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One of the most beautiful restaurants in Singapore, Cherry Garden offers an eclectic menu of Cantonese cuisine, presented with artistic modern flair. Entered via a striking antique doorway, the restaurant has been designed according to Feng Shui. Charcoaled teak panels and slate floors recreate the look of a splendid Oriental residence. Using fresh, seasonal produce, the menu always offers authentic Cantonese dishes. A varied wine list features a balanced selection of old and new world wines specially selected to match the menu. A wide selection of Chinese teas is also available. In addition to our main dining room, Cherry Garden has four private elegant dining rooms, including Bamboo, the largest of which can accommodate up to 24 guests, perfect for business or social gatherings. continue reading
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Peking Duck Honey-marinated Baked Cod Fillet with Black Pepper Pan-fried A4 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Sirloin with Garlic Barbecue Sauce and Sautéed Vegetables Five Grain Fried Rice with Cantonese Pork Sausage and Vegetables Cherries in Nui Er Hong and Aged Kuei Hua Wine Cocktail Jelly 10 with Lychee Sorbet
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A couple of months back, my family visited Cherry Garden for dim sum brunch to celebrate Mother’s Day. Located at Mandarin Oriental, this sophiticated Chinese Restaurant offers Cantonese Cuisine with an artistic modern touch. It’ impossible not to be impressed by the decor of this place. The entrance itself is very grand while the main dining area is classically designed with charcoaled teak panels to resemble an Oriental courtyard. We loved the tranquil ambience as well as the warm, attentive service.Most buffets think they can get away with quantity and neglect quality. Cherry Garden sets itself apart by using fresh premium ingredients to elevate the standard dim sum fare. In addition to their drool-worthy morsels, the dim sum buffet brunch offers a selection of appetizers, soups, mains and desserts. It takes a while for dishes to arrive, so do exercise caution when ordering in between dishes to prevent over-ordering.For quality dim sum in an exquisite setting, Cherry Garden is your best bet! My In-laws, hubby and myself enjoyed ourselves immensely. While prices a veer a little towards higher end, the ingredients, cooking skills and technique is well worth the $68++.For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2014/08/06/cherry-garden-dim-sum/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-20
It was meant to be a catch up dinner and although my last experience at Cherry Garden was forgettable (due to the less than ideal quality and quantity of food), I decided to give the restaurant yet another chance.I was still very much taken by the classic oriental decor with the dark wooden beams, red lanterns and pavilion like dining corners. Definitely a great place for a quiet and romantic date (that's if your date is into oriental fixtures).Peking Duck - The 4 of us started off with a side order of half a peking duck; Carved table side with both skin and flesh intact and wrapped in a relatively thin and toasted crepe.Although not exactly the "traditional" way to enjoy peking duck (which usually places emphasis on the skin), I enjoyed it quite a bit thought the skin could have been a little more crisp. Great start!Cherry Garden's Hot & Cold Sampler - We swopped the braised beef in the hot sampler in favour of roasted pork due to religious constraints on the part of my dining partners. Though crackling crisp to a fault, the roasted pork was a tad too salty and porky for my liking. The other hot sampler was a scallop with salted egg yolk which I personally found to be average due to the sweetness of the scallop being overwhelmed by the egg yolk. I like salted egg yolk but I do think its a waste of such a huge scallop.Drunken Chicken in hua diao and rose dew chinese wine made up the cold sampler and as much as I don't fancy chilled chicken soaked in wine, this was pretty decent. Lightly chilled for a more crunchy texture, the chicken spotted a light alcohol aftertaste which went down pretty smoothly.Superior Broth with Shrimps, Scallops, Crabmeat, Conpoy, Maitake Mushrooms & Vegetables - Flavourful yet light with a variety of fresh ingredients, the soup was good to the last drop!Braised Twelve Head Whole Abalone & Sea Cucumber with Premium Oyster Sauce - The twelve head abalone was good for 2 mouthfuls; Chewy and not overcooked. Served up with a piece of sea cucumber on a bed of vegetables. Nicely flavoured from the oyster sauce.Wasabi-aioli Prawn with Salad of Duck Julienne & Jellyfish - Sporting a thin coat of flour smeared in wasabi, the prawns were deliciously crunchy without the wasabi taste coming on too strongly. The accompanying salad of duck and jellyfish was pretty nice as well; Firm slivers of duck coupled with the crunchiness of jellyfish.Oven Baked Honey Marinated Cod Fillet with Black Pepper - First looks, the cod looked uncannily like a piece of salmon due to the reddish exterior. But it was cod alright, boasting a velvety and naturally sweet flesh accentuated only by the honey marinate and the mildly peppery and aromatic black pepper sauce.Steamed Marinated Chicken & Wild Rice Dumpling - A smallish rectangular block of mildly sweet, semi sticky rice with a moist layer of chicken wedged between, topped with roe and served in a rich and rather thick, savoury gravy. Tasted very similar to delicious glutinous rice sans the oil. One word. Excellent.Homemade Organic Black Bean Pudding with Japanese Sesame Ice Cream - In typical Cherry Garden style, our dessert came served atop a container of dry ice submerged in water to give off that mystical, smokey effect. Theatrics aside, the black bean pudding was nicely quivery and immersed in what looked and tasted like a pandan infused broth. Adding to the texture were tiny chocolate balls, which gave it a nice crunch whilst the sesame ice cream added a chilly yet distinctive sesame perspective. Definitely ended the meal on a high (and sweet) note.4 set dinners and half a duck for 4 hungry diners. The total cost? A cool $553. Sure, that hardly qualifies as cheap in any sense but the food quality has improved significantly since my last visit and is on par with some of the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore in my humble opinion. Service was quite accommodating as well and all in all, it was a great dinner. Looking forward to a return visit soon!See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2014/05/cherry-garden-part-iv.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-14
The interior decor set in ancient china era. I like it very much!! (ps: I used to suspect I was born in a wrong century). The service was acceptable. not as attentive as would be ideal but generally polite and well groomed staff. This dish i had here was delectable. by default, i enjoy duck meat. memories of the thin crispy skin still make me drool  And the glutinous rice was rather fragrant. continue reading
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was looking for a place for my birthday dinner with family. comparing the set menus between cherry garden at oriental & peach blossom at marina mandarin, cherry garden’s came up tops PLUS they have 15% discount on set menus. we had not gone to cherry gardens for many years & the last we were there the weekend ala carte buffet lunch was pretty good, the ambience was good too, we chose the S$88pax menu with 15% discount. there was a small dish (like japanese kobachi) of jelly fish with sliced top shell. they called it amuse bouche but hardly qualified,,haha. the first course roast combination of roast duck, roast pork & char siew was very average or perhaps below average,the second course sweet & sour seafood soup was an excellent dish, just slightly sour, enough of trademark peppery taste, and a very tasty soup & pleasant to the eye as well, much better than most places, and something i would enjoy though its not my favourite soup like most lie tong were.the third course of braised abalone with deep-fried beancurd was par excellence. the abalone was tasty & had great bite, and the braising sauce was super, like all in good braising dishes abalones, sea cucumber of goose webs. the beancurd was excellent as well.:chopstick:the next 2 courses though were very average for this quality of restaurant. individual serving & prawns in 2 ways did not make it fine dining (the deep-fried prawn was done wasabi prawn style but with sweet & sauce) and they did not come out better than or as good as a good zi char stall. i think a wasabi prawn like the excellent ones i just had at tunglok signature would be far better. & the fish fritter with tofu hardly fit the fine palate. kok sen zi char would do better for these 2 dishes.the black sesame crabmeat fried rice was an interesting dish & quite nice & tasty.the dessert, the usual 杨支甘露 served with lime sorbet, was good.overall rather surprisingly, my recent excellent dinner tunglok signature @ central was so much better than this – taste-wise the sea cucumber was superb & as good if not better than the abalone here, and all the other dishes were better!overall the food, ambience etc was quite pleasant & enjoyable, the service though was very average for this class of restaurants, made worse by the attitude of the restaurant manager. we asked for carpark redemption and was first told only valet parking could be redeemed. we don’t usually valet park however it was jam packed that evening & we did valet park (S$15). the server came back with our valet parking chip which was signed over & i asked “so is parking free?” first she said “you pay S$15″ but when i asked her to ask the manager she came back after some time & said it was free. as she obviously had difficulty speaking & understanding english as we were leaving the restaurant i asked a second time the reception lady (maybe filipino). she understood but she had no idea so i asked her to call the restaurant manager. it was a small place & i could see the manager taking an inordinately long time to come over after adjusting table cloth etc for an empty table (quite unnecessarily). and when he came, he flashed an artificial smile and made an incredibly senseless comment “ö…did you dine at the restaurant?” when he was the one who helped usher us in when we arrived. he was no help at all, the staff were good in attitude poor in training & the manager needed to take lessons from his staff on service attitude & how to nicely reassure customers & make warm friendly buddy gesture. hope it was one off..anyway it mattered not as customer would just vote with their feet. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-11
To me, dimsum is subjective to personal preference. My older aunties are adamant in that Red Star Restaurant serves the best dimsum, while I cringe in response to their comment. After having my fair share of dimsum (easily, my entire life), I can certainly name a number of restaurants off the top of my head, which deliver superior quality; Cherry Garden at Mandarin Oriental Hotel is one of them. Cherry Garden has the reputation of serving exquisite and unique dimsum creations – the marriage of traditional craftsmanship and modern flavours.Steamed Onion & Ginger Beef Dumplings ($6/3 pieces) - I rarely see steamed beef dumplings on dimsum menus, so this was definitely interesting. The minced beef fillings were very fragrant and on the first bite, it’s actually hard to tell that you’re tasting beef. Nice!Steamed Marinated Chicken & Wild Rice Dumpling ($8 per piece) – A modern version of chicken glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves. The wild rice was almost crispy and hard – very innovative in the play of textures! Within the rice dumpling holds the usual ingredients of chicken, salted egg and mushrooms.For full review and more photos, please visit http://foodiepink.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/cherry-garden-mandarin-oriental-hotel/Enjoy continue reading
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