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IPPUDO first started in 1985 in Japan's ramen capital of Hakata by its founder Shigemi Kawahara (internationally acclaimed 'Ramen King'). IPPUDO is an upscale and modern ramen dining place that also serves a range of authentic Japanese dishes apart from their famed tonkotsu ramen that is brewed for more than 15 hours, incorporating 3 cooking stages to create the creamy broth. continue reading
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Level3 2014-06-28
I like my noodle medium and slightly springy. This time I tried their Wanton Men. I was disappointed with the amount of the prawn in the wantons. it did not even add up to one prawn. The soup was slightly salty and the pork belly was over-stewed.We were served with a very energetic waitress! Good engery, Good service and Great smile! If you ask me if it is worth it, I would tell you to try just once.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-19
Ramen at Ippudo has always been my favourite as they are one of the best japanese restaurant that really can cook really nice and fragrant creamy pork stock for their ramen. Moreover their ramen are also very chewy and not soggy. The thinly sliced pork bellies are very juicy and not too oily as well. The fried gyoza was slightly chewy and generous amount of minced meat and vegetable can be found in it, which are juicy and yummy. Restaurant is comfortable and spacious. Service is good and polite. for around $25 per person is not too expensive. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-16
Before I visited, I heard many good reviews about them. After my first visit - which I was impressed - I have been back at least thrice, bringing different friends to introduce them to the delicious ramen served here. This outlet does not allow reservations, and it is not uncommon to see long queues outside the popular restaurant, especially during lunch and dinner hours. The good thing is that the lines are usually cleared very fast.I have tried several types of Ramen here before, but let me share the two most memorable ones. The wonderful thing about their noodles is that it consists of fine strands, springy, and the service crew would ask for "Doneness" of noodles - hard or soft. Yes, this is the unique point of Ippudo's ramen - usually I opt for harder noodles.First, the Shiromaru Special - original tonkotsu (pork) broth served with thin noodles, pork loins, cabbage, kikurage and spring onions - on the side are flavored egg, tender pork cube and bamboo shoots. I absolutely love their soups, regardless of which type of ramen I eventually end up ordering. They are always in-your-face delicious, flavored at full blasts, and non-greasy. Being a fan of flavored eggs (their "braised egg" is rather different from the other Japanese restaurants' - the inside is tenderly raw while the outside is hard-boiled) and bamboo shoots, the entire combination makes for a really hearty meal.I also love their Spicy Black Pork Ramen -I would add the flavored egg as this does not come with it. Another blend of scrumptious soup base, quality thin noodles, bamboo shoot and best of all, black pork. Somehow, black pork has a luscious, delectable taste in additional to its extreme tenderness. I am usually not a fan of pork, but I do enjoy black pork. The tastiness of black pork cooked with delicious broth and noodles, makes for a very gratifying meal.For more detailed information and photos, do visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2013/12/dinner-at-ippudo.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-12
Shiromaru Tamago - $17The original receipe tonkotsu served with thin noddles, Ros chashu (Pork Loin), cabbage, kikurage & Spring onion ( $15 if without the flavoured egg)This was ordered by my bf. Since I only tried a few mouthful, I shall not comment too much. Overall, I think it was good, even though I prefered my choice - Seasonal Ramen. ^_^The ramen were all served in big bowls, so the price is really worthwhile. We were really full after finishing the ramen plus the soup lor.. And definitely satisfactory.Seasonal Ramen ~ Kyusyu Miso Tonkutsu - $17Ippudo original pork broth with blended miso, mild in taste. Cabbage, japanese leek, spring onion, pork belly, pork loin, flavoured half eggThis was recommended by a friend who I bumped into at Mardarin Gallery. She just finished her meal at Ippudo and recommended me to try the seasonal ramen.Frankly speaking, I'm not too sure what it means by "Seasonal Ramen"... ~ Is it seasonal as in the period, i.e. you probably get different ramen variety at different period, depending what ingredient is available in the season? ~ Or it's just a name for that particular ramen? Hmm... dunno leh....*Shaked head vigourously*The soup base was much sweeter than the other ramen that I had tried before. I loved it so much, I finished every single drop!The noodles was springy, cooked to perfection. As for the egg, I think Marutama's still hold the crown.On the right: Rare Cheese CakeOn the left: Cherry Blossom IceWell, even though we were really full, there was always space for desserts!The desserts variety is not a lot, but we decided to order for the more unique ones, based on the names.The cheese cake was not the typical Amercian rich cheese style, nor the Japanese fluffy sponge type. Instead, it was very light and tasted almost like tofu, just that it was sweet. The cherry blossom icecream was refreshing, tasted a bit like strawberry ice-cream. continue reading
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The main feeling of this place is dark. It is also noisy like a ramen shop but it's just dark and cramped. We were seated at the table in the middle of the whole restaurant. It's quite embarrassing actually but luckily, I had four friends with me.The wall features three versions of a comic. They are in Japanese, English and Mandarin. It talks about ramen, I think (I don't remember, lol).Most of the tables are big, so there are often strangers sharing tables and I thought it's weird.Over at the counter, it's tastefully decorated with red and white utensils at the top. The chefs were busy cooking and the waiters and waitresses were shouting "Irrasshaimase!" and "Arigatou gozaimasu!" all over the place. So, only the noise is very authentic. XDI had Shiromaru Tamago with medium hardness ramen! You can choose the soup, ingredients (add some $$) and the hardness of the noodles!It is rather salty despite its looks. The chashu is a tiny bit hard. The ramen is really nice though, springy and nice to chew. The egg is pretty well done too! Not so cooked on the inside (yolk) but cooked fully on the outside (white). I love it!When we left, there was still a long queue which goes to show the popularity of the shop. So, go early, have punctual friends (they only let you sit if all people in the group has arrived) and you won't have to wait long. continue reading
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