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This is WillTravelForFood . I also love Desserts and Cakes.
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Brunch Gem in the CIty Smile Dec 18, 2012   
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Categories : Multi-Cuisine | Café | Pasta | Burgers and Sandwiches | Brunch

I love brunch. It's not that early like breakfast (especially when you want to sleep in on a weekend) yet not that late in the day where you feel you'll spoil your appetite for dinner. It's a wonderful time to gather with friends and fill your tummy with a hot meal and great conversation. Hence I'm always on the lookout for more brunch places.

The Group Therapy was one of the places recommended on a blogger's list, hence me and my friends decided to pop there to try it out. We had to wait a while for seats, so be sure to book before heading there as they are quite packed.

Firstly the decor is quite simple. A few quaint paintings of pin-up girls and antique looking posters. The shelves had many different beer bottles on display and I feel this lends the place a rustic charm.

We ordered the pancake and when it first arrived, we weren't impressed by the look of the dish. It didn't resemble anything like those golden fluffy pancakes we usually see at McDonalds. In fact, it look quite unappetizing and we thought the crushed granola sprinkled over the pancakes was going to ruin the dish.

How wrong we were!

When I took the first bite, what hit me first was the texture of the pancakes. It wasn't light and soft, but instead dense and chewy - a consistency almost like kueh. However, the lovely sweet caramel sauce, maple granola and sweet fresh strawberry really pulled the dish together! It was delicious and satisfying and I felt like a kid eating her first bite of pancakes. A very pleasant surprise indeed. Paired with a cup of soothing camomile tea and you have a peaceful, satisfying afternoon brunch!

My friend had the poached eggs on toast with shreds of cheese and parma ham. This dish was an okay dish as it tasted quite normal, although the eggs were done to perfection.

This is the star of the whole brunch. The Poached Eggs on thick toast, smoked salmon, and generously drench in hollandaise sauce. This dish is one sinful and addictive plate! It was a huge portion but I managed to polish it clean. The thick toast was soft and sweet, and paired with lovely runny eggs that oozes the moment my knife cut into it. The hollandaise sauce was done well - we could eat it by the spoonful! Salty salmon cuts through the richness of the sauce and made it less "gelat". This dish is highly recommended.

Altogether, Group Therapy is a sweet little retreat tuck away in Duxton road and should you ever be in the area, drop by to grab yourself a good meal.
Recommended Dish(es):  Poached eggs on thick toast,pancakes with granola and caramel sauce
Date of Visit: Dec 16, 2012 

Spending per head: Approximately $20(Breakfast)

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