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Melt Café is a sophisticated all-day-dining experience, where cultures and cuisines mingle. The restaurant presents guests with contemporary and stylish interiors, where a delightful patisserie counter takes centre stage. Known for its extensive buffet presentations, the restaurant has a variety of stations to tempt diners. The main dining space is filled with light, which comes from the floor to ceiling windows and provides a welcoming ambience. Here diners will find a roast and carving corner, as well as the ever popular live gourmet stations, together with local and international delights. Guests can also dine alfresco during dinner, amidst lush greenery, while enjoying a delicious barbecue. Indoors, the award-winning pastry theatre provides for the perfect finale. continue reading
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Review (18)
Level1 2019-10-02
nice buffet dinner with variety of food from asian to western, the staff service is excellent and helpful. strongly recommended!!! continue reading
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For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2016/05/20/explore-the-flavours-of-india-at-mandarin-oriental-2/“Flavours of India” has returned to Mandarin Oriental’s Melt Café! Melt’s buffet has always had a great reputation for splendid Indian dishes, and till 31st May 2016, there are more varieties included in the spread. Presented by Indian Specialty Chef Santosh Kumar, the vibrant and tantalizing Indian themed buffet will be available for both lunch and dinner (excluding Sunday brunch).The massive Mutton Biryani is a feast for the eyes, and the taste buds too. Much effort has been put into this dish-a whole lamb is marinated for 10 hours, then roasted for another 10 hours. It’s meat is fork-tender and lip-smackingly yummy. Each mouthful of the accompanying spiced basmati rice was a blend of flavors and textures, as the dried fruits also added a dimension of chewiness. If this doesn’t interest you, I don’t know what would!I also adore the Travancore Prawn Curry, where succulent, crunchy prawns are enhanced with spicy and sour notes that tease the palate. Another seafood item that deserves a mention is the Mud Crab Masala, which enthralls the tongue with its medley of spices. Other drool-worthy dishes include Lamb Chop Adreki (lamb with grama masala, yohurt, saffron and mint, as well as Men Vararul (Southern Indian Shallow Fried Fish). Don’t forget to check out the selection of Kebabs, sizzling at barbecue pit situated at the AlfrescoTerrace.Enjoy the mouth-watering array of curries with attractive Tricoloured Rice and Assorted Naan Breads, which comes in garlic, butter and olive variants.There’s also an elaborately decorated live station, where the chef prepares Bombay Behl puri, a popular savory snack in India comprising of puffed rice mixed with potatoes, masala, onions and chutney.Apart from the Indian spread (view menu here) , Melt’s buffet also offer the usual works such as salads, cold cuts, seafood, sashimi, sushi , European cuisine, Asian dishes and more. Melt Cafe’s buffet has always been my family’s top choice, as their ingredient quality and execution are excellent, plus standards are always consistent. Allow me to touch on some of my favourites from the usual buffet offerings.RAVE ALERT! The Marron Lobster Laksa, from the live station, is hearty indulgence in every mouthful. Another must try is the Drunken Live Prawns.Wrap up your meal with Melt’s spectacular Cheese Counter and appealing desserts, which includes wonderfully soft crepes prepared a la minute. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-21
We decided to go Melt the World Cafe for our Christmas buffet dinner.  The elegant hotel was decked up beautifully for Christmas, and this added a festive touch to the usual sleek, chic settings. The multi-cultural buffet spread was satisfying, and I was happy to see the important things such as turkey, pork knuckles, logcake etc that contributed to the festive meal this season.So, the exploration began with the station that serves the Turkey and Pork Knuckle - both looked tantalizing. I pegged this as the station I must go to.  The pork knuckle was crispy. The turkey was very succulent to both our surprise - no joke, none of that rough texture we get usually when chewing on turkey flesh. The cranberry sauce was a fabulous accompaniment.Then there were the Asian food sections - with their hearty display of traditional Indian dishes at one counter, Thai food at another counter, and then the Chinese food counter with soups as well. I had the irresistable bowl of Black Chicken Herbal soup - lightly infused with herbal taste, but the perfect thing on a cold evening as such.Next, the Seafood section. I finally settled down with a plate of seafood comprising of lobster, scallops, oysters, crayfish, clams and prawns. The seafood was rather fresh.Last but not least, my favorite Desserts corner - with a large variety of macaroons, waffles, cakes, tarts, pies, Chinese cakes (kuehs) and fruits etc. I had the Pistachio macaroon (had thought it was green tea- but turned out alot nicer!), a minced fruit meat pie, chocolates in shape of tree trunk sections, lemon tart, fruit cake etc. Everything was a delicious palate sweetenerFor full review and more photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/12/christmas-dinner-at-melt-world-cafe.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-20
Melt is a restaurant which offers multi-cultural culinary feast in both a la carte and buffet options. Designed using natural, textured materials including stone, wood, leather and glass, the restaurant has a stylish, cosmopolitan look. One thing that separates Melt from other buffet restaurants is that it offers a great Royal Tandoori Selection. There is Tandoori oven-baked chicken, mutton, prawns and fish cubes, served with raita, chutney, naan and dhal. One can also see the chef busy making the naans in the open concept kitchen.As Christmas is coming, there is also live craving station serving roasted beef and Turkey. The beef is quite juicy but a bit too raw for me. As for the turkey it is juicy and filled with sweet and fruity stuffing.Next to it, is the live pasta station, there is a choice of 3 pasta and 3 different sauces. I have the mushroom ravioli, cooked in mushroom sauce which is quite creamy and tasty. Prepare to wait quite awhile here as there is only one small saucepan for cooking.There is also quite a wide selection of cold cuts and cold seafood. Most like the bright red juicy cooked prawns served cold. A great selection for salad bar with a wide variety of dressings. Next to it, there is wide range of breads which smell deliciously good.For the Japanese selection, there is cold soba with various toppings. I like the way that lots of ice cubes is used to keep the noodles cold. There is also sushi, maki and sashimi available.Quite a wide range of fresh tropical cut fruit such as longans, pineapple and starfruits.There is freshly made fruit juices such as pink guava, orange, pineapple, apple and fruit punch available at the fruit counter too. The fruit punch tastes quite fruity and not too sweet.There is a good selection of cheese, dried fruit and nuts. There is a selection of jams such as sweet onion jam which tastes too not sweet but delicious.For the desserts, there is kids' all time favourite Chocolate Fondant.Most ladies are attacking the drawers, filled with pretty looking desserts in petite dishes. There is also local kuehs, sliced cakes, chocolates, ice-cream and even freshly made Belgian Waffles. I like the soft in the inside and crispy at the outside waffle. Topped with ice cream made from real vanilla pod and crunchy chopped nuts, it is just so heavenly. I finish the meal a mug of hot latte, which is filled with lots of foams. For $56++ per person for buffet lunch, it is quite reasonable with its great selections. There is still a lot that I have not try yet and I will back again. continue reading
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photos of the savouries here: http://andmorefood.wordpress.com/2013/06/07/melt-the-world-cafe-town-part-1/photos of the sweets here: http://andmorefood.wordpress.com/2013/06/07/melt-the-world-cafe-town-part-2/probably the best buffet I’ve had in singapore – in short: high quality food – not the best in themselves, especially if considered separately - but very good for the fantastically large range on offer. even better than the line at the shangri-la, which has seen standards dwindling in the past years. heavy sticker on this one too, but we waddled away overstuffed and happy – so perhaps an occasional treat?they have a lovely garden outside near the barbecue area – very lovely. there’s a lovely spread of bread and salads on offer; the cold seafood section was rather fresh. I rather like the barbecued section – though it was a little occupied (pitiful singular waiter grilling up everything), everything from the roast pork to the seafood made us happy.they had a european section with stews and loads of vegetables – something very often missing in buffets. a decent indian section too – but I think straits kitchen wins out here.and a nominal section of east asian offerings – chinese cooked food and a japanese section. the sushi was rather paltry though – I’d say to keep the space for something else.there was a rather fantastic dessert spread here though. the long of the short is that the desserts span cakes, mousses, little mignardises and modernesque dessert-in-spoons, fruit and a cheese board. and a waffle maker.layered mousse cakes, apricot tea cakes, american-type carrot cake, a berried trifle and local kueh kuehs – my sister went a little nuts over their tiny spoonfuls of dessert – I think there must have been more than ten on offer.I was quite impressed with the cheese counter. it was small but satisfying, especially since none of us had much space left for cheese anyway. a pretty good range of fruit too that was frequently replenished.the restaurant isn’t super modern, but rather homey old-school, good for large family dinners; it was noisy and vibrant, and everybody was kept happy with the spread of food. it is probably one of the more expensive buffets, and so wasted on me – but if you have a decent appetite, this will do right. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)