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Illuminated by the splendid wall of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the tropical gardens and sparkling pool, Brasserie Les Saveurs exudes timeless elegance and sophistication—a perfect dining room for an extraordinary experience of French dining. continue reading
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Level1 2016-05-07
Book 左 St Regis 住4日,2號下午試左佢地嘅 afternoon tea,當天客人不太多,環境氣氛舒適。首先有1份 tree set ,手指三文治的麵包有點硬,好像放了一段時間,中層的鹹點是鵝肝puff 及旦批,味道有點怪,旦批也不鬆化,最上層有紅莓撻、焦糖燉旦、朱古力,個撻皮都好鬆化,燉旦就甜度適中,跟著有一個酥皮焗小龍蝦薯蓉,個酥皮焗得不太夠時間,入口吾太鬆。外面自取有些壽司,scone ,旦糕,即煎Pancake,雪糕等,scone 質地有點散,又太乾。飮品叫左杯凍檸茶,冇茶味好淡。埋單 SGD115/2位,只可説是食氣氛,個人覺得不太值! continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-30
My friend has invited me to this fine cuisine restaurant to have a feast here.  For the price of $55 per set meal, this is really a very generous gesture from her.  Really glad that i have came here as the food is really nice, service here is very fast and friendly, restaurant looks very beautiful with spacious layout and nice cosy environment.I had their pumpkin soup, which is thick and creamy with the natural pumpkin sweetness in it.  The added pumpkin seeds also added that extra crunch to this soup when you drink it.  The pan-seared margaret duck breast is very tender and juicy.  Every pieces of it have the mild orange fragrant to it, that is refreshing and yummy.  Oven baked ocean Trout with young vegetable is really a huge plate of healthy food that is very filling and delicious.  Baked ocean trout is soft and fresh, with the added good mixed of vegetable to go along with it, is a must have for the healthy group. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-13
Located at the ground level of The St. Regis Singapore hotel, Brasserie Les Saveurs offers contemporary French cuisine. During dinner time, it offers THE ST. REGIS CONNOISSEUR DINNER which consists of hors d’oeuvres and dessert buffet and a choice of main course from its special à la carte menu.Amuse Bouche The meal starts with a serving of salmon flakes, lightly seasoned in a shot glass.At the hors d’oeuvres buffet counter, there is various cold cut and seafood, assorted sushi, DIY mini salad counter and assorted breads. The shrimp salad is delicious with fat juicy shrimps.The roasted beef salad tastes great and juicy.The assorted sushi is average and unexciting.The soup of the day is Szechuan duck soup, which seems quite out of place in a French restaurant. Worse still, the soup tastes quite salty. And the meat is quite tough and dry, a result of having been left in the serving bowls for quite a while.As for the mains :LA TRUITE the oven-baked salmon with endive marmalade, young vegetable and béarnaise sauce is cooked just right with a hint of undercook. Tastes oily and juicy.Also has the LES LÉGUMES fricassee of quinoa and fava beans, eggplant moussaka, vegetables drizzled with fresh basil oil, which looks a black patch of mash and tastes only of eggplant.Lastly we end the meal with TWG tea, as well as,the various desserts from the dessert buffet counter. One of thechoices available is bread pudding which is very soft and tasty from the warm dessert side.While enjoying the food, there is also live singing by the piano and beautiful water display show by the fountain outside. Overall the food is average, but with the warm orange lighting and relaxing setting, time flew fast while eating here. Overall great place but food needs to improve. Usually it will costs $88 per person, but due to Restaurant Week's promotion, it costs one $55++ per person. So some may said it is a great deal. continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-30
I do love the St. Regis Singapore for its array of delectable dining options. There's Yan Ting for fine dining Chinese cuisine, La Brezza for casual Italian and Brasserie Les Saveurs for everything else. Out of the lot, i could see myself dining at BLS most often. Champagne Brunch, Afternoon Tea, French dinner.. there's hardly anything BLS can't execute with panache.In fact, this was my third time dining at Brasserie Les Saveurs. This time I sampled the a la carte dishes prepared by Chef de Cuisine, Antoine Bonnet. The young chef has over 20 years of French culinary experience (he started cooking at the age of 14!) and he cooked his way through France, UK and Lebanon. French cuisine is still his passion as he finds challenge in creating deceptively simple dishes.Our amuse bouche was the Steak Tartare. Light seasoning was used in this version of the tartare. Despite the thicker slices of the meat, the dish was silky and smooth, as was the flavor of the meat. Second course was the Salade Nicoise. I can't never get enough of salads and this was refreshing with a touch of sweetness. Black pepper seared yellow fin tuna, mesclun leaves, quail eggs with marinated anchovies, green beans and Kalamata olives.Next we had the Bouillabaisse Facon Les Saveurs which is a Fisherman's seafood stew slow simmered with fennel and saffron. While the seafood were fresh, i found the dish lacking in the rich seafood flavors that i'm accustomed to in a traditional bouillabaisse. I much enjoyed the lovely Rouille sauce with crusty bread as that added more robustness to the dish. I could die many times over as long as i get my pan seared Foie Gras Poéle. BLS version is that with apple and rhubard compote, "sauternes" reduction raisins and brioche toast. Remember to separate the brioche from the compote asap so that it doesn't get soggy.My favorite dish of the night was the Le Homard Thermidor. Huge Boston lobster flamed with cognac, mushroom bechamel sauce and gratinee gruyere. This is exactly how I love my baked seafood, with lotsa cream and cheese but still maintaining the sweetness of the crustacean. Oh and it's HUGE. Did I mention that already?For full review and more photos, please visit ms-skinnyfat.com continue reading
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Brasserie Les Saveurs is very beautifully adorned with sophisticated furnishings and full length glass windows, it completes my dining experience here at Brasserie Les Saveurs, perfectly. The restaurant has 2 cosy areas that are tucked in the corner of the restaurant. It gives diners an option to enjoy some personal time while enjoying the dinner, although I find the dining experience outside equally good. Accompanied with classy background music and occasionally complemented with a restaurant singer, time passes very fast here as you leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. Amuse Bouche (Pan-seared scallop with Potato Espuma)To prep and warm our stomach for the delectable dishes coming up, we were presented with a delicate cup of Potato Espuma containing a big round piece of Pan-Seared Scallop. The sides of the scallop was slightly crunchy but still manage to lock in the moisture within. Already flavourful by itself, the scallop taste even better after generously coated with Potato Espuma. Salad Nicoise (S$36)Who would have thought that greens can arrive at your table looking so appetizing. Besides mesclun leaves, cherry tomatoes and quail eggs, the Salad Nicoise includes quality ingredients like black-pepper-seared yellow fin tuna and marinated anchovies. The more than ordinary appetizer pleases the tastebud with their salad dressing that comes with a tangy taste. Bouillabaisse Facon Les Saveurs (S$19)What surprise me was not the abundant fresh seafood filling the bowl to the brim. It was the thick broth stock that has gone through a long slow simmer with saffron and fennel, giving diners a palatable bowl of fisherman's seafood stew. Le Homard Thermidor (S$75)The lobster always steal the limelight of the night without fail, for it goes through much complexity to cook up a lobster dish and of course its expensive value. The interesting thing about the Le Homard Thermidor is this: The lobster body is first chopped into bite-sized pieces with sautéed mushroom, then flamed with cognac, mushroom bechamel sauce and gratinee gruyere; while the lobster claws are lightly battered and fried to give a different texture. Australian Prime Ribs (S$48)Brace yourself for a flavour explosion as you work through the premium ribs that come with the choice of either horseradish sauce or red wine sauce.. or take the best of both worlds! Served with roasted potatoes and tomatoes, sink your teeth into the Australian Prime Rib as it scores a touchdown with its succulent and juicy texture. To end of the mouth-watering series of dishes, we had the Le Gateau A La Banane -Banana mousse cake and apricot compote, mango salsa, banana and ginger ice cream. It could be better if the ginger ice cream has a stronger ginger taste. But other than that, the banana mousse cake was certainly moist. Love,CelineFor full review and more photos, please visit http://www.chiamhuiy.com/2013/08/brasserie-les-saveurs-st-regis-singapore.html continue reading
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