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The Line 擁有 16 個劇院式廚房,提供奢華國際美食自助餐,是新加坡最好的自助餐廳之一。各色菜品將現場烹飪,確保新鮮美味,並可讓賓客們觀看製作過程。 Crustacean Bar 是餐廳特色之一,根據食材供應情況,提供牡蠣、蝦和螃蟹等新鮮誘人海鮮。 Tandoori Ovens 也是餐廳一大特色,提供印度南北菜餚所特有的香肉和麵包。 Dim Sum Kitchen 也是您不可錯過的。在這裡,熱氣騰騰的各式新鮮點心可滿足喜歡傳統粵菜的賓客的味蕾。最後,您可以到 Dessert Counter,享用美味的蛋糕、薄餅和其他甜點。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-28
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This year the company's annual Christmas lunch is hosted at the The Line, which is located in the basement of the hotel. It serves buffet for lunch which is great as there is various diets among the staffs with some who are vegetarian. The restaurant has a huge dining in area, both indoor and outdoor available. As we are a large group, we are shown all the way to the end of the restaurant. The first station nearest to the entrance is the cold seafood. It served cooked prawns, cooked mussels, cooked crabs, clams, and raw oysters on beds of ice. Behind it, is the Japanese food station, which served assorted sashimi, sushi, maki, zaru soba, and miso soup. The slices of sashimi are rather small in size and not of restaurant grade. The miso soup is light and flavourful, topped with chopped spring onion, tofu cubes and seaweed. The zaru soba tastes quite refreshing.Next is the salad and cheese station. There is assorted salads such as watermelon salad, thai tang hoon salad, and casear salad. The watermelon salad is quite interesting as it has the spicy red peppers, topped with crispy crackers.Next to it is the pasta and pizza station, where pasta is cooked upon order. The pasta with mushroom is quite delicious and cooked a la minute.This is followed by the hot cooked station, where the top attraction is the roasted baby lamb, which looks quite big in size. There is also mini chicken pie, Ravoli with truffle sauce, roasted chicken, roasted potatoes and creamy soup. The sliced baby lamb is quite tender without gamey taste.There is also chinese food station. Dim Sum such vegetable paus, siew mai, har gow, peng kueh and double boiled ABC soup are kept warm in the bamboo steamer. The dim sum are average.There is also indian and malay food station. Food such as satay, curry and prata are served. There is live station for local food, which serves laksa for today, but I am too full to try it.After all the food, it is time for dessert. Most would go straight for the chocolate fountain, which has assorted items to dip in. There is also mini cakes and dessert in cups available on the shelves, as well as cut fruits and local kuehs.There is assorted flavours of ice cream for one to select from. The coconut ice cream is quite yummy good.There is a live station for crepe with assorted fillings to select from. I have one with caramelised banana which is rather thin in texture and filled with melt in the mouth banana.There is frozen yogurt machine which one can create own cup with the assorted toppings available. The passionfruit frozen yogurt which I have has a rather tart taste.Lastly is the drink station, which serves hot drink as tea and coffee. The latte is lacking of coffee taste, and tastes more like hot milk.The rose with french vanilla tea is served in a mug with a tea bag in hot water. It tastes more better with the strong tea taste in it.Overall the food is rather average with nothing outstanding, although there is huge variety. Used plates are cleared quite swiftly, even when the restaurant is fully packed during lunch. Water is refilled regularly. Great service. I do not think will be coming back here for buffet lunch as the hotel has other restaurants which serves better buffet for cheaper prices. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-20
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Eating buffet is definitely an art. How to eat everything, making every penny worthwhile, and without making yourself uncomfortably full..... Well, FOLLOW ME as I embarked the journey for your eye feasting!First Stop --> SeafoodWell, obviously this was the most expensive session in the whole resturant. As a seasoned buffet eater, how could I not start off with all the sea treasures? What The Line offered was nothing fanciful, but juz a pure heart in just serving fresh seafood! Hmmm.. I could almost taste the sea salt myself! Ha..Prawn, Mussel, CrabsThe crabs were a bit, crabby to handle though... Could have been better if they were being shelled! But the prawns were great! Juicy & Sweet! Oysters Not a great fan of oysters myself. Anyway, review from my colleagues were, Osyters were indeed good, without the stingy smell.Second Stop --> Sashimi Another must visit stop! The sashimi would be freshly cut when you make your order over the counter. They have tuna, salmon and squid. ^__^Chunky slices of sashimi If ya dun like raw fish, they have sushi as well. But then you lugi lah, sashimi at Sakae cost $6.50 (red plate) while california roll cost $1.90. Ya noe wat I meant hor? HeeThird Stop --> Salad BarWell, not a must to stop here though. But I guess a bit of vege can ease the tension on your tummy.Fourth Stop --> Grilled Session Roast Chicken & Potato, Grilled fish & Prawn Grilled fish & PrawnThe prawn were..... simply magnificent, terrifying! I could not find a better word to descible. As an advice, take the grilled prawn first. Coz it always run out and ya got to wait for the chef to grill in the next round.Fifth Stop --> Cooked Food Pasta, Lasagna Chinese Cooked Food Dim SumSixth Stop -->Indian Food Kebabs and NaansOh, I like the naans here. Even though they are taboo when eating buffet, I cant help but to take just one small slice...keke Satay, roti prata, mutabakFinally, the highlight of the day ---> Desserts!!!! SCREAM PPL!! Chocolate FondueUnlike those pathetic fountain, this is Five Storey high at The Line! WOW! Cupcakes Pretty Dessert Finally, end off with coffee and tea ( free-flow)... What a satisfying lunch!Visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg for more reviews! 繼續閱讀
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It was Tuesday night dinner at The Line, which also meant it was "Oysters Night" - usual occurences on Tuesday evenings (Thursday evenings are "Seafood Night"). I heard of The Line for a while, and finally got to savour its goodness with *Celine tonight.There was quite a large spread of food of all kinds of variety and cuisine - everything was very organised by relevant sections. Almost all the savoury dishes were cooked with seafood, i.e. abalone pie tee, char kuey teow with scallops, and lobster laksa etc. The desserts station was extensive and definitely looked tantalizing as well. Best of all, there was an outside station serving durians, mangosteens etc!I tried quite a few items, including the must-have platter of Seafood - raw Oysters, Crab, Scallop and Mussels. The Oysters were large and juicy - tasting especially good with sloshes of Tabasco sauce and lemon squeezes.The desserts were all delicious as well, such as panna cotta, cakes, crispy pancake with ice-cream - some of them were infused with alcohol.Overall, dining at The Line was a lovely experience. I also loved the free flow of wine, Champagne and fruit juices. Service could be improved upon though. I would like to come back to try the Seafood Night (Thursday evenings).For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/08/dinner-at-line-restaurant-shangri-la.html 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-01-19
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Place was quite huge and lightings were not conducive for photo-taking but the ambience fitted the mood. Service was meticulous. The oysters tasted fresh and the cold crab was really fresh with its sweet flesh.Had some food items from the indian(?) cuisine section. The chips were gooood! They have local food such as laksa.etc and we tried their wanton noodles which tasted rather bland if not for the rather spicy chilli. On the other hand, their roasted meat was oily and tough. We saved 1/4 of our stomach space for desserts because they have a wide variety of desserts ranging from christmas cookies, cakes and even icecream!My favourite selection has got to be this slice of unassuming chocolate cake which was bitter and sweet all at once. Yummy!The custard puff with taro-colored fillings was my favourite too!Overall, it is worth a try! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2014-01-04
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It has always been one of the buffet restaurants I wanted to check out. Even though the buffet isn't exactly affordable, The Line remains as one of Singapore's favourite destinations for buffet lunch and dinner. Started off w chilled fresh prawns, mussels, clams, crabs & very fresh oysters where they open e shell right in front of you. Besides the seafood spread, the Japanese counter is the next most popular counter in The Line. Fresh! I'm impressed by the spread of selections, Sushi, Maki, cha soba, sashimi, tuna sashimi, tempura - you name it. Overall, all of them tasted really good.I must say The Line has pretty impressive array of desserts lined up and it definitely satisfy a sweet tooth person like myself - worthy bites such as Lemon Meringue Tart, Creme Brulee & Carrot Cake. I must say this is one of the best desserts lined up I ever had in a buffet.From fruits, warm desserts and a variety of ice creams and toppings to pick from. They've a very wide selection in their buffet lines for an international buffet. There's definitely plenty of choices for everyone to choose from - from your local dishes to fresh seafood, Japanese delight, dim sum, Indian cuisine, western dishes, local kuehs and very delicate desserts. I can't find any reason not to come back to The Line again. Read more on my trip to the line at, http://jacqsowhat.blogspot.sg/2014/01/the-line-buffet-shangri-la-hotel.html 繼續閱讀
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