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Relish in the refined Cantonese masterpieces and premium flavours at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, in the heart of Orchard Road. From signature Peking Duck, Dim Sums to traditional favorites, expect only the best at this award-winning Chinese restaurant. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Wan Hao Signature Roast Chicken Stir-fried Garoupa Fillet & Celery with White Pepper Sauce Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Black Truffle and Cordyceps Flower Spanish Iberico Pork Char Siew Wok-Fried Beef Tenderloin with Black Garlic Sauce and Shiitake Mushroom Deep Fried Seaweed Beancurd with Salty Egg Spicy Sauce
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We deviated from our usual CNY eve reunion dinner venue. But with good reason. We had catered quite a spread from them for our dinner on the first day of CNY so it made more sense to vary the food. And so we settled on Wan Hao @ Marriott Tang Plaza; for the first seating at 6pm. Salmon and Crispy Fish Skin Yu Sheng What was interesting about this yusheng was the addition of fried fish skin, which gave it an added crisp on top of the crackers. However I found this dish to be overly sweet as a whole, probably due to the ridiculously sweet candied kumquat. Still decent nonetheless but definitely a few notches below that of Imperial Treasure Cantonese's in my humble opinion. Braised Fish Maw in Superior Stock with Fungus and Wolfberry I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing but this soup tasted alot like Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup, albeit more refined. And it was rich without coming across as satiating. Coupled with a huge piece of dried fish maw (not the fried kind that is usually served), it received positive reviews around the table. Stir-fried Scallop, Coral Clam, Broccoli and Pine Nuts in XO Sauce The scallops were sizeable and relatively sweet but the broccoli did come across as a tad too soft for my liking. I liked the coral clam though; mildly spicy with a mild chewiness to them. Deep-fried Lobster Meat with Yuzu Mayonnaise and Broccoli This was an addition to our set and it turned out to be most disappointing. The lobster was coated in an overly thick layer of batter and deep fried; the meat came across as too soft and void of any crustacean sweetness. To compound matters, I couldn't quite make out any taste of yuzu in the mayonnaise. A literal waste of lobster meat if you ask me. Steamed Red Garoupa with Fermented Soya Bean and Chicken Floss On to the more positive stuff. The steamed garoupa was fresh and topped with fermented soya bean and chicken floss, allowing the mild sweetness to contrast with the saltiness from the soya sauce. I'm not a fish person but I think this was pretty good. Not to mention that it was quite a size and alot of effort went into trying to finish it. And by that I mean belly space. Wan Hao Signature Crispy Chicken Wan Hao's eponymous roasted chicken. It definitely wasn't as good as Lung King Heen's rendition in my humble opinion but it was very decent. The meat was tender and juicy but the skin could use a little more crispiness. The sweet potato fries atop were pretty good though; sweet, crisp and a tad spicy. Stewed 10-head Abalone, Dried Oyster and Mushroom wrapped inBeancurd Skin, Black Moss and Seasonal Greens Not a fan of dried oyster and I think too much oyster sauce went into this dish, giving rise to one huge plate of nausea. Definitely not something I would order again if I can help it. Wok-fried Glutinous Rice and Chinese Sausage wrapped inLotus Leaf with Crispy Rice This sounded promising but failed to deliver. It was almost like eating steamed dumpling with the soft and mushy steamed glutinous rice with a rather strong taste of waxed meat. Topped with rice crispies to perhaps compensate for the lack of texture? This dish lacked fragrance as well. In short, not great. We had a few spoonfuls and gave up. Deep-fried Nian Gao Pancake with Yam Paste I actually like to eat nian gao (年糕) but this was way too oily and I could taste grease in every bite. I think the least they could do would be to blot out the oil with paper. Chilled Peach Resin with Sea Coconut, Red Dates and Dried Longan A more upmarket version of cheng tng (清汤). Decent and it was nice to have something cold to end off the meal. Dinner for the 6 of us came up to about $900, which was surprising given the quantity of food and definitely cheaper than our usual checks at Imperial Treasure. Food quality however, is a case of hits and misses and service, though decent, did seem a little lacking at times. For instance, when the fish was served, they didn't cut it up like the other restaurants. I guess its back to Imperial Treasure Cantonese next year...Final Verdict:Ambience: 7/10Service: 6.5/10Food: 6.5/10Value for money: 7/10Overall: 6.75/10Address: 3F Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza HotelContact: 6831 4605Opening Hours:Lunch: 12PM to 3PMDinner: 6.30PM to 10.30PMMonday to FridayLunch: 11.30AM to 3PMDinner: 6.30PM to 10.30PMSaturday , Sunday and Public HolidayWebsite: http://www.singaporemarriott.com/restaurant/wan-hao-chinese-restaurant/ continue reading
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Level4 2017-01-05
Recently the restaurant had gone upgrading and reopening with a new menu. The 4 of us were showed to a booth table which was quite cosy with cushions around. Little Jj quite enjoyed himself with free wifi to watch his cartoons. We started off with chrysanthemum tea ($5++/ pax).Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Black Truffle, Cordyceps Flower 黑菌虫草花鲜虾饺 ($6++/2pieces)It smelt and tasted quite nice of the black truffle.Steamed Pork Siew Mai 干蒸烧卖 ($4++/ 2 pieces)Meaty and juicySteamed Chicken Claw, Black Bean Sauce 豉汁蒸凤爪 ($4++/ 2 pieces)It took awhile to be served as the order was left out the first time. The serving was bigger than expected. Quite tender and flavourful.Steamed Glutinous Rice, Dried Shrimp, Chicken Mushroom 虾米荷香糯米鸡 ($5++)Slightly oily, there was salted egg yolk in it too.Steamed Salted Egg Custard Bun 黄金流沙包 ($4++/ 2pieces)Served pipping hot, it flowed out smooth rich lava filling.Scallop Rice Noodle Roll 带子精选肠粉 ($5++)Felt that the roll stick to each other easily.Deep-Fried Taro Dumpling, Mini Abalone, Scallop 精制鲍鱼炸芋角 ($10.50++/ 2 pieces)I was surprised by the chunk of scallop inside the dumpling. It was like a scallop covered in rather thin crust.Pan-Fried Radish Cake, Preserved Meat 香煎腊味萝卜榚 ($4++/ 2 pieces)It was too soft for my like. Did not really taste the radish in it.Baked Egg Tart 港式酥皮蛋挞 ($4++/ 2 pieces)Super small in size. Gone in a mouthful, but it simply melted in the mouth.Soup of the Day 时日例汤 ($14++)It was full bodied with very tender pork rib.Double-Boiled Peach Resin, Red Date 红莲桃脂(热) ($16++/ hot)Clear sweet soup with jelly like block in it.Deep-Fried Crispy Durian 酥炸黄金果 ($16++/ 4pieces)It was very rich and creamy durian pasted encased in thin crispy crust. A tab oily.Almond Cream, Purple Glutinous Rice Puree 杏仁茶芝麻汤圆 ($12++)The paste was smooth and creamy without any powdery texture.Over food was not bad. I was surprised that the place was packed even it was a weekday lunch time. continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-19
Does the traditional Chinese food you know of bore you? Perhaps the best dishes are still those cooked by your grandparents. While this may be so, give them a treat this Chinese New Year and let the chefs at award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant from Marriott Hotel cook up a storm for all of you. At Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, you will step in hungry and leave with a satisfied, full tummy. While the food may be traditional, the ingredients used are of high quality and the flavor of the various dishes will not disappoint you. So when you think of Chinese New Year, the first thing that comes to mind is the Yu Sheng. Look at the design of the Yu Sheng. It says 2015 and even shows a goat, if you are fast to observe. Have fun tossing Yu Sheng as a family and enjoy a time of family bonding.We, as Chinese, love soups. It’s not all about the ingredients but most importantly, it is about the way the soup is brewed. Good soups usually take many hours to brew and with one sip you can tell how flavorful it is. That is the case for the Double-Boiled Supreme Bird’s Nest in Whole Chicken. It is so good that if my grandma was there to taste it, I am sure she will agree with me. Personally I would rate it 4.5/5 stars. One special dish that was offered at this restaurant was the Wan Hao Deluxe Abalone Pen Cai. Before this, I knew not about the existence of this dish but it has its origins in China and Chinese New Year would not be what it is if this dish was not prepared during the festive season. It includes 3-head fresh abalone, conpoy, sea cucumber, fish maw, dried oyster, mushroom, live prawn, roasted pork belly with yam, roasted duck, chinese cabbage, sea moss, fried bean curd sheet, mustard green and radish. Yes, that’s a lot of ingredients and seafood lovers will definitely enjoy this dish. We had a great time indulging in this dish and were pretty much full after this. Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant at Marriott Hotel is the place you should head to if you are looking for a restaurant which serves tasty Chinese food that appeals to family members of all ages. It's definitely worth the money for dine-in. Do visit their 'Singapore Marriott Hotel' website for more CNY dishes information. continue reading
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Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is centrally and conveniently located at the Singapore Marriot Hotel in Orchard Road. Wao Hao Chinese Restaurant is also famous for serving authentic Chinese food ad my wife and I look forward to their highly anticipated Chinese dinner.Reservation is required for dining at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. Upon arrival, we waited for a short period outside the entrance of the restaurant before the waitress ushered us to a comfortable corner seat for two.For varieties, we have decided to try their ala cart menu instead of their value for money set dinner which is also available.Double Boiled Chicken With Conch and Dried Snow LotusFor a start, we tried their double boiled soup. The soup is fragrant and rich and nourishing. The chicken meat is smooth and tender. Hot and Sour Soup With Assorted Seafood and Shredded Bean CurbThough this is a common soup in most Chinese restaurant, the one served here was really tasty and appertizing. The bean curb were evenly shredded and the combination of hot and sour was very balanced.Poached Chinese Spinach Assorted Egg Superior BrothThe spinach vegetables were soft and tasty. Even people who do not enjoy green vegetables will enjoy this dish, if you mix the broth and soupy egg with rice.Deep Fried Crispy ChickenThe chicken were crispy (especially the skin) and complemented the rice. However, the best part of this dish was really the bowl of cod fish chips in the form of sticks. In fact, the chips were so addictive that we finished the chips before the chicken!Deep Fried Crispy Pan Cake Red Bean PasteThe servings were generous for the two of us and we couldn't finish so many piece of the fried crispy pan cake. It was okay only but probably we had ordered too many other fried items earlier.Chilled Mango PuddingThere were some cocktails in the center of the chilled mango pudding. Another comfort food to wrap up the dinner.Overall, we enjoyed our dinner at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. The waitress were very polite and provided excellent customer services. They frequently checked on our table to ensure that the dishes were promptly served. They also ensure are tea are topped up regularly. I would recommend this restaurant to others. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-24
For details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2013/09/wan-hao-chinese-restaurant.htmlLocated in Marriott Hotel itself, I went to try its Dim sum Buffet. I reserved the second seating which is at 1315 hours. It seems like there is only an hour plus to order food before its kitchen accept last ordering before closing.It has 3 sets of menu, which are the set meals, dim sum buffet, and ala-carte.The whole list of dim sum buffet menu. Looks quite extensive. One person is around 33++ excluding teas or drinks. That totaled up to $42 nett per pax.Jellyfish, Teochew style marinated Duck wings, and Drunken prawns. Jellyfish is a cold dish, and I think its cripsy. But for the other two, I am a little disappointed.Claypot stewed diced Chicken with garlic, spring onions and dried chilis. Overall to say, I don't quite like it. The dimsums are generally not bad though.Baked Cripsy Honey-glazed BBQ Pork Bun is one of my favorite! It is something like the common char siew buns, but with honey seared on top and sent for baking. Yums!Steamed Rainbow Egg Custard Bun is another of my favorite. Although I don't see any sign of rainbow colors at all, even after I stepped out of the restaurant to look at the sky, its custard is piping hot and flowing out like it just melted.Steamed Prawns with Glass noodles and garlic. Nothing to bring up your excitement level about. We also had the Steamed Sea Perch Belly with eggplant and black bean sauce. Fish is fresh, but a little oily though.Baked Pork Trotters with cheese and thyme. Waited from start of our meal to end, before it was sent to our table. And expecting it to be delicious since its baking time is exceptionally long, I was dumbfounded. We basically had a bite of the meat, and left the whole dish hanging there.Egg Tarts are in mini sizes, and is not bad.Desserts are Pumpkin with Mandarin Orange Peel & Sago. Orange taste quite strong, but as I have a disliking for pumpkin, this dish never improves my condition for it. Second is Herbal Jelly with Honey syrup. Third is Sweetened Cream of Red Bean Paste. Expect nothing more than just a creamy version of our usual red bean soup.Service is not bad, as the crew is always on the lookup to refill your teapot, and clearing empty plates to clear your table for more dishes. They are organized with their orders, and will informed you what are the dishes yet to be served, and if there is any delay to serving the dishes. They have a polite attitude and with smiles, but dim sum quality is a little disappointing for some, but generally still quite acceptable. For details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2013/09/wan-hao-chinese-restaurant.html continue reading
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