. Smooth, creamy and palatable mash of whatever-that-is.The only fault is probably the ravioli. A little too dry but I can overlook that with the rest of wonderful flavours going on here.Melon PhilibonFresh Philibon Melon, Monbazillac Sorbet and Basil CrumbleDesserts, finally.I was awfully stuffed by the time dessert was served. I took only one bite of this.I don't like it. Melons with basil is weirdddd.Sorry, I don't know how to appreciate this at all.Just when I thought that my dining experience is not gonna conclude with a "sweet" ending, the staff at Absinthe surprised us.Tarte du JourTart of the Day with Vanilla Ice CreamI thought that Bunny ordered this to surprise me but no! It's complimentary from people at Absinthe because Bunny mentioned he wanted a quiet table for his anniversary and they actually took note of it to surprise us with this. =DAbsinthe really took their already pleasant service one notch up with a sweet gesture like this.Wiped. Devoured. Ravaged.By me alone.Satisfied my sweet tooth perfectly.Happy 1st Anniversary?VERY Happy 1st Anniversary.Brownie points for the restroom as well!Pretty mirror and mouthwash available in the toilet. So considerate right?! I think the mouthwash is a wonderful touch of hospitality.Hand soap and lotion. Brownie points added like madddddd.Conclusion: I'd give it 8/10.The entire experience was a mix of hits and misses, but hits mostly. Service was good, worth every damn penny I am taxed for. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-03-15
For pictures and full review,pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/03/03/absinthe/Absinthe is well-known for its affordably-priced classic French cuisine. Occupying 2 adjoining shop houses with 3 levels, Absinthe has different interior design for each level.After climbing a long flight of stairs, we were lead to our seats on the second level, which had dark walls and contrasting white paintings illustrating the romance on French streets, complete with white pressed table cloth and plush velvet chairs. The space isn’t huge and tables are rather cramped together-you can hear your neighbor’s conversation clearly. If you prefer dining with a view, alfresco dining is available too.During Restaurant Week, we usually order an additional entrée and dessert for more variety. It was a pity that the kitchen was too busy to cater to additional orders. Apart from this, service was impeccable.Instead of Amuse Bouche, we started lunch with an Assortment of Homemade Charcuterie, gherkin and bread slices.Australian King Prawn starter, complemented with al dente angel hair pasta and pops of ikura. The entree could have been better if the prawns were fresh.Nesting on a bed of polenta, savoy cabbage and sauteed mushrooms, the Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly had a crispy exterior. While it did not melt in the mouth, the sufficiently tender meat had just the right amount of fat and bite. However, this dish fell slightly short as it was not as juicy as we would’ve liked.Due to its low fat content, Halibut can easily become too dry when cooking. Absinthe’s Grilled Fillet of Halibut was skillfully prepared, retaining its moisture and mild sweet flavor. The lean fish was harmoniously complemented with zucchini ribbon, crushed potatoes and chorizo foam.A play on textures, the Trilogy of Valrhona Chocolate consists of velvety chocolate mousse on chocolate sponge, adorned with a dark chocolate strip and crunchy chocolate bits. It may take you a few mouthfuls to fully investigate the delights of this treat. We love the fact that the chocolate isn’t overly sweet and its richness isn’t cloying in the throat.Having heard many good things about Absinthe, we were disappointed with the underwhelming food. I mean…it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t mind blowing as we expected it to be. For $40++ per pax, its good value though! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-11-29
Since it was our first time at Absinthe, we wanted to try more items and opted for the set dinner, priced at $88 each pax. If you browse through the menu, it will be apparent that the set is more worthwhile as the ala carte items are rather expensive.The place itself is really cozy, with a choice of the quieter indoor setting or the alfresco dining along Singapore River.Saint JacquesHokkaido Scallops Carpaccio, Hazelnut, Fava Beans and Soy-Argan Oil DressingNext, we had the Hokkaido scallops. The scallops were sliced so thinly that I cant really taste the natural sweetness of a scallop. But I've to admit this was an interesting dish ~ the dressing itself overpowered the scallops, in a nice way of course. And the nuts & beans added on a crunchy touch. Very intriguing indeed. Homard1/2 Boston Lobster, Seaweed Butter and Angel Hairs with Ikura - $32 (Additional Order)We ordered an extra entree for sharing and we loved this one! The lobster was so succulent and there was so much meat. The pasta was cooked with the right hardness, topped off with salmon roes. We almost squealed in delight. Definitely a must order for me in my next visit! Bisque Traditional Lobster Bisque More lobster, anyone? ^_^The soup was smooth and super flavourful. I though it was slightly too thick ('gao') for me. Nevertheless, we still polished the bowl clean. Foie Gras PoêléPan Fried Foie Gras, Morello Cherries and BlinisI'm not a foie gras person but I thought this was quite okay. The foie gras came with a small slice of pancake & sweet berries sauce. Portion was neat although I can only manage half of it; hubby finished everything including my other half portion. KekeCabillaudRoasted Black Cod, Prawn Risotto and Kaffir Lime Leaf EmulsionBy now, we were really full and it was good that the risotto came in spoonfuls portion. The risotto was lovely, creamy with bite size prawns. Cod fish, on the hand, was a tad saltish but still good. Pore IberiqueSeared Iberico Pore "Presa" Pommery Mustard and Ragu of Brussels SproutsWe were told that this was pork, but we thought it tasted like beef ~ sweet & tender. Yummy! PêcheStewed Seasonal Peaches with Crumble and Peach SorbetSomewhat unusual dessert. The peach fruit was warm, but without the fruit sweetness, which was nicely complemented by the peach sorbet. Overall, it was a lavish meal that we enjoyed very much with the ambiance, service and food. Definitely a place to consider for anniversaries, birthdays or when you feel rich and wanna pamper yourself with a good meal. (^.^)VVisit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg for more review! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Level3 2012-12-14
My partner & I visited Absinthe for dinner on a Friday evening. I arrived before her but was show to our table & offered a drink whilst I waited. I asked for a bottle of water for the table which only arrived after a different waiter asked me again. No great issue with this, I wasn't in a hurry. I was brought bread & butter to graze on whilst I waited for my other half. The bread was lovely, a selection of soft white, multigrain & French crusty baguette. This appeared to be limitless throughout the meal which was nice. Once my partner arrived we were brought menus but had to ask for the wine list. Again, no great hardship & they had a fine & extensive collection. We both had the bouillabaisse which wasn't quite what we expected although it was delicious. Rather than it being in a pot with garlic, cheese, mustard & croutons on the side it was individually portioned with a little plate offers small flat toasted bread(2 pieces each) & a mustard cheese & garlic pre mixed spread. A little disappointing but quite a clever idea as it took up much less space & was easier to eat. The bouillabaisse itself was lovely with fresh fish & seafood & a full flavoured broth. The other food going past all looked wonderful too. My dessert was a chocolate fondant with berry sorbet which was really tasty. My only issue would be the fondant wasn't very runny in the middle. It went beautifully with the sorbet though & I really enjoyed it. The service was attentive & friendly but professional and the atmosphere was really relaxed & warm. The dining room was very stylish & reflected the French theme. There was also the offer of a glass of absinthe to finish off the meal! We declined but had a very good quality pastis instead. We were thanked & wished a good evening by the staff we passed & felt like valued guests. I would definitely go back here again. It wasn't cheap but I don't feel it was overpriced all things considered. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)