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A seafood-focused Chinese restaurant, Majestic Bay offers the freshest sea treasures from around the world. The menu showcases quintessential Singaporean favorite classics. The restaurant taps on the waterfront view by incorporating nautical elements in its design. The setting is reminiscent of a ship deck, with its modern palette of relaxing neutral tones, light oak floors, and a feature wall of round mirror 'portholes'. The corporate colour of aquamarine further accentuates the marine theme. A live seafood tank at the entrance allows customers to select their catch of the day before it is freshly prepared for them. continue reading
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Chilli Crab Green Dragon Chives Crispy Chicken Skin Crispy Mango and Prawn Rolls with Mayo Dressing Steamed Prawn Dumplings
Review (8)
Level2 2015-11-30
Majestic Bay is definitely the perfect locale for seafood indulgence with your family, friends and corporate partners.Here's what we have:Trio prawns combo - Salad dressing/ wasabi mayo/ lemon butter milk sauce.Price: $38 for 4paxI love the flavourful pairing of the prawns. It leave me craving for more that I wouldn't reject if there is second plate. Salad dressing sauce is my favourite of all. It is rich in taste and mouth watering. Steamed, Su Dan fish, rice broth, “Teochew” style.Upon the first bite, I'm in love with the softness and tastiness of the meat. The soup is soaked with the essence of the fish and is full of flavour, there is no need to dip it with soy sauce. The fish is so fresh and I am pleased with the high quality dish. But there is one thing I would like to point out, be please careful when consuming the dish as there are lots of tiny bones in it.The signature "Kopi" Crab is the main highlight of the night. When the crab was flambeed with rice wine and coffee liqueur, our table was immediately filled with the strong aroma of coffee. The kopi crab has got a rich taste of caramel and coffee with the sweetness done to perfection. I must say the dish is innovative, I have never thought of such combination before. It is definitely worth giving a try, your meal at Majestic Bay will not be complete with itSautéed, bamboo clams, water spinach, sambal chilli.Price: $16 for 2-4 pax $24 for 5-8 paxSambal water spinach is my favourite vegetables dish, I will never failed to order this is any restaurant. Simply love the sambal taste. Sweet’s temptation 甜品诱惑Price: $20 for 4 paxA sweet end to the meal. We had the dessert platter which consist of Pancake with Red Bean Paste, Steamed Custard Buns with Salted Egg Yolk, Black Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Yam Paste Stuffing and Shredded Coconut, and Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Fresh Cream Stuffing.Pancake with Red Bean Paste was my second favourite, it was yummy good.My favourite of all was Steamed Custard Buns with Salted Egg Yolk. The custard bun was caught in the middle of sweetness and salty. I loved it so much, especially when the filling came flowing out when you bite it - the fusion of salted egg yolk with the bun. It's mouthwatering!!!Are you already drooling, check out the restaurant now. continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-19
For more review, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/06/majestic-bay.htmlBringing our Guest to Garden By the Bay was planned and so was the dinner. I have never heard of Majestic Bay until it was brought up by my colleague who frequent the place. It is located in Gardens By The Bay, below Flower Dome and opposite the entrance of Cloud Forest.Soothing wood tones and tastefully chosen crockery and linens create a homey,welcoming vibe among the Gardens. With transparent glass panels overlooking to the path where people are strolling, cycling or even jogging in the evenings did boosts one's energy in one way of another seeing lively activities around. Warmly welcome by fish tanks of live seafood while we make our way into the restaurants to our seats. For those who are having live seafood, get to choose their catch of the day from the tank.Menu came in hard copy as well as digital format. I thought it was good to have dishes illustrated in the electronic device as the hard copy menu has no pictures for someone like our guest who was not so familiar with Chinese Cuisine.Meal started interestingly with the Trio Prawns Platter, with a long plate divided into 3 section with Salad Dressing, Lemon Butter Milk Dressing and Wasabi Dressing respectively.Salad Dressing was lightly coated on the battered prawn with basil seeds and little mango cubes.While prawns of the middle portion has cute little slices of turnip as garnishing.Wasabi flavored prawns on the other hand was sweet without overpowering its taste, basil seeds and caviar were included too.Having double boiled soup served in coconut is definitely a new addition to my dictionary. Assorted seafood like prawns, scallop, fish maw were included with mushrooms and white fungus. Soup was light and mostly filled of fish maw taste but not too overpowering.Undeniably the best Espresso Pork Ribs I had ever eaten. I'm not a coffee person but this boneless and lean pork ribs were wholly aromatic and light on the palate. Simply love its evenly coated Expresso Coffee Sauce over the tender ribs.Sauteed asparagus was well stirred fried with fried garlic, carrots as well as mushrooms. Asparagus were totally crunchy and "sold out" on our table very soon after it was served.Serving brought me a surprise as it was quite small. However, the miniatures abalone had stolen the scene. It was topped together with chopped carrot cubes as well as spring onions on the softened Mee Sua.Unfortunately, the taste of the broth came with a strong hint of seafood smell, more towards the crustaceans taste and wasn't too pleasing to everyone of us on the table, thus we ended up wasting abit of the food.Ending my meal with a cooling bowl of double boiled Chinese Pear snow Fungus and peach gum to soothe my going-to-sore throat. It really aids in soothing the system down.While the Guest chose the fresh mango puree with chendol coconut strips and was too, happy about such selection.Servings seemed petite initially yet keep our groaning empty stomachs full at end of everything. Overall Majestic Bay reminds me of some Chinese Fine Dining. Besides its strategic location in Gardens By the Bay, I would say it was a good recommendation to bring a guest there as the ambiance was quiet with attentive services from the working team. Totally suitable for causual business meet ups. After all my guest from aboard seemed to be satisfied with this dinner. continue reading
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Last weekend, I had lunch at Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant. This is located at Garden By The Bay – Flower Dome. When you are at the main reception area of the Flower Dome (where you can purchase tickets for the flower dome), take the escalator down to the lower level, and its on the left of the escalator.Here are the highlights of my meal:- - Dim Sumo Signature Chilli Crab Meat Bun: Done as a dim sum, where the crab meat is cooked with non-spicy chilli gravy and wrapped in a bun that is pan fried. Not spicy and it was nice.o Scallop and Prawns Dumpling: This is done like a fried wanton. It has cut up prawns and sliced scallops filling. Good.o Minced Pork and Yam Dumpling: Minced pork fillings in a mashed yam ‘cocoon’ that is deep fried. Crispy on the outside and a good dim sum dish to order. Try it!o Steamed Vegetable Dumpling: Assortment of chopped up vegetables in a crystal dumpling.o Shanghai Pork Dumpling: This is popularly known as Xiao Long Bao. It is a minced meat filled mini bun, which you dip into vinegar with ginger slices.- Alaska King Crab Meat Soup with Minced Celery: The soup was slightly greenish in color, due to the minced celery and scooping in the soup, there was steamed custard at the bottom. I also got pieces of Alskan King Crabmeat in the soup. I personally found the soup a little salty.- - Dragon Tiger Garoupa done two ways -o Stewed withTofu sheet, Wild Mushrooms in Claypot: This is my first time tasting the Dragon Tiger Garoupa, which sounds very exotic. The fish has been deboned and filleted. It was stir-fried with 1cm wide cut pieces of tofu sheets and straw mushrooms in a claypot. I preferred this to the garoupa steamed with minced garlic.o Steamed with Minced Garlic: Topped with roughly minced garlic and steamed. There was a coating of starch on the fish fillets, which made the fish slightly chewy. Would have preferred the fish not to have the starch coating, so that I could taste the fish properly.- - Crispy Shredded Duck, Jiang Nan Style: The duck is shredded apart and the pieces are deep fried. The dish is topped with fried taro strips and julienned mango. I found the duck a tad too dry for my liking. I loved the fried taro and mango that topped the dish though.- - Braised Homemade Tofu with Chinese Mushrooms in Abalone Sauce: The tofu were deep fried till golden brown on the outside. The Chinese mushrooms were big and juicy.It came with blanched Romaine lettuce that were crunchy.- - Stewed Bee Hoon with Boston Lobster: Each person got a piece of boston lobster that has been stewed with medium rice vermicelli. The Vermicelli soaked up the gravy and was tasty.- - Fresh Mango Puree with Chendol Strips: The first time I am drinking it out of a tall cup, instead of eating with a spoon.I will be back soon to try out their steamed yellow duckling bun filled with Nutella and Yam paste. continue reading
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Though Majestic Bay is not a popular place for dim sum and the dim sum selection is quite limited BUT to my surprise, they have creativity and quality! (Helmed by the dim sum chef - Guang-zhou born Chef Li Shou Tao)Die Die must try their Signature Seared Chilli Crab Meat Bun!Service was good as well, our tea was refilled promptly and plates were cleared regularly. The staff answered my queries patiently even though I asked quite many. Haha! Signature Seared Chilli Crab Meat Bun ($5.50 for 3 pcs)Steamed Yellow Duckling with Nutella & Yam Paste ($4.80/pc)15% off for Citibank Card Members on ala carte food bill till Feb 2015.For full review and photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/07/dim-sum-lunch-at-majestic-bay seafood.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-01
Had a really 1st birthday treat from a friend to July babies this year me and my friend and also passing us some passes to ice skating for the experience and fun. Well, I was late for an hour due to other event and miscommunication and glad they still wait for me and the restaurant allow too. Well, it just some dessert but I love it especially the Liu Sha Bao which will melt into your mouth. Both the hot and cold feeling are refreshing. The environment is nice, cooling and seeing the view of the fishes and garden after that. The service are nice as they smile and clean the place after we left. The price is okay too. Although it was a bit hard to find the place but accessible from different mart station like bayfront and marina bay. continue reading
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