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With their passion for freshness of food, they aim to bring you brightness of mind, calmness of heart, and lightness of spirit. They offer a wide range of traditional Hongkong dishes including their house favorites: Imperial Crab, Special Roast Duck, and Signature Fresh Vegetable Juice. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Imperial Crab First Foie Gras Sauce Kungfu Duck
Review (7)
Level4 2016-03-07
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2016/03/06/ri-g20-mar2016-dinner-good-but-expensive-food-first-culinary-on-24feb2016/for mar2016, the organiser arranged dinner at first culinary at ITE college central 2 Ang Mo Kio Drive on 24.2.2016. 11pax attended.we had the S$468 menu.food taste was good actually. but it was quite expensive for the type of dishes & ingredients. we paid S$55 each.some didn’t like the longevity buns so we had the deepfried mantous instead. they were nice though they didn’t fit into the dishes & perhaps the original longevity buns would do.the cold dishes was quite good standard. all were quite tasty. roast pork nicely done & standard of any good restaurants like tunglok, imperial treasure etc.fish skin, baby octopus, ribs & the egg were all good.our group now more nevironment conscious, so sharksfin changed to fish maw soup. bravo!the fish maw was also very good standard, tasty, with good amount of crab & fish maw, not the gluey starchy type.& the stock, soup base was good, so a sweet, tasty soup, beng thin standard la…there was a wasabi & peanut sauce prawns.both were very well down. same preparation deep-fried very nicely & added sauce. first time i had peanut sauce. it was good too.we had a large soon hock, probably 1 kg size.it was HK steamed 港蒸, very nicely done too, fresh, quite the perfect timing, very good.the abalone dish was good standard but nothing special.abalone is abalone, the duck web & brown braising sauce ok but nothing special, bot specially tasty..i had better la…scallops & broccoli were all good. the basket was not yam basket but some potatoes, so so to me, no one took much.yee meen noodles were pretty tasty.sea coconut was the usual.it was another wonderful evening of old friends coming together, great chat & sharing, strengthening of friendship & bonds.overall the food was ok or good but pedestrian. nothing special except for the price, which was rather expensive at S$55nett each for the type of dishes. price was not outrageous but not great value also.still between good value but mediocre food & this, i would rather have good standard food preparation & taste, and not so great value.i heard hong kong people talking in the streets (actually in the MTR station), “sin you ho sek, yin hao dai sek” 贤要好吃,然后抵吃…so first good taste, then good value la… continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-27
The restaurant is located on the first floor. Make note that for CNY reservations, a deposit is required.They have about 15 or so tables. It's not a huge restaurant, but I believe more of the patrons are working in the nearby industrial estate.This was the Chinese New Year menu that we choose.This vegetable fruit juice is apparently their signature drink. It took a while for all our drinks to arrive, as they had to prepare the drink. To be honest, it's not juiced. It's blended, as I could see that the fibers tand the juice easily separated themselves.The sugar content in the drink is pretty high, which makes me wonder if they added any syrup to the drink.Prosperiy Yu Sheng with SalmonThey served the yu sheng with a generous portion of salmon, for 10 pax, everyone had more than enough salmon. The yu sheng itself wasn't overly sweet and the crackers weren't too oily.With so many different version of the yu sheng being eaten this new year, I still prefer the traditional kind, just like this!Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat, Conpoy and MushroomsThe shark's fin tasted quite bland, I didn't see or get to eat any crab meat, but there was one chunk of shark's fin in my bowl.Duet of Deep-fried Soon HockThe fish was fresh and it was very crispy. I enjoyed eating the skin as it was thin and crispy. The bones were easy to remove from the fresh fish meat. The sauce was slightly sweet and wasn't too salty. I didn't feel thirsty after eating this dish.Braised Sea Cucumber, Conpoy, and oyster with beancurdThe beancurd tasted very bland, the prawns were decent, not fantastic. The vegetables were okay. Overall a very normal taste-less dish.Signature Kung Fu Roasted DuckI loved their roasted duck, the skin was very crispy and the duck wasn't too fatty. It was easy to remove the fat from the duck meat. The meat was juicy and tender.Yuan Yang Fried Rice with ConpoyThe fried rice had a good amount of wok-hei and alot of crispy little prawns.Chilled Mango Sago PomeloServed with strawberry cubes, this chilled mango sago was very sweet and quite thick. It wasn't a favourite with the people at my table. But I was okay with it.Overall, an okay CNY Lunch. The food wasn't fantastic and it wasn't that bad either. But their service was very quick, responsive and good. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-10
This is my first Yu Sheng in the Year of Horse. I had Yu Sheng celebration with my colleague. The colleague ordered from First Culinary as the restaurant was just a stone throw from the office. We ordered Yu Sheng for 10 pax. The Yu Sheng was prepared in a bento box with shredded red and white carrot. Of course, the Yu Sheng goes with other sauce such as the plum sauce, honey and oil. There was a small container of salmon fish. Together with the cracker, fine peanut and sesame seeds, sauces, salmon, these are rolled and tossed over the bento set. Given a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 as the best, I would grade 4. The sauce was not sufficient. Somehow, some of the ingredient did not receive the moisture of the sauce and not easy to find the salmon as the serving was limited. Luckily, I was able to find a slice of treasure salmon. The cost of Yu Sheng costs $38. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-04
FOODChampagne Pork Ribs I like the sweet and sour sauce that is coupled with the crispy and crunchy pork ribs. Tasty and appealing to the taste buds!Black Bean Stone Pot ChickenThis is one of their speciality dishes, where they cook the chicken cubes in a hot stone. Not too bad, just a little saltyFried Prawns with Salted EggThe salted egg is insufficient to give the whole dish that "wow" factor. Prawn is also not that crispy as well.Fried Ee Fu NoodlesThis is just a normal ee fu noodles we can find anywhere outside. Not much of ingredients. Will get sick of it when one eats too much.Roasted Duck with cucumberThe roasted duck is quite fragrant, but too oily.Pamelo Sago MangoTopped with the mango ice-cream, this pamelo sago mango blends in well with the ice-cream to give its awesome taste.SERVICEThe waitress are quite polite, and even helped us to clean the table properly so we could take photos on a clean table, unlike other restaurants which do not bother at all. AMBIENCEIt can be quite noisy when the restaurant is crowded. Advisable to make reservations during those peak periods - Mother's Day/Father's Day continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-20
On the labour day, we wanted to eat something decent. My friend recommended ITE campus as students were not in, it could have peace and quiet walking around the campus. We decided to try this Chinese restaurant. 2 of us occupied a small table, it was big enough and seating wise, it was spacious. We didn’t have big stomach on that day. We wanted to have something for munching while we were chatting. So we ordered braised duck wing and their signature fry rice noodle for carbohydrate fix. The braised duck wing is an appetiser and portion is generous. Taste wise, it seems it has been braising for quite a number of days. Meat is too soft for chewing. Each wing has cut up for easy eating, actually, we don’t mind it serves in full wing, that is the fun of eating this dish. We both liked the fry rice noodle. It wasn’t oily at all and yet rice noodle could be separate, it wouldn’t stick to each slice. The best was it could taste the wok fragrance of which home cooking could not achieve.Service wise, so far so good, no complain. continue reading
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