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A vibrant, modern restaurant offering the best buffet restaurant in Singapore, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Lime’s warm setting is perfect for you to enjoy a wide range of local, Southeast Asian and international culinary delights. Three open kitchens set the stage for a fascinating display of skill, as in-house chefs deftly transform an assortment of fresh ingredients into signature creations continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-10
Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2015/08/local-lobsterfest-buffet-at-lime.htmlThe local F&B dining scene has been in a festive mood as the nation's Golden Jubilee celebration draws near. For SG50, Lime restaurant's culinary team has put together an irresistible menu of all-you-can-eat Maine lobster buffet dinner, a collection of lobster dishes with local and international influences. These will be served on top of the regular international buffet spread, coupled with free flow Tiger beer, juices, local drinks and specialty coffee/tea.The Lobsterfest buffet dinner happens only on Wednesdays, it was so popular that we need to make reservation more than a month in advance.Lime, is an uber chic modern restaurant with high ceilings and full length glass windows, dressed with eye catching contemporary decor and stylish furnishings.Semi private roomThe dinner buffet was lined up along a stretch of open kitchen, with chefs hard at work to churn out freshly prepared dishes, a la minute. Let's check out the impressive spread before tucking in.Sushi & sashimiFresh seafoodOysters!Maine lobstersPrawns & scallopsLobster pasta live stationLobster & seafood paellaLobster laksa live stationBlack pepper lobsterChili LobsterLobster, Kam Heong style Cooked food stationDrinks & juicesMatcha fountainDesserts stationIce cream stationNonya dessert stationAfter feasting our eyes with that gigantic buffet spread, we had to quickly make a move to grab the lobsters dishes before they ran out...remembering that the restaurant was fully booked on all Wednesdays for the entire month!As dinner progresses, long queues always build up at the lobster stations whenever new replenishment was served, and they were wiped out real quick! Here's what I managed to grab for dinner...none of the dishes disappoints, and please save space for desserts!Lobster, prawns, scallops, oysters & musselsSushi & Salmon sashimiLobster laksaChili lobster w/ mantouCrab ball double boiled soupDurian pengat...must eat!DIY Nonya rojakBo bo cha chaRaspberry gelatoThe food here tasted as good as they looked, expertly prepared, with premium quality ingredients and excellent presentation. We all agreed that the quality and variety offered matches the hefty price tag of $98++ per person. Fine food, stunning ambiance, and great service, such a nice way to celebrate the nation's 50th birthday!PricesSGD98++ per adultIncludes unlimited local drinks, beer, chilled juices, soft drinks, specialty coffee and teaSGD49++ per child (below 12yr old)Includes unlimited local drinks, chilled juices, soft drinks, specialty coffee and tea- Offer is valid every Wednesday, until 30 December 2015Restrooms hidden behind these mirror doors...cool.Lobby continue reading
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Full Lime Restaurant review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/03/lime-restaurant-tasting-session.htmlSince opening in 2014, the PARKROYAL On Pickering Singapore Hotel has gained international acclaim for its lush sky gardens, reflecting pools, eco-friendly design, and towering tiers of greenery. Their in-house restaurant, Lime Restaurant, hasn't been lagging behind either; offering diners a vibrant, comfortable atmosphere, and serving a wide variety of cuisines on both their buffet and ala-carte menus, Lime Restaurant has been raking in the awards in recent years.Ambience at Lime Restaurant is vibrant and welcoming. The spacious, open concept dining area is modern, comfortable, stylish, and welcoming, and the floor to ceiling windows offer a fantastic view of the busy streets. Lush greenery abounds, and spaces are thoughtfully carved out, while eco-friendly and environmental design elements adorn the place. I love how the desserts are displayed, setup to resemble a forest floor, and I also love how attractive the bar looks with all the liquor bottles displayed along the back. The various buffet sections are well separated, but the overall flow is rather disjointed.Service at Lime Restaurant is pretty good, with staff greeting you upon entry, and walking you over to seat you. I also like that staff are very quick and efficient at clearing away empty / dirty plates, which is important in a buffet. They do upkeep a professional image, as befitting the Pan Pacific group of hotels, and are knowledgable on the buffet and ala-carte menus for the day. However, further queries into food or history will often be refered to the head chef, who will then make an appearance to elaborate.Food at Lime Restaurant is varied, and the buffet includes Western influences from American, British, French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine, as well as Asian influences from Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean, and Peranakan cuisines. Buffet prices are comparable to buffets in other hotels, priced at SGD $68 ++ per person for dinner on a weekday, and SGD $98 ++ per person for brunch on a weekend. The ala-carte menu is available throughout the day as well.Being named Lime Restaurant, you'll expect them to have a pretty good lime drink, and their Signature Limeade didn't disappoint. Love the pretty bright green, vibrant colour, and the presentation with garnishes on top. The taste is quite strong, a combination of sour, tangy, and slight sweetness, very refreshing on the palate.Lime Restaurant uses Echire Butter!!! For those in the know, Echire Butter is the world's most exclusive butter, it has a delicate, rich, creamy, and distinctly tangy, sour, and sweet flavour, with a firm, yet supple texture, a remarkable spreadability, and a slow melt.The Kam Heong Crab here is chef's signature creation, with a slight Indian inspired twist, resulting in a fragrant, savoury, mildly spicy dish that is bursting with flavour. Unique, and a welcome departure from the standard crab.Peranakan cuisine features heavily at Lime Restaurant, owing to head chef Mdm Nancy Teo, a true peranakan matriarch who sees the kitchen staff as part of her family. The classic Peranakan main dishes here are very good, though the Peranakan desserts are outsourced. continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-04
Anyway, the previous two times, I was here for chilling out and brunch, therefore I was thrilled that I was coming back for dinner this time round. Their weekday evening dinner buffet costs around SGD$45.00 per pax, International cuisine, and this time round it seems there are more variety.From the Peranakan counter to the fruit + dessert stations; from salad to bread and pasta, marinated meats, seafood and Japanese counters etc, we were all spoilt for choice. Service was very hospitable as per last visits, and the setting was very comfortable.After the standard seafood, I enjoyed some Seafood Pie Tees that were utterly crispy on the exterior and generously filled with shrimps (and scallops?) within.The friendly chef came over with a famous Kuala Lumpur dish aka the specials of the day - Kam Heong Crabs (translates literally from Cantonese to mean "golden fragrance"). It was special because it was prepared with chilli and dried shrimps, and garnished with fresh curry leaves plucked from the rooftop garden of the hotel itself. Hence, the usual sweetness of the crab meat was now donned with the delicious spiciness of curry flavor.Then I moved on to some fresh greens, chicken cooked in gravy as well as Smoked Duck Breast. The latter was incredibly tasty, with a chewy, bouncy texture that gave way to tenderness once safely in the mouth.Finally, time for some desserts. The Creme Brulee was quite all right - crisp sugared top with golden-custard underneath. The mini Chocolate Tart was rich in flavor and ganache but my favorite was the Passion Fruit Chocolate Tart, for obvious reasons (simply they were delicious).For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/03/media-invite-dinner-at-lime-restaurant.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-28
We went to Lime Champagne Brunch today to celebrate my birthday This is a cheaper version of Champagne Brunch compared to 'The Edge' at Pan Pacific. We must say that Lime buffet spread is quite good with a wide selection of food including our favourite Foie Gras! The chef carefully pan fry the Foie Gras & sprinkle some sea salt on them, you can imagine how yummy they were when paired with some sweet pears slices & passion fruit =) My hubby love their Lobster Risotto. The chunks of lobster meat do add texture & risotto is packed full of flavour. However I felt that the rice grains could be cooked just a little more till slightly soften. Lobster bisque is very good, smooth & creamy eaten together with croutons... yummy =)There are the usual assorted sushi, sashimi-salmon & tuna. The tuna is not very nice, a bit on the dry side. We love their chewy cha soba =) Though the oysters were small, they were very fresh & yummy =)They had a pretty good spread of desserts ranging from the nonya kueh, cakes, ice creams, bread puddings to Matcha chocolate fondue. I simply love the Matcha chocolate fondue, dipping fruits & marshmallows into the thick, creamy sweet matcha flavoured chocolate. My hubby on the other hand love their own made lime marshmallows. He particularly love durian pengat & ate 3 small glasses.Overall, the dinning experience is a pleasant one. The staffs were very efficient in clearing our used plates & attended to our needs promptly. continue reading
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Price: $38++ per set for 2 persons = Total bill of $44.70 for 2 pax (Items are non-refillable)They have only 3 miserable selection for Tea - Earl Grey, Jasmine & Chamomile.. Now they do not serve tea in a teapot anymore for Afternoon Tea set. They will just serve you tea in a cup with the tea bag. In this case, how can Lime indicated with refreshing pot of tea in their website???The items that we ate were all seemed like they were from 1-2 days ago, the tarts were not crispy type, they were moist and tasted like they were not baked freshly type.. Finger sandwiches were also quite bad...The service here never improve, yet getting worst during afternoon tea time. They will usually put guests at the back area for afternoon tea while their staff were mostly standing at the front either talking in a group or they were more concerned in preparing for the dinner buffet. And when i asked a few questions about the high tea, the staff seemed to be a bit impatient and wanted to leave. The staff here just simply don't bother with guests coming for afternoon tea. And the high tea items were not fresh, quality dropped till the max (Unacceptable)....I really don't understand with the management at Lime.. Since you're all not interested to serve guests during afternoon tea time, then why bother to launch this high tea to torture your guests stomach and made them feel disappointed leaving Lime. This is the WORST place to have afternoon tea which explains why we were the only table to have high tea there on that day while other hotels were usually full house for high tea on Sat/Sun. Maybe the service for your buffet lunch/dinner is good but no one will come back for your afternoon tea again after first try.. Doesn't mean your afternoon tea prices is cheap & we have to accept such quality & service. I think no matter how much we spent at Lime, hotel restaurants should provide the same level of service & quality at all times.. It's a pity that we can't come back for high tea again with such a nice ambience at Lime....For full review & photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/09/afternoon-tea-set-at-lime-parkroyal-on.html continue reading
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