Unusual Ice Cream Flavours in Singapore
Though the weather in Singapore is usually warm, in recent days, it has become hotter and more humid especially with summer approaching. To help you survive the blazing hot sun, you crave for something cold and refreshing. Well, how about some ice creams?! Instead of going for the traditional flavours like vanilla or chocolate, why not go for something different? With so many ice cream shops in Singapore, everyone is bound to come up with unique flavours to make them stand out in the market. Love 'em or hate 'em, OpenRice has come up with a list of unusual ice cream flavours you can try. Here they are:
1. Salted Egg Yolk by Tom's Palette
Photo by Celestial Delish Serving all-natural ice creams since 2005, Tom’s Palette has come up with so many flavours which have gained them a number of fans over the years! Still, the ice cream geniuses behind this brand continue to churn out flavours which keep them coming back for more—some are instant hits while there are a few which kinda makes you think twice before ordering. Care to try the Salted Egg Yolk flavour? The saltiness of the egg yolk perfectly balances the creaminess and sweetness of the ice cream. There’s also that mild grainy texture which adds character and makes it interestingly good. Do eat it right away for it easily melts due to the absence of stabilisers (preservatives) in the ice cream. To read reviews about Tom's Palette, click here.
2. Chilli Choco by The Daily Scoop
Photo taken from their website A home-grown brand which started out as a small café in Clementi, it grew to be of the favourite spots where you can get your fix for some fresh and hand-churned ice creams. Since it began, it has come up with about 40 different flavours which includes fruity, traditional, as well as some funky flavours. Our pick for the must-try is the Chilli Choco, which is not your typical sweet ice cream. It packs a punch with that hint of spiciness added to its taste. Feel the mild burn on first bite and let it fade away as soon as the richness sinks in. To read reviews about The Daily Scoop, click here.
3. Caramelised Onions by 320 Below
Photo taken from their Facebook page Located near Little India station, this is one of the newer ice cream shops which is fast becoming a hot spot of dessert fanatics. The way the ice cream makers prepare this cool dessert is interesting—as soon as you order, they will prepare it from scratch and will freeze it with the use of liquid nitrogen. If you find yourself in this place, do remember to watch this whole process for it’s definitely a sight to see! Just like magic, there’s gonna be smoke everywhere and afterwards, your dessert is served! As for the flavours, they have a couple of unusual ones but the definite stand out is the Caramelised Onions. Though it may take some time before your brain can fathom the idea of eating cold onions, it’s actually not bad! The onions don’t taste (and smell) like what you think for they have been masked by the caramel syrup. In short, they’re already sweet before they are mixed with the ice cream mixture. To read reviews about 320Below, click here.
4. Gila Melaka by Udders
Photo taken from their Facebook page Ever since this local brand started its business of selling home-made ice creams, it’s been quite popular due to its whole list of liqueur flavours. Yes, the artisans from this place have created the likes of Bailey’s and Bourbon, Rum Rum Raisin, Wineberries, and more. Apart from these, Udders has also added a Peranakan touch to its choices with the introduction of Gila Melaka. Though you may be quite familiar with it, you wouldn’t really think that it can be converted into an ice cream dessert…until now. This flavour from Udders is really sweet, milky, and surprisingly, doesn’t melt right away. For that added oomph, attap cheese is added as toppings. To read reviews about Udders, click here.
5. Bubble Gum by Marble Slab Creamery
Photo by Qsr Magazine What started out as a small ice cream shop in Texas has become a global brand with outlets found in Canada, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates and Singapore. This brand makes use of the ‘frozen slab’ technique to prepare their delights. Once you’ve given your order, the scoopers will then scoop it up, put it on a frozen slab, and mix the other ingredients really well. As for the flavours, they have a good variety of interesting ones. But the one which caught our attention is the Bubble Gum. Fun, quirky, and sweet…these are the characteristics which best describe this ice cream flavour. To read reviews about Marble Slab Creamery, click here.
6. Sweet Potato Ice Cream by Azabu Sabo Photo by icecreamed.com By this time, you should have gotten used to the Japanese coming up with odd (but not in a negative way) trends about everything from fashion to food. Even with ice creams, they have come up with flavours to make you go, huh?, before you even think about ordering it. The same thought process goes with Azabu Sabo’s Hokkaido ice creams. A popular dessert and tea shop in Japan, it brought unique flavours in Singapore with the opening of its first outlet at Marina Square. One good example is the Sweet Potato. If you think about it, potato doesn’t really have a strong and distinct taste so it just makes the ice cream sweeter and richer. Well, it’s also healthier compared to most ice cream brands around. To read reviews about Azabu Sabo, click here. See Also: Find more Ice cream places here Enjoy delectable desserts here
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