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Hansang Korean Family Restaurant was established in March 2007 and is divided into 3 sections - the barbeque section, the a la carte section & a snack corner. Hansang Korean Family Restaurant serves marinated meats to be barbequed, favourites such as sweet & sour pork and jajangmyeon, as well as street snacks such as spicy rice cakes and kimbab. continue reading
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Jajangmyeon Kimbab Ddeokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake)
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Level4 2014-12-27
We ordered their Samgya Tang Set ($60++) which I thought was overpriced. The Samgya Tang was light though the ingredients were quite hearty. There was a lot of glutinous rice stuffed in chicken which absorbed the soup’s flavours. The chicken was also soft and tender.The side dishes were pretty standard, but what truly disappointed us was that not all were refillable! For the price, I would expect more variety and refillable side dishes.We would unlikely visit again as there are better and more authentic Korean restaurants around the vicinity, and most importantly, at a more pocket friendly price-tag. continue reading
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I often passed by Hansang Korean Restaurant at Novena Square 2, and decided to give it a try. Truth be knownst, other than the Korean BBQ lunch I had at Awon Korean Restaurant (Excelsior Hotel) years ago - which was supposedly a very authentic Korean restaurant, I seldom take Korean food in Singapore. Hence, I decided it was time for another Korean meal in Singapore. The traditional looking Hansang Restaurant is resplendent in shades of white and beige, light wood furniture and a cosy settingChicken Bibimbap came - served with a fried egg - the ones I ate in Korea came with raw / semi-raw egg which I could mix easily into the bowl of rice and vegetables. I loved the spicy Kimchi taste and large beansprouts of Bibimbap (hot stone bowl with rice and assortment of vegetables) but for the one served here, I did not get much Kimchi overture, so I had to add them from the array of side dishes. The overall combination when mixed together, still tasted pretty good.Then the Korean Ginseng Chicken - very tender chicken flesh that was mentingly soft, and tiny grains of glutinuous rice reckoned into a hot Ginseng brew. The taste was very bland - we did not know if it was because it was meant to be so, or if our tastebuds were conditioned to enjoy the bolder Ginseng flavor in Chinese Ginseng brew. For more detailed information and photos, do feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2013/12/lunch-at-hansang-korean-restaurant.html continue reading
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What a put off lunching at Hansang Novena. This is the first korean restaurant that does not top up kimchi because we ordered lunch promotion items.It started when I requested to the manager to top up our kimchi. He looked over my table, and saw my wife was having the ginseng chicken soup which is for lunch promotion. He just told us flatly we are not entitled to because we are having the lunch promotion. I was puzzled as i ordered my set from the main menu but before I could make further clarifications, he hurried to take the order for another table. I then signalled to another waiter for kimchi but when I saw him taking the kimchi over, the manager stopped him. Upon clarification, I was told the set I order was also lunch promotion.. I spent over 40 dollars and don't think we should be penalise by our orders. After all, how much can I small plate of kimchi costs? Things just went downhill. My coffee were not served despite me requesting for 3 times. The manager just brushed me off on my 3rd request saying it's coming. I then saw him going over to the counter to ask them to prepare my coffee! Having said that, my wife still enjoyed the soup.. But service does counts a lot. I am definitely not patronising here again! Good thing I am not Gordon ramsay, else I am pretty sure he will get the four letter word... continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Nothing taste better then having hot sizzling food cook right in front of you. We went to Hansang had their buffet dinner; we requested for one side hotpot and the other BBQ. Totally adore their marinated assorted meat, especially the bulgogi Pork, sweet and spicy slice pork tasted fantastic with charred bits from the burn lard. Kimchi broth for the hotpot was sour and appetizing, like the fresh chewy squid ring swimming in the orange boiling soup. Happening hot food section has my favorite kimchi fried rice, fluffy rice covered with tangy and sticky kimchi sauce. Different kind of traditional Korean dipping for us to choose to go with BBQ meat that is not marinated. Superb. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-30
My Bestie super love Korean Dish no matter there's Korean Shop will drop by and try it...so we went to Hansang Korean Family where located at Novena Square 2...Actually wanna to try their charcoal BBQ end up we try ala carte... Dubokgee --> Really chewy and the sauce was savoury-sweet, and perfect with the dash of sesame seeds... Green Pea Jelly --> Tasty and filling, but rather disappointing value for money... Ginseng chicken soup steam rice --> Pretty tasteless but the soup is pretty thick and flavorful which we like... Assorted Pancake --> Kind of greasy, we started to feel very "bored" of the taste...Did not finish the food... Sweet Potato Noodles --> Abit sweet...Generous portion...Staff is nice and attentive... continue reading
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