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Deep-fried Boneless Free-range Chicken filled with Umami Glutinuous Rice Marinated Drunken Cockles Crispy Suckling Pig Stuffed with Glutinous Rice Camphor Wood Smoked Duck with Fragrant Tea Leaves Deep-fried Crispy Dough Nest filled with Pure Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice Cream Hot Sweetened Chaozhou Orh-Ni with Golden Pumpkin & Gingko Nuts
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Level3 2016-06-07
With Father's Day round the corner, Peony Jade New Dim Sum Menu 2016 is introduced in time for this celebration. These dishes will be available from 1 June 2016. In this menu, diners could expect to find quite a number of cute food. It is great for family with kids and of course for adults too.The first 4 Dim Sum are cute food Dim Sum. I am so glad that there are quite a number of items in the Peony Jade New Dim Sum Menu 2016. First to appear on stage is Tweety Birdie 香脆鸽吞凤梨 ($8.00 for 3 pieces). Each Tweety Birdie has bespoke Pineapple Jam encased in buttery chinese pastry baked to perfect golden brown. It is a feast for the eyes too.Instead of having a plain Char Siu Bao, what about having them in the shape of piggie. Here we have the Steamed Piggie Cha Siu Bao 一籠八戒 ($6.00 for 3 pieces). There are a surprise in these Cha Siu Bao too as bamboo are added into them to add crunch.Peony Jade Steamed Matcha Salted Egg Yolk Molten Bao ($9.00 for 3 pieces) in the shaped of Frog is up next. For match fan, this is a must order. The matcha isn't overly sweet and yet it has the bitter sweet hint of the matcha.Peony Jade New Dim Sum Menu 2016 - Kermit Bao 'vomiting' Matcha filling.Let out your creative juice to create more cuteness.By now, we already feel that adorable were already overloaded. And to round up the meal, we have the final bun that could have the lava flow, the Steamed Molten Choc-on-bao ($7.50 for 3 pieces). So be creative and let the flow. You know what I mean. If not, turn to Instagram for some inspiration. LoL!Next are new Dim Sum, though not cute, certainly delish. Crispy Puff 香脆黑椒牛肉酥 ($9.50 for 3 pieces) is the first items on the Peony Jade New Dim Sum Menu 2016. The puff is similar to the crispy curry puff. Instead of having the typical curry filling, in this is the peppery tenderloin beef filling. If you are a pepper fan, you surely enjoy this Dim Sum.The Drunken Chic Dumpling 黄酒醉鸡饺 ($8) has a very pretty colour. The skin-wrap is coated in pink and a green chive is used to tie the opening. This provided a nice contrast. It has a strong alcohol fragrance in the filling.My favourite Dim Sum in the Peony Jade New Dim Sum Menu 2016 has to be the Deep-fried Phoenix Prawn with Cheese encased in Crispy Beancurd Skin 脆炸芝丝凤尾明虾 ($9.50 for 3 pieces). Firstly, I like deep-fried food and it has all my favourite ingredients which I thought all of them complemented each other well. Certainly 2 thumbs up from me. In fact, all diners sang praise of this dish too.Yum! Yum! Yum! continue reading
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For drool-worthy pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/01/25/eight-rhapsodies-of-spring-peony-jade/To usher in the Year of the Goat, Peony Jade celebrates with its “Eight Rhapsodies of Spring” delights, featuring 8 new and signature dishes and takeaways, plus 2 new dessert creations. These festive treats are available from now till 5th March 2015.‘Instant Enormous Windfall, Good Health and Longevity” Bonsai-shaped Monies Tree Yu Sheng ($198.88). Making a statement upon arrival, Peony Jade’s artistically shaped Bonsai Yu Sheng is truly sight to behold. What’s even more impressive is the generous portion of premium seafood such as lobster, Alaskan crab claws, tuna belly, urchin and sweet shrimp. Homemade deep-fried thin lotus root chips, crispy fried vermicelli, roasted pine nuts and toasted sesame seeds are added for that delightful crunch. Drizzled with Peony Jade’s unique sweet sauce, citrusy yuzu juice and truffle oil. This Yu Sheng serves up to 15 diners and is only available for dine-in at Keppel Club.“Flourishing Fortune” Steamed Black-eyed Pea Cake with golden pumpkin ($38.88 for 1kg). A mixture of savoury and sweet, the handmade taro cake is ethereally soft and immensely comforting. Peony Jade adds a refreshing twist to this traditional Cantonese favourite with the inclusion of golden pumpkin and Jin Hua Ham.“Prosperity & Smooth Sailing” Hand-crafted Goat-shaped Deep-fried Hum-Soi-Kuok ($9.88 for 3 pieces). Intricately hand-crafted by the pastry team, these little rams are undeniably cute (but nothing is cute enough not to eaten, wuhaha!). Encased in crisp shell with a chewy mochi-like texture, these fried dumplings are stuffed with glutinous rice, minced pork and shiitake mushroom.“Reaping Abundance Wealth” Australian Premium Whole Abalone Poon Choi ” What’s Chinese New Year without Poon Choi? While most Chinese restaurants have 12 ingredients, Peony Jade’s decadent Poon Choi presents 18! Diners and look forward to premium ingredients like 10-head Australian abalones, whole Sakura chicken, whole pork knuckle, golden oysters, roast pork, South African spikes sea cucumber, fresh whole scallops, pork tendons, fatt choy, fish maw, king prawns, whole shiitake mushrooms, homemade sea-grouper mousse cake, whole golden dried conpoy, taro, beancurd skin, radish and broccoli. I totally blissed out on this dish!This takeaway Poon Choi Pot is priced at $468.88 for Mini Premium Pot Package (6 guests), and $598.88 for Premium Pot Package (8-10 guests). The takeaway Poon Chooi comes with 3 complimentary festive dishes:1) ‘Harmonious, Wealth and Great Health’ Atlantic Salmon Yu Sheng,2) Peony Jade’s Signature Cherry Wood Charcoal Roasted ‘Prosperity’ Golden Duck and3) Peony Jade’s popular “Longevity” Glutinous Rice with lup cheong, liver lup cheong, preserved meats and mushrooms.“A Wealth of Prosperity and Longevity” Hong Kong Roast USA Goose sealed with Chef’s Special ‘Fa Cai’ Broth ($188.88) Once again, Peony Jade sets itself apart from other Chinese restaurants by serving the first and only roasted goosed with “fa cai’ broth in Singapore. The highlight is the robust broth, prepared with Chinese herbs such as Angelica root, Radix Astragali and spices like star anise. The grain-fed goose is infused with the flavoursome broth and roasted for 2 hours to juicy tenderness. Serves up to 12 diners.‘Abundance Fortune’ Slow-Fire Stewed Lamb with Bamboo Shoots, fresh Whole Garlic, and Beancurd Skin. A hearty stew is always welcomed during a family gathering. Peony Jade warms the soul with a pot of velvety grass-fed lamb cutlets, wok-braised with star anise, garlic, shallots, sliced fried ginger, fresh bamboo shoots and beancurd skin for 1.5 hours. Some dining companions at my table found this slightly gamey and a little too salty but I was fine with it.Reunion Steamed “Abundance Wealth” Claypot Jasmine Rice with Chinese Sausages, Liver Sausages and Homemade Air Dry Duck Drumstick. Slow cooked in a claypot for 30 minutes with top-grade preserved meats, the jasmine rice only not exude smoky fragrance but also the aroma of the scrumptious waxed meats.Peony Jade continues to amaze with their creative desserts. Instagram-worthy “Huat Ah!” Prosperity Goats Gift Set ($88) consist of 8 meticulously hand crafted goat-shaped snowskin pastries filled with salted egg custard.A thoughtful choice for health-conscious loved ones, the “Triumphant Harvest and Joyous Contentment” Gift Set ($78.88) features 8 exquisite blooming peonies (how apt!) made with flaky pastry, encasing premium low sugar white lotus paste, salted egg yolk and macadamia nuts.“Overflowing Wealth” Glazed Kumquat with “Fa-Cai” Vanilla Beans ($18.88 per jar). Kumquat lovers rejoice! Peony Jade adds a touch of luxe to the humble fruit by soaking them in sugar syrup for 7 days, then infusing them with vanilla pods. Each mouthful is a engaging combination of citrusy, sweet and tangy notes.Captivating dishes, quality ingredients, skillful execution and enticing sweets in a classy oriental setting- Chinese New Year at Peony Jade is indeed a splendid affair! On a side note, do note that many of the items in this review require 1-day advance order. If you’re planning to dine at home, Peony Jade offers a 6-course takeaway lunch and dinner set menu priced at $368 for 6 persons and $568 for 10 persons. continue reading
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Level3 2014-10-10
Bought the voucher from deal.com so the price is only at $31.80 nett per person (Excluding beverages). This is valid only at the Keppel Club outlet till 30 Nov 2014.The creamy egg yolk prawns were crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. The prawns were fresh and springy. The salted egg yolk was really very creamy and spicy.. 1 of the best salted egg yolk prawns that i had so far! Highly recommended dish!This is the most popular dim sum at Peony Jade! So far i've only tasted Pandan liu sha bao at Peony Jade & Ju Chun Yuan. I must say the one at Peony Jade win hands down! The skin was smooth with strong fragrant Pandan and the custard was thick. Thumbs up!!!The service here was very good! They tried their best to refill our tea, cleared and changed our plates regularly despite it was crowded. The only hitch here was the waiting time of the food was quite long so have to be a little more patient. For full review & photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/10/ala-carte-dim-sum-buffet-at-peony-jade.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-22
Lovely Chinese restaurant to hold my cousin's wedding dinner. Restaurant was really spacious and comfortable! Service was friendly and fast when serve the food to our table.I enjoyed their cold dish, especially the roasted pork skin, which is very crispy and fragrant. The cold marinated squid is chewy and appetizing. The shark fin soup was thick and flavourful, with generous amount of sharkfin inside as well. Roasted chicken was chewy and soft, with crunchy prawn crackers to go along with it. A pleasant meal here! continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-26
This is my first time to their restaurant and this is my feedback!Must try their signature dim sum. My favourite will be their taro steam pork ribs and their pandan custard bun.The price is quite reasonable, per pax is about 30 bucks and we ordered a lot of food. There is also a promotion for OCBC and Standard Chartered Credit card holders. Super friendly staff who will offer to recommend signature dishes when we cant make up our mind on what to order. Will i come again? Definitely!Here are some of the dimsum that I find it worth trying: Steamed pork ribs with taro. the taro is very soft. The pork ribs is very well marinated and the meat texture is very smooth.Their Famous QQ dimsum. Small white rabbits that are made of mashmallows and covered with shredded coconut meat!Ttheir har kaw and their pandan custard bunprawn roll with avocado fruit! The avocado fruit adds a creamy rich feel to the prawn roll!For full review and more photos, please visithttp://princessmic80.blogspot.sg/2013/08/of-dimsum-good-times-at-peony-jade.html continue reading
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