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Inspired by the rich culinary traditions of the Jiangnan and Sichuan regions, Crystal Jade Jiang Nan presents a contemporary dining experience with a thoughtfully-curated menu of famed regional delicacies; some reinvented and refined with a touch of modern gastronomy, that pairs impeccably with a selection of hand-picked wines, house-made drinks and tea. continue reading
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From humble beginnings in Singapore in 1991, the Crystal Jade Group has now grown internationally, operating over 120 outlets across 21 cities in 10 countries, with 8 different dining concepts. The Crystal Jade Group (Jiangnan La Mian Xiao Long Bao) is inspired by the cuisine of the Jiangnan region, offering handcrafted snacks, Chinese Zi Char, and other North China delicacies.Ambience at Crystal Jade Group (Jiangnan La Mian Xiao Long Bao) is oriental, clean, with understated colours, and touches of rustic decor. Calming colours of turquoise, beige, and wood adorn the place, with modern, comfortable furniture spaced neatly within the brightly lit dining area. The place can get rather noisy and bustling during peak periods. While the queue system is clear and easy to use, I wish there were waiting chairs around for guests.Service at Crystal Jade Group (Jiangnan La Mian Xiao Long Bao) is good. Staff are quick to attend to diners, be it taking orders, clearing empty / dirty tables or plates, greeting diners upon entry / exit, or refilling cups of tea. Very efficient, professional, proactive, and fast! I also note that staff work together well in serving tables, with a staff bringing the table's order, and another staff helping to present and arrange the orders on the table. However, I wish more of them could converse in English.Food at Crystal Jade Group (Jiangnan La Mian Xiao Long Bao) is focused on North China cuisine, Chinese Zi Char, la mian noodles, and a selection of Chinese small bites. Taste is above average, delicious on its own in general, but not as tasty as similar versions elsewhere. Portions are large and filling, but I feel prices are slightly more expensive compared to elsewhere, as a single main dish will set you back about SGD $13 or so. Budget about SGD $27 per person for a meal here.Loved the Deep-Fried White Bait In Wuxi Style (SGD $7.80), with the large white bait fish having been fried till crisp and crunchy! Coated in a sweet sour sauce, each bite is addictive, making you want more!The Pork Dumpling With Hot Chili Vinaigrette (SGD $6.80) are tasty because of the sour, sharp, tart, spicy sauce / gravy it's served in. I like that the dumplings have fresh tasting pork meat, a medium thick skin that doesn't break easily, and a small amount of meat juice within.Of the 4 dumplings in the Steamed Assorted Flavours Xiao Long Bao (Salted Egg Yolk, Chili Crab, Ginseng, Vegetable) (SGD $10.80), my personal favourite is the chili crab, with its sweet, spicy flavour. My next choice would be the salted egg, with good savoury salty taste, and a crumbly grainy texture to the filling. The vegetable version is also pretty good, straight forward, fresh, and tasty. My least favourite would be the ginseng, whose herbal, sour taste I find odd.Full Crystal Jade Group (Jiangnan La Mian Xiao Long Bao) review: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/03/crystal-jade-group-jiangnan.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-12
Saw that they have 过桥米粉 (literally translated as cross bridge noodles, haha) on the menu, so decided to order this as I've only seen this dish at one other restaurant in Singapore.Cross Bridge Noodles come served with many small plates of ingredients and the noodles served separately from the soup. At the other restaurant, you have to add all the ingredients into the soup by yourself. Here at Crystal Jade, the waiter will push a tray of all the ingredients to the side of your table and help to add them all in while you watch. I like that they served it in a stone bowl which helped to keep the food warm throughout the meal. There was black fungus, bean sprouts, egg, fish and chicken slices and salted veg with thick rice noodles. The soup was nice and slightly 'creamy', probably from hours of boiling the soup with chicken or pork bones. This was nice comfort food and I prefer Crystal Jade's version than the other restaurant's, think it's better quality. continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-13
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2014/06/13/crystal-jade-jiang-nan/Crystal Jade Jiang Nan brings you culinary delicacies from the south of China’s Yangtze River. At this polished restaurant, you can savor 4 Jiang Nan styles-Sichuan, Jiangsu, Hunan and Shanghai, all served up with Crystal Jade consistency. The heart-warming food is not fancy schmancy, but they resonate with everyone from young to old. Service standards varies, warm and efficient on weekdays but sometimes splotchy on weekends.I love dramatic entrances. Hong Kong Ying Yang ($4.80) is gimmicky, but I like it! The fragrant beverage came in a tall flask with dry ice flowing from the centre of the flask.Sliced Pork with Golden Mushroom, Loofah and Black Fungus Soup in Casserole ($16.80). Healthy, flavorful soup which was not overly salty. We order this every time we visit.Multi-flavored Dumpling Family ($12.80) is essential assorted pork, chicken and vegetable dumplings. My favorite was the French bean and pork dumpling.Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple sauce ($13.80) was a tad too sweet; I could hardly detect any sourness.Sautéed Prawns and Sweet Potato with Salted Egg Yolk ($22). We were impressed with the huge, succulent prawns coated with insanely delicious salted egg yolk. Holding its own are the creamy sidekick sweet potatoes, which added a touch of comforting sweetness to the otherwise salty dish.Deep-fried Scallops with Spicy Salt ($16.80). Fresh, savory scallops tossed with coco pops. Wished the scallops were plumper though….Steamed Sliced Sea Bass with Cut Chilli ($14.80). Despite the copious amount of chilli, it’s only slightly spicy. Flavors were captivating, while fresh sea bass was tender and flaky.Sautéed assorted mushroom with asparagus and bean curd ($12.50)Deep-fried spinach bean curd with assorted mushrooms ($12.80). It’s hard to go wrong with a classic Chinese combination and silky tofu.Sautéed French bean with minced pork and olive leaf ($12.80). The seasoning is spot on and I can see this pleasing most palates.We wrapped up our meal with bite-sized Pumpkin cake and Japanese glutinous rice dumpling desserts ($5.60). The cute pumpkin rice cake has a salted egg yolk infused skin and red bean paste filling. While the skin had a nice chewy texture, it was too thick and I grew tired from all the chewing after awhile. We could not detect any salted egg yolk flavor.The unassuming Japanese glutinous rice dumpling (mochi) fared much better; it caught us by surprise with its exquisite texture and delicate strawberry and mango fresh cream filling. It’s like eating pillow-y clouds! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-05
It was late noon and i was getting hungry and wanted to find a nice quiet place to eat something. Suddenly recalled Crystal Jade Jiang Nan is located at a nice corner. Since i was alone, i thought just having xiao long bao will be just nice for me. I haven't try the ones at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan so i ordered the multi-flavoured Xiao Long Bao to enjoy! Can't remember all the flavours but i must say it's all pretty good. I definitely won't mind ordering this again for my next visit considering that it's very reasonably priced at $14.50It's only the one in the middle that's sweet (custard filling) but only available when you order the multi-flavoured ones. I only took one bite cause too sweet for my liking! continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-29
I have never known Crystal Jade has this yet another concept under its umbrella Crystal Jade brand. Little does the word JiangNan suggest the kind of cuisine one can expect from this place besides the fact that the place would be offering Chinese food haha I like the fact that Crystal Jade has always different types of noodles from which one can choose. And they are mostly really springy ^^ Ordered the La Mian with Spicy Chicken, Preserved Egg And Cucumber in “Sichuan” Style and I would say it is a refreshing change to have cold chicken paired with the springy noodles Tried this interesting dish known as the Steamed Beancurd with Egg Yolk, French Bean, Carrot, Black Fungus Served in a Cup ($8). It is is actually tasteless on it's own and you would add flavour to it by using the provided condiments which include chilli oil, shallot oil, olive oil and black vinegar. It is interesting due to the various appealing colours but ahh the taste of it all was not really appealing, edible but nothing out of the ordinary.Tried their original XiaoLongBao which is nothing much to rave about either but if you are adventurous enough, there are various other flavours from which one can choose. Ordered the Fried XO Rice cake whereby the Korean Topokki is modified into a Chinese version but I would still prefer the traditional carrot cake haha.. It is worth trying though For drinks, I had the Hong Kong Style Cold Milk Tea, served in a tall glass flask together with some dry ice in center of the flask. The presentation is quite unique while the milk tea is smooth with strong tea taste. Overall, a good dining experience with all the interesting varieties. I would head back for the other varieties including their signature dishes such as the Not Fried Rice, not to forget the springly noodles too haha continue reading
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